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[Editor’s note: This incredible, epic article has been floating around the web for about a year; it’s originally from one of the memers at 4chan  (though it is suspected to have actually been written by either Francis Bacon, Mary Anne Evans, or George Eliot). Recently over at deviantART, an individual known only as BellicoseBreakfast took it upon itself to edit and proof the article for improved readability and coherence, and post it on the deviantART forum. For this, we are most grateful. Rather than merely link to a forum, diaphanous and mercurial as feline affection, we have taken the liberty of reposting it below in its lengthy entirety, with a merciful page break.]

ashslapHave you ever noticed that the pacing, tone and story development of Pokemon changes after Ash is hit by lightning in the early episodes, how Ash and his world were relatively normal until after the incident?

I have a theory.

The accident with the bike put Ash into a coma. Days later he was found and was hurried to the hospital and treated with heavy medications, which is why Team Rocket became less menacing. The medication took effect and stabilized his coma dreams so that instead of being terrifying, they became idyllic, allowing him to live out his Pokemon master fantasies.

After the beginning episodes, the series is the result of Ash’s subconscious mind fulfilling his desires, as well as attempting to escape reality. Should Ash realize he’s in a coma, he would wake up, but suffer brain damage, so he must take down all of his mental barriers one by one until he can come to grips with who he is and escape his coma (since his mind will not allow him to escape until he’s come to terms with himself).

Further evidence comes from the realization that even though his journeys take him vast distances, he never travels on a bike due to having developed a phobia.

The coma and fantasy explains why he doesn’t change much physically. It also explains the worldwide socialism, as he thought up a safe system of government that would run smoothly and keep the world going, allowing his adventures to work like they do. It also explains how a child can go off on his own into a world full of dangerous and untamed animals, and why town has the same police officer and every Pokemon centre has the exact same nurse. Joy and Jenny he knew from his hometown, and they act as a safety net or anchor, allowing him to feel safe no matter where he goes. Joy and Jenny represent stability. The professors represent Ash’s ideals, which is why Gary became a professor. The fantasy also explains why every time he enters a new region, virtually no one has heard of him, despite his conquests. How could Paul, the rival of the Sinnoh area, not know of someone who has placed in at least the top 16 of all three leagues and has destroyed the Orange League and Battle Frontier?

Moving on to the characters closer to him, Ash’s traveling partners are aspects of himself that he can enjoy, but doesn’t like to associate with himself. Brock is Ash’s repressed sexuality. Ash fell into the coma a virgin and needed an outlet for his growing sexual frustrations — since he can never experience sex, Brock must never succeed. But Brock isn’t just a projection of Ash’s sexuality, he is also a projection of Ash’s fatherly instincts. Brock leaves his siblings to journey with Ash because Ash can’t cope with having that much responsibility at his age. Brock’s stay with professor Ivy was an attempt to outright suppress his sexuality. You may notice that James got much more dialogue in this part of the series, as well as getting more touchy-feely with his Pokemon and exposing most of his backstory. Ash didn’t enjoy this much, which is why Brock comes back horrified and refuses to speak about it (Ash’s subconscious was repressing him at the time, so other than a general feeling of dread, he has no idea of what happened). Further evidence of Brock being Ash’s sexuality is that he keeps returning to the series after Ash meets a new girl aspect of himself.

Misty is the first such aspect we encounter. Because she is the first and because she is merely an aspect of Ash are explanations for why Misty plays so prominently in the show but is ultimately unattainable (because he never really knew her before the coma). Since Misty is his initial love interest — if only subconsciously — he needed her to reach a certain level of womanhood. He felt that people could only have relationships after they’ve matured. In practice, though, he finds that he can’t cope with it (lacking the real-world experience) and wants the normal pushy, arrogant Misty he knew, thus not letting her keep Togepi. We can see this arc in the constant berating of his sexuality (Brock), but her eventual mellowing until she had faded into the background. Since Ash was quite attached to her, this was traumatizing and after this experience, anyone around him “threatening” to mature quickly ends up leaving for another, more naive fill-in.

Gary Oak is what Ash wants to be. He is wish fulfillment. He succeeded, and then settled down to a normal life. Ash needs someone to succeed in his world or he won’t be able to validate it and will start questioning why he is where he is. It’s a subconscious trap to keep him from becoming too aware of his situation. His mind must have figured out that awareness of the coma would snap him out of it, but it would cause brain damage, so it took something the boy already loved and built a way out for him with it. However, Ash is too complacent to make a final stand and fight his way out of it, and so cannot escape. This is why he keeps encountering Legendary Pokemon. They’re his mind’s way of showing him he can do great things if he tries, and it’s a way to encourage him to push forwards.

Team Rocket are the qualities of himself that Ash deems “negative” but is coming to terms with. Jesse and James want to appease Giovanni, Ash’s father figure, and Jessie will trick the submissive James into doing her bidding to achieve this. Meowth especially wants to appease him because he remembers the good times with Giovanni. This places Meowth in a category known as Ash’s (corrupted) innocence. This is apparent because Meowth is able to speak. In fact, the whole reason Meowth can speak is so that Ash can eventually accept the aspects of Team Rocket as parts of himself.

Ash has issues with his father, so he put him atop the evil corporation and demonized him. There may be an actual Team Rocket (in the real world) but it’s doubtful that Ash’s father is their leader. Ash likely feels that the split between his parents was partly his fault, but also partly blames his father. The split caused his mother to move out of the city, down to Pallet Town and is one reason why Ash initially embarks upon the journey: to escape the turmoil at home. But the whole organization, including Butch and Cassidy, is symbolic of his inability to escape his father’s machinations.

James is implied homosexuality (which does not necessarily make Ash homosexual) and gullibility, and Jesse is vanity and manipulation. Since Meowth has the potential for rehabilitation, and doesn’t want to be evil, this once again fits in with the conflicting personalities and demonized-self theory. Team Rocket cross-dresses because Ash is exploring his sexuality (a different facet than what Brock represents) and this was a method that allowed his gay/vain side to experiment freely. When he found that it wasn’t something for him, his “free” side stopped playing with it.

Max came with May. He played the ego and she played the id with great aspirations in that “session”. They worked for a little while, but with Ash being a teenager, his sexuality had to come back into play. He kept reinventing himself and eventually wrote new aspects, but his mind slowly brought the old ones back as a crutch to make the transition easier.

Dawn is Ash giving himself a chance to love. Since he already established Misty as someone he’s not likely to go anywhere with, he created a new super female, one that was more like him, and less violent. You may note that while both May and Misty had no tolerance for Brock, Dawn seems to try to shrug it off.

Tracey, the Breeder, was a possible future for Ash that he discarded. This future was one that he sent off to work with the professor (Ash’s ultimate ideal of a father figure) when Tracey disrupted the dynamic Ash had with his other possibilities. With Ash’s mind fighting the coma and Ash viewing this person as a companion, Tracey was quickly replaced with a more threatening rival.

Pikachu represents Ash’s humanity, hence the episodes where they get separated and Ash wants desperately to find him, even to the point of working with the Rockets (aspects of himself he would never normally associate with) but for some reason cannot. Team Rocket want to steal Pikachu and hand him over to Giovanni. Jesse and James will always oppose Ash because Ash is terrified of the thought of his humanity lying in the hands of his father. However, this is the same reason that he will work with those aspects of himself in order to save his humanity from just becoming flat out lost. Ash couldn’t evolve Pikachu because that would mean challenging his concept of who he was, which was something he wasn’t comfortable with while still working through his original issues.

The narrator is Ash’s higher mind, recapping and explaining the progress he’s made and the tribulations he will face, allowing itself insight into how best to awaken him.

Team Rocket’s methods gradually become more and more ludicrous because Ash is only a child dreaming these things up. That is why Team Rocket’s disguises are always believed. He knows it’s them (at least on a subconscious level), but chooses to ignore it so that he can better himself. In a sense, the Ash who wants to escape is sabotaging the Ash who wants to stay lost in his mind so that there can be more conflict, and hopefully an eventual escape. The escape being a consequence of coming to terms with who he is, as, mentioned previously, Team Rocket are a method for Ash to deal with grounds he’s uncomfortable with tackling on his own.

You may recall that early in the show there were animals and references to animals. For example, the fish in the aquarium of the Cerulean city gym, or that the Pokedex lists Pikachu as “rat-like”. These animals don’t matter to Ash’s psyche so they don’t come into play much. If Ash had loved puppies, everything would be about different breeds of dogs, and a dog fighting circuit, but as the series goes on, you see fewer realistic animals and more Pokemon. This could be a sign of Ash’s mind deteriorating. As he’s in the coma, he’s losing concepts of some animals and machinery and replacing them with Pokemon. It could explain things like electric Pokemon working as power generators; these are signs that his memory of the old world is slipping more and more as time goes by. The Pokemon realm will be idealized continuously the longer he has no stimulus from the real world. Ash may or may not be mentally deteriorating, but he is becoming more accustomed to his fake world’s rules. The wild Pokemon are his rationalizations for the functioning of his created fantasy. It’s the “a wizard did it” syndrome. If he doesn’t know how it works, his mind says Pokemon.

The Pokemon in Ash’s team, however, serve the purpose of displaying his issues and aspects of himself. For example, Charmander represents his sex drive (not his sexuality, like Brock). At first it’s a cute, easy thing to control, but eventually becomes a raging inferno of disobedience since Ash has no real understanding of his sexuality and thus has no way to vent or keep it in check. Bulbasaur was his unwillingness to change, reflected in when it declines to evolve and almost decided to stay behind unless he battled it. Squirtle was his willingness to follow the lead of others, as evidenced by the gang it ran with, even though he ran the gang, they were viewed as one group, and Ash’s subconscious just gave him the strongest one. Butterfree was his crushing loneliness, which he dealt with when he released it to join a flock. His bird types are his recklessness, always willing to sacrifice something at a moment’s notice for the win. When Ash is trading Pokemon, it’s an attempt to push his own problems away on someone else; however, he realizes this and usually trades back fairly quickly.

Not only are Ash’s Pokemon a manifestation of different parts of himself, the Pokemon of other trainers are as well. Koffing and Ekans were symbolic of Team Rocket’s willingness to change, hence their evolutions. Once his mind was able to overcome that roadblock and allow them to change once, it gave him the chance to truly change.

An interesting note is that Pupitar is a rationalization: a Pokemon that a rival caught before he met him. Even Ash would become suspicious if everyone he met had no carry-over from previous places he had been to.

Other trainers are more direct forms of his issues — ones that he must either come to terms with or outright suppress. Gym Leaders are more primary aspects of his personality, with each Pokemon being stronger than the last, to display a level of skill he could be capable of if only he gave into it. In effect, he is doing battle with a part of him that he would rather not have in control. Originally, Ash had the battles, which evolved into team battles and contests. The explanation for this is that his issues became more and more complicated, and the means of dealing with them needed to become more complex. The fact that he uses issues that he has already dominated to win these are signs that he’s growing stronger.

Ash releases his Pokemon because his mind is forcing him to let go of them. The second he raises an overpowered team, a tournament comes up, and after fighting his way through it he has to go to a new land for new challenges. But with an overpowered team, there won’t be any challenges, and no way to motivate him further, so the part of Ash that wants to stay in the coma and keep journeying releases his solved issues so that he can continue and overcome the unresolved ones. This is essentially his mind forcing him to deal with his issues.

Ash’s rivals and the Elite Four are ultimately the strongest part of this cycle. Having Pokemon that are essentially godlike, they represent both what can be attained and what is unattainable. Ash’s rivals are all possible future he envisions for himself (note that they are all older than him). This originated with Oak, someone Ash knew from real life and built up into a sort of god within his mind, but Oak progressed and changed to suit Ash’s vision of himself and his ultimate desire, eventually settling down into a professor role after beating the Elite Four. With Gary Oak in retirement, his mind needed a new rival for him, thus the births of Richie (the good aspect of his rivalry) and Paul.

Paul is his mind’s last ditch efforts to snap him out of this, to force Ash to actually come to terms that this perfect world is not the best option or path to waking up. Paul is Ash’s shadow, one that wants to push on even harder and harder, and the part of him that will stop at nothing to escape this coma world.

Mewtwo is a new form of treatment, done with electric impulses and a machine to knock Ash out of it, taking down every last one of his mental guards (the original Pokemon in the movie). In Ash’s mind, Mewtwo and his clones were (in the real world) the treatment for the mental safeguards that were protecting Ash and keeping him comatose: the Pokemon of his world. The clones were counters to the issues that Ash had thought solved, and so each appeared to Ash as the exact copy of his defense. The clones didn’t play by the rules of Ash’s world, they didn’t use any special Pokemon attacks or moves — they just beat down their counterpart through brute strength. The treatment was working.

There were side effects. The electric jolts were beginning to affect Ash’s nervous system, and if the treatment continued, he would be paralyzed. His mind manifested this in the dreamworld by petrifying him. Were it not for the end of the treatment by Ash’s mother (who knew her son wouldn’t want to live in a world he couldn’t explore), Ash would have remained as stone forever. After this, Ash needed to recover from the damage caused by the electric therapy. In order to reduce the danger Ash’s consciousness felt from it, his subconscious began downplaying the effects of electricity in his world, which is why Pikachu’s electric attacks — once noted for their strength by Team Rocket — no longer have any effect on Ash, other than comic relief.

As we can see, Ash may well have been trapped forever in this world. But like every dream, like everything, there is a beginning and an end. What would happen if Ash never recovered? In his hospital room, we see Delia, obviously distraught, talking to a doctor with a grim look on his face. He’s saying that their insurance is up, and the boy has had no change in brain activity for seven years. That the shock of taking him off life support has a very small chance of awakening him.

She tearfully agrees.

Back in Ash’s world, he has finally defeated the Elite Four, and one by one, the people around him start disappearing. Eventually, everything is black. Pikachu comes dashing towards him, glowing brighter and brighter in the darkness. Eventually he reaches Ash and the two embrace one last time.

Back in the hospital room, his life signs fading, Ash mutters his final words.

I…want to be…the very…best…

He will die, never having known his dream, except as naught but a dream. When he came back to reality, he knew it all for the lie it was, knew it as his imagination. Knowing that his efforts, ambitions and friends were nothing, he will let go.

As he utters his final phrase, he barely opens his eyes and sees the silhouette of his mother, her face hidden by her hands wiping away tears. They make eye contact, and one final realization fills him before he loses all strength.

He sees that his mother was holding out hope that he’d recover all that time. He sees her and finds that her hope had been broken as she’d come to the realization that she’d outlived her only child. He dies knowing that he is loved, but that it means the one person closest and most real to him is utterly crushed.

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  1. Zaubrecba says:

    Too long

    • M. Scott says:

      That’s what she said.

    • The Editor says:

      For this blog, there’s no such thing as “too long.”

    • LegoRemix says:

      I’m think I’m about to cry…

    • nick says:

      …maybe if i still cared about pokemon

    • ang310fd3ath02 says:

      okay this is shit. its just a damn TV show not real life so just leave it a lone.

    • Strazzi says:


    • Strazzi says:

      I’m guessing you didn’t read the article anyway…
      It isn’t a serious article you retarded tl;dr’s, it’s just an interpretation of the show, by which the show would actually improve.
      So don’t talk.

    • CaptD says:

      so sad da part bout ash nd pickachu at da end… its nt true is it ?

    • Dogman says:

      This is the creme de la creme of awesomeness

    • alex says:

      but that’s just rediculous- pokemon is merely a delusion of the people behind it, who actually dress as pikachu… all of them.
      they’re the ones at the Nintendo office party that nobody else wants to sit with… at a NINTENDO office party, you’d have to be pretty odd for that to be the case!

    • Kahlan says:


    • Ben says:

      Well, after seeing “he never rode a bike because he developed a phobia” I skipped to the end. He did ride a bike again. At one point he runs into a biker gang on a bridge that requires a bike to cross. And he rides a bike. And has fun. It was the episode where the biker gang think James and Jesse are uber cool.

      Oh, and Ash never gets hit by actual lightning.. This whole thing looks like a way to get attention. It all sounds very interesting the way you put it, but look at it as a whole – there is no point to this thing except maybe ‘disproving’ the anime. In Mewtwo Strikes Back, he fights to go to the island where his ‘mental barriers are being taken down’. Mmm, he wants his mental barriers to go down, does he? I didnt watch the anime too much, but I’m a big fan of Pokemon in general.

      Btw, Ash doesn’t die, because the anime hasn’t finished, and he’s standing on top of Mt. Silver with a level 88 Pikachu that 1-hit-KO’s all of my level 65 pokemon.

    • Completely right says:

      He actually only ever rode his bike where he absolutely had to, and could not avoid it.

      But, this actually makes a lot of sense!! like.. Wow. The part about Charmander made me mad, because I loved him, but, it was like… true. And about Paul just kinda blew my mind, because it is right.

      And, this person is verrrry smart.. O.o

      It didnt ruin pokemon for me at all ^.^

    • AranRyan says:

      I think your looking to deep into this.

    • Alex says:

      i think i’ll go cry now.

    • Kelsy says:

      This is so sad … I started crying T_T

    • gumfree says:

      you the guy that wrote inception?

    • stephzor says:

      So deep.. But useless. lol

    • Nubwagon says:

      Do you have Down’s Syndrome?

    • carlos says:

      anyone who listens to this bull is retarded!!!!! of coarse this would make a lot of sense in a way but the series isnt even done and your actually listening to this guy!?!?!? he/she made this up to get a few extra bucks from whoever dared him and to crush the dreams of little and big kids alike to whoever watched pokemon!!!!!!! in the shippuden there putting brock back to his home as well as dawn and there even adding someone new for dawn!!!!!! whoever this guy is is just a lowdow worthless piece of sht that wants to just be heard out because he either hates everything he watches and just to post it up to kill everyones favorite tv show or hes just a bum who lost his job for watching pokemon!!!!!!!!!!! he didnt even mention anything at all about the other mystical pokemon and not even a hint about the new region coming after ash goes to the sinnoh league!!!!!! whoever this guy is he is not worthy to even say pokemon on the Internet!!!!! it never happened and never will!!! theres already proof because the shows not over by a long shot!!! we should just post a giant post that will destroy this entire site for future generations or right now…….whichever comes first and not make them suffer like we did at just reading page 1!!!! if it ever comes down to you or me I will meet this guy head on and punch the guy straight to next century and my kids will send him straight to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides I dont like how he said it that way.

    • Travis E says:

      This was very entertaining and would be a nice twist for an ending to the series. Yet off on one thing, Ash did ride a bike after that fateful lightening storm. He crosses the Bike Pass with no fear at all of being on a bike.

    • Ian says:

      y’all are retarded. it’s a parody. it’s not real.

    • shinyshiny says:

      i just read this, and i have to say its a very good theory, however, theres just one problem.
      i was rewatching the first season cus i was bored, and ash never fainted durning the bike incident. nor passed out. in fact he got up and walked all the way to the nest town, even ran in some parts

    • well.. says:

      Even if he didnt go unconcious during the storm, that doesn’t mean he REALLY didn’t. Think about it, if you got knocked into a coma, you wouldn’t know. You loose conciousness then are immediately plunged into another world. So he might’ve thought he was fine, but really went unconcious.

      just throwing it out there

    • Joe Ortiz says:

      Duh guys. Look at the freaking name of this website. “Cartoon Overanalyzations” It’s a freaking parody. Cool your rockets ‘tards.

    • Matt says:

      Dude that would suck ass if this ending happened. I would cry. where the fuck do you come up with this stuff?

    • A. J. says:

      Did anyone else cry when butterfree left.

    • s says:

      the retard who made rthis theory is retarded and has obviously nosense of imagination, he such a stupid nerd who always has an explnation for everything cant he just let things be

    • Dean says:

      LOOK AT THE NAME OF THE F*CKING WEBSITE PEOPLE! It’s not supposed to be serious, it’s all for fun lol.

    • Boredom says:

      This is a lie because in the first episode he doesnt get struck by lightning in the first episode while on his bike a spreaow pushes him off and he just falls over
      Pikachu gets hit by lightning and uses his move and gets rid of everything but him and pikachu are pushed away
      And iread this whole thing you wrote but have you noticed that you said he wakes up after he beats the elite 4 that episode must of never happened because theres like 3 more seasons after that so meaning this thing you just wrote is a lie
      You have a lot of good points but the first thing you stated was already wrong
      Ash does fall over but he gets up he doesnt get rushed to the hospital

    • Yume says:

      This is pretty stupid. >.> Good thing I play the games more so than watch the anime.

    • DropThemSevens says:

      fuck you

    • Direwolf King says:

      So Pokemon is like St. Elsewhere (it was all just happening in a mentally damaged boy’s head)? fuck me. this blew my mind.

    • Ick says:

      ….if this Red is really Ash then this makes sense…
      Because by now it should be common sense that when you battle him atop MT. silver he is dead, that’s why he doesn’t speak at all

    • karissakakawriter says:

      This was brilliant, an excellent, intelligent, and creative interpretation of the work. Well done.

    • alkahest says:

      You need to learn about aoma’s. Finding yourself in your dreams does not reverse the brain damage/trauma needed to enter a coma in the first place

    • Zerothefox says:

      For all you idiots saying that Ash is at the top of Mt.Silver,YOU NEED TO READ!!! It very obviously says “PKMN Trainer Red” not “Ash”.

    • Andrew Clandon says:

      Zerothefox: It’s canon that Ash is Red. If you’ve played the very first original games, you would see that. You have Ash, Red, some funky name, then your own when you name your character. Ash=Red. Always has been.

    • Junkie says:

      Thats not Ash on Mt. Silver thats Red…two different characters.

    • josh zzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

      haha thats a fucked up way to look at that

    • megaman says:

      you think to much its a childs tv show cartoons dont age (most of the time) and it isnt realistic becouse its ment for kids not aults with out a life do you have any thing beter to do then sit and type up a theory about how ash stays ten he is ten becuse thats the age they target the show at so ten year olds can conect ash plus they found out that most people that wach pokemon are between 8-10 years of age no ofense to adults that still do

    • Scott says:

      “(though it is suspected to have actually been written by either Francis Bacon, Mary Anne Evans, or George Eliot)”
      Seriously? This is nonsense. Mary Anne Evans and George Eliot are the same person and she has been dead since 1880. Francis Bacon has been dead since 1992.

    • Tom says:

      Lol, its twice as funny that this came from 4chan and so many people believe it, silly bloggers.

    • Dionysus says:

      I enjoyed this theory’s insights into the design and motivations of characters. I think the Giovanni/father figure/ interpretation, especially alongside Jesse and James’s obsequious attempts to garner their master’s pride, were wonderfully accurate. Misty’s unattainability, as a sexually mature woman who is independent and could leave at any time, contradicted (though realistically) by her motherly, girlish and dependent nature contemporaneous with Ash’s – fairly irrefutable – immaturity, are also wonderful insights.

      However, the premise of the argument relies too heavily on structural contradictions within the show, such as Ash’s continuously forgetting everything he’s ever learnt on both an emotional and technical level and travelling to a new land so that each new generation of audiences can be more easily tapped into, which reveal only economic, not literary truths. Furthermore, even those literary, such as Misty’s design, is more conceivably the result of either long talks about what ‘kind of girl’ audiences would like to see – she was definitely a childhood sweetheart of mine – or because she represents an archetypal struggle between female sexual and romantic maturity and male physical immaturity (think Peter Pan and Wendy). Perhaps the male (or indeed female) writers were tapping into their anxious experiences as children, locked in a kind of strange non-place of sexual perception, without understanding.

      So yeah.

      If I ever wrote an essay on Pokemon, because of this project’s wonderful soundbites and insights, no matter what the topic, I would reference this theory and the incredibly varied and often violent comments it seems to have attracted, with exuberant glee.

      It is this kind of thinking and discourse that keeps relevant, the children’s literature we used to understand on some levels but not on others.

      Although: the new Pokemon are less referential to the real world because those tasked with (quite possibly the best job ever, of) creating Pokemon, have already squeezed the virgin ideas that come from a fresh and un-researched look at nature and indeed the human environment.

      I don’t think we can rely on the ‘new Pokemon being bad’ argument as evidence for this theory.

    • Lowri says:

      you cunt.

    • alfo says:

      I find a contradiction in this entire blog. Ash does not have a phobia of bikes because in the first region of the anime ash is on cycling road with his friends. Episode 35 Season 1 “The Bridge Bike Gang”.

    • Andrew Panetta says:

      That would mean that every pokemon in the johto and beyon are ashs imagination because he never knew any other pokemon past the kanto region but in the johto movie with rakui ash is not the main charactor the guy from johto is if u play soul silver and he uses the pokemon that ash uses in his dream so he was never in a coma

    • Michael says:

      I thought it was pretty cool to take the object of a child and view it through the eyes of a realist.

    • trent says:

      the funniest thing is that the kid is wrong and is a dead retard prob in a coma if he thinks this bull shit. for a fact ash does not have a phobia of bikes because in a movie it shows him riding his bike across the bridge with pikachu misty and brock and there are many more episodes like that with him riding a bike just don’t remeber

    • Jason says:

      This is all fake, if that happened, they would’ve done that episode where he woke up from the coma after DP Series or shortly during his travels with Misty, no one would do all those series just to find out it was all fake -.-

    • habadabaha says:

      Let me start by saying that Red and Ash are not the same. Never was, never will be.

      And to all people who keep saying “this is a lie” or “omg ur so stoopid” or “u hav no lyfe”, why not give props to the guy? You’re insulting him, but think. Do you think you would be clever enough to think up this theory? Most likely not. I know I can’t think of something as complicated as this.

      Then of course there’s the name of this website. Cartoon. Overanalyzations.

      Also, those last 5-6 paragraphs gave me the feels.

    • Tahahaha says:

      It’s pretty funny that so many people are so bothered by this analysis. It just shows that some part of them actually believes it but doesn’t want to, lol.

    • Benjamin Lang says:

      God dang thats deep.

    • Nooboo says:

      My god, it’s true…

    • What the hell is this how do you know that ash is in coma and well and how do you know that ash is in hospital is there any episode or movie..

      this is fanfiction and dont take it seriously cause it is fake

  2. Wow says:

    This was amazing.
    Fourty stars!

    • Sam says:

      The American version leaves some parts out, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I do believe the Japanese version shows Ash more unconscious, and probably has other events that help the theory. Stupid American censoring. :/

  3. Noobs says:

    Those of you that didn’t even bother to read the first 2 paragraphs are retarded, as it is well worth at least a little bit of reading

  4. CJP says:

    Well…that was depressing.

  5. Sean says:

    This is incredible.
    Given I was about 10 at the time this stuff came out, I never thought about it.
    But your theory is nice and backed up very well.


  6. James says:

    I must say that was a pretty amazing read. I never even considered any of that when I watched the show, though admittedly I was only like 10 when they first started, maybe younger idk.

    and as I pretty much lost interest in the show about halfway through Johto League, did the last few paragraphs about the doctor and his mom and stuff actually happen in the show or is that just conjecture? that’s what it seemed like to me

    • Kavyle says:

      I was like… five or six. o.O

      I lost interest in the show somewhere in the TV equivilant of the Ruby and Saphire versions of the games. I’m kinda wondering if that last part was made up, too…

      If it was, then I can’t believe I fell for it, ’cause I was hanging on to the story for some reason…

      (I guess I’m James, huh? =3 The gullibility?)

    • tacoman says:

      don’t worry that has never actually happened, and it will not end in any year in the near future. it’s making too much money.

      omg, i remember the first episode when i watched it about 10 years ago, and the differences between before and after the bolt of lightning is noticable to the point to where i’m suprised i didn’t notice it. i would love it if the series ended like this though.

    • Felzilla says:

      Purely conjecture, good sir.

      My ten year old eats pokemon like candy 12-13 years after the original. Also; to the person who complained that we never saw him pass out, we never would have or it would be a bad psychoanalysis.

  7. jasper says:

    Crazy nut-so tripfest 9000. Huge pokemon fan when I was like 10. All i could do was just reminisce and think about it. I definitely agree. I was thinking about forwarding this to my contact list but only one person on it would genuinely appreciate this. SOOOO out to you Keith.

  8. Mr Wulfgar says:

    That was a sad ending there. But it was a very interesting article, and it pulled a lot more out of Pokemon than I thought possible.

    • Yazmine says:

      I agree with you.

      I was just as entertained by reading the commentary. It is clear that half these people have never had to read or write an English theory paper. Everything would be a lot better received, I think, if this article was looked at as a “what-if” instead of a fact.

      It’s also interesting that Pokemon has affected such a wide audience. This stream of comments, negative and positive, is much longer than I wish to follow.

  9. Leighton Early says:

    Best thing I’ve read all week. Good job, it was pretty convincing.

  10. Tendou says:

    Stop that.

    What if I don’t need any unnecessary DEEP in my animu.

    • Alex says:

      Then don’t read and learn to spell?

      This wasn’t made for people like you, so go away?

    • Big Shot says:

      How about you shut the fuck up Alex, and stop being a faggot.

    • foolish says:

      A. Tendou, why even bother man?
      B.Alex, nothing is wrong with his spelling, animu is a slang word for anime
      C.Big Shot, how about you shut the fuck up and stop being a faggot hmmmm? Jumping down people throats online not only looks stupid, it proves you’re stupid

    • Mouko says:

      ^ Said the pot to the kettle.

  11. Wall of Text says:

    Wall of Text, but some funny parts.

  12. As a fan of Pokemon from the start, I’ll say that the entry was completely dead-on. It explains everything.

  13. readyaimjayson says:

    Wow. I knew someone would figure it out eventually. Really good insight! I swear, if you didn’t read it because it’s too long or too hard to understand, you are definitely missing out.

  14. Clae says:


    “Back in the hospital room, his life signs fading, Ash mutters his final words.

    I…want to be…the very…best…”

    I bawwed. You made a grown ass man cry over a cartoon’s theme song. Amazing article, I stumbled this and I’m glad I did.

  15. Jordan says:

    Deep bro. Reading this at 3 Am is not a great idea. You start thinking that you are in the coma too. What if the Pokemon are real and I am suppressing them in coma state. gay man gay lol

  16. JKVandelMeigo says:

    I believe the last part was just a kind of wrapping up point, but it was extremely well thought out. Pokemon is one of my guilty pleasures and I never thought about it in that context.
    It was part essay, part story in my book. Thank you. Some parts were a little “off”, but it was so minor that I’ll forgive you.
    Some how this makes my love Pokemon even more. You sneaky bastard.
    This was the best, most well written article that I’ve read in a good long while. A plus!

  17. lemming says:

    that was awesome
    loved the sad ending :P

  18. Cath says:

    I think the fist paragraphs were awsome and so was the ending but some stuff aren’t really that necessary, like describing all characters (not worth it)

  19. Neverword says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t watch the complete series back then, but this analysis makes perfectly sense.
    I guess there really are quite resembling patterns in this world, if a drama series can be translated into a freudian complex this flawlessly.
    Or in the human mind, at least.

    • You can do this same analysis thing with any work of literature and it makes everything make sense. Also with some movies, too.

      Great article, makes pokemon seem more important kind of like DBZ did with eastern philosophy lol. Glad I read this!

  20. Elysium says:

    Pokemon would have been way better if this was the case! O.o

    I applaud you. You gave me plot bunnies. XD

    Though I wonder… what if it ended not in death, but in rehabilitation? As in, his coma finally ends and he wakes up and stuff?

    • Joshy says:

      Ehh… I think that if he woke up, it would cause too much drama and be too traumatic for him, as well as the viewers. In my opinion, I feel it’s best to leave it as a dramatic tragedy and be grateful for the amazing times he had in his dream world. It wraps everything up and brings it to a nice close. Plus not too many people get to experience a world like that, nor would anyone actually comprehend or appreciate the tales of his dream world.

    • Annie says:

      He couldnt wake up, if he did and went to rehab and finally became a part of the real, his life would be a mess.
      He most likely wouldnt be able to comprehend what has happened, and never be able to mature into an adult.
      Ash would most likely continue in his dream world in some sort of psych ward with an emotional disorder.
      he would grow up to be 40, still believing he was 10 years old with an unbeatable pikachu.
      for this theory to work, he would have to die, no matter how much people would want his to live.

    • Bobby Ferguson says:

      HE does, in an alternate ending. :D

  21. rhiesaq says:

    Wow, this is an amazing, perfectly described, beautiful and tragic analysis of the pokemon series.

    I’m glad I found this

    • Tex says:

      wow, the only thing to make this better is if right before he died, his mother sobs near the hospital window as he rocks back and forth in the beetle position chanting “I-I-I C-c-c-c-h-h-h-hoose Y-Y-Y-You”

  22. Josh says:

    Someone needs to lengthen this and put it into book form. Pay the royalties or whatever to the copyright owners of Pokemon and make the kiddies cry. This would become the next Harry Potter!

    So fucking awesome! Of course, people need to realize that just because something sounds good, or “deep” does not mean that it makes sense. This is a great site though! Just realized the name of it (got here by stumble). Definitely an awesome ovearanalyzation!

    • gearmus says:

      i dont understand how an analysis of an already existing story would become “the next harry potter”?

  23. Vendek says:

    this version is somewhat amputated
    the full version can be found here:


    • yankeejoshy says:

      oh god…this theory is 3103 words…and it’s shorter than the original version? who the hell has all these amounts of time?

  24. Boris says:

    Someone needs to animate this and turn it into a children’s show. This could become the next Yu-Gi-Oh!

    • Shishjakob says:

      dude, it already is “the next Yu-Gi-Oh!” even if it doesn’t have the awesome ending mentioned here.

  25. bob says:

    i stop watching like a year ago is he show over

  26. John says:

    Wow. Jesus. This guy must have aced his high school English course. To make such deep analysis out of nothing…wow. Im thoroughly impressed and would love this put into a video form. Great job.

    • Paul says:

      Well, I read that the guy who wrote this is a Psychology major, so it explains the deep understanding of psychological issues. One problem: it’s not confirmed that Giovanni is Ash’s father, so that’s one major flaw.

    • Bazza says:

      In reference to Paul: He said that Giovanni represents Ash’s father figure, not that he necessarily is.

  27. steven says:

    big time pokemon fan. this was completely amazing. never would have thought of it myself. “I…want to be…the very…best…” the second time something pokemon related made me cry, the first time being when butterfree was released

    • Bryson says:

      Omg… I cried when Butterfree was released also. AND when I read this article. Not really cry but a tear drop.

  28. PinkAlien says:

    Magical. I always questioned the changes in pokemon from animals to…pokemon (get what I’m saying?) and other things like why Ash just never “gets” girls, why the seemingly homosexual times in pokemon were short-lived, why every one of Ash’s rivals were older, and etc. Though not the factual, this is pretty good. Kudos.

  29. PinkAlien says:

    though not factual***

  30. Dreki says:

    wow, thats deep….

  31. bobbyson says:

    the full version is harder to read but less edited by an outside source

    this is amazing, its something that makes pokemon so much more interesting! All these tl;dr make me angry, ignore that and open your mind to this

  32. Billiybob says:

    So what is Snorlax? The elephant in the room/subconcious? AKA his realization that he is doomed to a life of constant slumber?

    • Odin's Law says:

      Snorlax would be his mind been eatten away (Snorlax has to eat 900 pounds a day to stay “happy”, the human memory can remember up to 20-35 years worth of infomation before you really forget, since ash had problems at times remembering people/places Snorlax would be his mind deteriating (forgive spelling)

    • Earthan says:

      No no, it’s totally that; the elephant in the room – subconscious understanding that he’s never going to recover. On some level he knows this, and sometimes the fact depresses him too much to continue. That’s when he’s most dangerously close to waking up on his own, but he rationalizes himself back into the coma-dream by finding some way to deal with it and keep going.

  33. Ashley says:

    This is fantastic.

  34. PinkAlien says:

    Nice point, Billybob. Who knows? If awakened, terrible things could happen to him, similar as to what happens when Snorlax wakes up.

  35. Tennisbabe says:

    Well I was never a big pokemon fan but this was an amazing article. Makes the shoe seem much more worthwhile.

  36. Dingo says:

    And i suppose slowpoke is a sign of the brain damage if he wakes up? :P

    Anyway, excellent read.

  37. Anon says:

    I’m sad now.

  38. pk says:

    Oh. My. God.

    pokemon will NEVER be the same again…

    amazing article, very well thought out.

    was this for an assignment?

  39. jas says:

    confirmation bias…

  40. Andrew says:

    This has got to be the best thing i’ve read in a long time. Everything makes perfect sense, wow, my only wish is that i thought of something like this first.

  41. als-als says:

    Holy crap. Thats like insane. BUT AWESOME!!!! IT MAKES ME WANT TO WATCH POKEMON NOW!!!!!

  42. pkmnlvr4life says:

    I wonder if this could have been the template from which the actual show was written. WOW ill never look at anything the same way ever again…

  43. steve says:

    There may be some slight truth to some of this, but for the most part I think part the author is just way over-analyzing.

    Didn’t like how this started out as a theory and ended as fan fiction. The end is extremely stupid.

  44. HappyTime says:

    Excellent. That was hilarious. Rather well written too…

  45. Jordan the Hedgehog says:

    That… was… just… incredible.

    That was so amazing, I really don’t know what to say about it, other then that it is AWESOME.

  46. eclipser 84 says:

    That just killed my childhood.

  47. TerribleTapeworm says:

    Are a genius.

  48. collin says:

    ummm…ok it was pretty brilliant, the only problem I have with it is, you said he goes into an coma after being hit with a lightning strike and that’s when things get weird, but the very first thing you see is ash putting on his gloves while watching a Pokemon match… so that would mean that Pokemon isn’t something made up in his head at all…

    • PinkAlien says:

      It was never said that pokemon were all made up in his head, most of the first generation is “real” and the later ones are in his head. He just starts distorting how pokemon would look in other regions with less sense and realism than before.

    • collin says:

      oh ok, so Pokemon werent fake he just wasnet like as great as he was…
      ok that works…

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      or the beginning was his short term memory through the lens of his fantasy world..

  49. ndpir8 says:

    tl;dr (lol pokemans)

  50. […] Pokemon Explained [Editor’s note: This incredible, epic article has been floating around the web for about a year; it’s originally from […] […]

  51. wilford brimley says:

    Funny idea, but clearly whoever came up with this has no understanding of neuroscience. The brain does not work this way.

    • KoNP says:

      Wow, you’re so awesome, ruining a great read like that. Whatever would we do without you? Quick, hop in the Internet Party Pooper-mobile, I sense some originality somewhere else on the web that needs to be stopped!

      Fuckin’ jackass.

    • kache says:

      Could you explain this better, please?

    • quamo says:

      yeah what KoNP said, fuckin downer :P

    • James says:

      our understanding and knowledge of dreams and certain functions of the brain are largely theories, so a statement as blunt as “the brain does not work this way” is really not a very educated thing to say. And give it a rest, this was a very entertaining read! I love the freudian psychoanalytic approach to a great series that has been a part of most kids’ lives at one point or another over the last decade and a half.

    • Alex says:

      If the brain couldn’t possibly, at all, work this way, explain hallucinations and sleep walking? Dreams and visions? Dejavu?

      The brain isn’t all figured out – we don’t even use all of it!

      This was a great theory.

    • Icalasari says:

      And when did TV last pay attention to how psychology works…?

    • Nikoli says:


    • Elle says:

      Do you know exactly what happens to a person when they’re in a coma? What they experience & dream? Oh, & just to let you know, it’s proven neuroscience that no two comatose individuals experience the same things.
      No? Are you sure?
      Shut up.
      KoNP: Thumbs-up, sir. Or m’am. Not sure which.

  52. Chance says:

    Hat’s off to you, that was a great analysis. :)

  53. DreamSlayer says:

    This reminds me of Yume Nikki, only difference is the girl is completely batshit and does not dream of pokémon but horrible sexual traumas, bullying,gender identity disorder and god knows what. She kills herself in the ending. So Ash is looking pretty good but it’s still sad:(

  54. Wow, I love reading stuff like this regardless of the medium. I.E. anime, music children’s tails. Thank you for the repost and the clean up of the article.

  55. […] The Journal of Cartoon Over-analyzations: Pokemon Explained […]

  56. Abhi says:

    Too long man … but thanks for letting me know … cheers


  57. Doug says:

    Very good read, it gave me… a sad and depressing look on the pokemon world, but it made sense…

    This was a childhood pleasure that helped me grow up, and to think of someone theorizing this depressing alternative makes me really think about life. Thank you

  58. Wait a sec says:

    Decent theories, I just have a problem with a couple things.

    1. Ash must live in a world where Pokemon do indeed exist because the bike accident happened AFTER he got Pikachu.

    2. He can’t have a bike phobia because there have been two episodes(or maybe more, haven’t seen every episode) basically dedicated to traveling on a long road(like in the game) on bikes.

    • PinkAlien says:

      1. Yes, pokemon do indeed exist in his world. But he barely had any contact with them. In the real world, it seemed that the pokemon were more violent then they were after the lightning shock. Correct? The kindness in pokemon were depicted only in his head to keep his dreams alive. He *was* just a kid, after all.

      2. Ignore the games, this is based solely on the anime. In the games you can play as whoever you want to be, not necessarily Ash.

    • Odin's Law says:

      i think there are ep’s where they ride bikes (and i think in one of the opening themes they ride bikes) but when they get to the cycle road in the game Misty started up about the no bikes thing (ash was angry at misty for bringing this up) but nurse joy DID give them bikes so they could deliver the Shellder to the pokemon center on the other side of cycle road

    • Shadow says:

      The “Bridge Bike Gang” episode did have Ash on a bike. In fact, he took a really big leap (literally), for someone who has a phobia of bikes. I think here it is important to note that Team Rocket (with a gang) soon appeared after Ash and his friends began to ride the bikes. Perhaps this was Ash’s attempt to overcome his phobia, but the presence of these ‘bad guys’ shows his opposition to bikes.

      In future episodes, Ash may attempt to overcome this phobia once again, but the bike is always quickly forgotten. Each bike must be given back or destroyed in order to stop Ash from panicking too much.

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      addressing point one, the pre-trauma time in the anime could be Ash Misremembering his short-term memory to provide a transition into his fantasy world.

  59. Brett says:

    Omg, this makes me baww. Great job. Whoever did the original is seriously a genious.

  60. Heidelun says:

    I wanna cry now, thx.

  61. GlassJaw says:

    I know it has been said a thousand times already, but I would like to applaud you personally. Making something so simple so goddamn deep is simply brilliant!

  62. Ian Jade says:

    It was quite interesting, an incredible deduction.

  63. Anonymous says:

    HAY GUYS! Lets copypasta something from 4chan from over a year ago and get website views with it!

    • The Editor says:

      Worked for me! I highly recommend this approach.

      Actually, if you cared to read the brief note at the top of the article (tl;dr?), I gave full credit, with links, to everyone involved.

    • Alex says:

      I’d have never got to read this if they hadnt. Im glad they did

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      three cheers for the editor! and three hard swings with a large wrench for the oddly spiteful douche!

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      =) hey guys lets -_- spell horribly then trash the editor. we should be happy that he brought it over from 4chan

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      sarcasm by the way

  64. JonCrudo says:

    this is fucking lame! and you are fucking lame for coming up with this elaborate back story to a stupid children’s show. dont you realize this show had no premis to it? its for kids! kids will buy into anything colorful and weird looking, even if it has no point to it. watch the Chinpoko Man episode of South Park. that will explain everything.

    • shamoozal says:

      please note the website name – “CARTOONOVERANALYZATIONS”. I tough, personally think this makes disturbing amounts of sense, and could be elaborated on immensely.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      and your a censored curse

    • Victoria says:

      a lot of kid shows are made by either ‘normal’ people, people that like deep meanings or crazy people(not really crazy just not what people would call normal)an example most people might know is courage the cowardly dog that cartoon was made by someone not to well in the head……but hey they’re hits XP

    • Brandon says:

      winny the pooh was about drugs, so was alice in wonderland, and many others too

      Why cant this be about a coma?

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      don’t be a dork JonCrudo…

  65. JIIN says:

    FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT FOR OTHER SHOWS ALSO

  66. Josh says:

    Holy Crap dude. Another fan from the start. Still watched occasionally up to the middle of Dawn/Paul/etc. You nailed it right on the head man. Don’t know if the show ended- has it? Hence the the last paragraph?

    Another Stumble- glad it found this.

  67. tony says:

    i think that beat the nail on the head

  68. peter says:

    wow thats pretty cool…it does explain how everyone looks alike in each town and how all the nurses have the same exact name and such..

    i like it

  69. Abyssal says:

    I was going to post that Pokemon analysis on my blog after I edited it for readability. It seemed like a daunting task so I put it off and now it looks like you beat me to the punch. :(

  70. eyeofthevoid says:

    An interesting take on pokemon, but I think it got a little ridiculous toward the end.

  71. Nadia says:

    Wow, that actually made a lot of sense..

  72. assydingo says:

    Intense stuff. I realize this is just supposed to make us think and it does that well. Personally I’d say Pokemon may be the deepest show that tries to hide it that I’ve ever seen.

    I cried when Pikachu said he wasn’t going to evolve. <333

  73. Addy says:

    Ash actually does ride a bike though, in the bridge bike gang episode where he must deliver medicine to a sick pokemon across the bridge. Funny enough though, it’s not a pleasant ride, full of enemies and stormy weather. Makes sense if you think about it.

    • shamoozal says:

      simply a confrontation of a phobia, hence the fact that it’s not a pleasant ride, full of enemies and stormy weather.

    • Alex says:

      Maybe confronting a phobia to do something great was over coming a personal fear for the greater good? I doubt he would have done it in sunny conditions to deliver something of less value or importance.

      Maybe in his own mind he wants to be a hero?

  74. C says:

    Wow. I can’t explain what I am feeling right now.
    It’s funny and depressing…

    Very good.

  75. Steven says:

    Sweet Jesus. That’s what I watched as a kid?

  76. Giselle says:

    Wow, I am blown away. I almost cried as I read the end, it all made sense as I kept going.

    I need to check if that show has ended yet. >>;

  77. Me says:

    I would actually go out, and buy, then watch pokemon if it ended like this. I would. Really. If pokemon had such a deep story to it and it ended like this and explained this etc. I would totally watch it. It would be a great story to watch then and something way beyond just a kid’s show.
    Even if this is completely wrong, it still is a great idea.

    • Shishjakob says:

      Dude, PLAY POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEONS: EXPLORERS OF SKY!!! If you like the ending for this, you will love that game. If I say any more, I will only give the storyline away. (but the endings are kinda similar, just for the memo)

  78. ryan says:

    Very Interesting take on a fun (used to be) show. Like most I liked the show when I was younger, more as an amusing pasttime than a fan. I got bored with it after the original episodes were done. Kinda like Power rangers it was just beating the dead horse for me.

    Regardless, my hats off to the original author and to the people that cleaned it up. It’s still very in depth psychology, and I can only imagine what It must have read like to begin with.

  79. nianfong says:

    great success

  80. Burthizzl says:

    wow this is the gayest crap ever. whoever wrote this article needs to get a life, go to college, get fucked up, get laid, and move on with his/her life. this is damn sad. its a cartoon for gods sake, who gives a fuck. jesus christ, i hate nerds

    • Jess says:

      Then why are you here?

    • lolwut says:

      Whose to say that the OP hasn’t gone to college, gotten fucked up and gotten laid? It’s kind of sad that you’d bother commenting on something that you don’t give a fuck about. If you care that little, why make a comment? Just vote 1 and move on.

    • Nokturne says:

      Who’s to say, this wasn’t an assignment for class he wanted to post on the internet.

    • Alex says:

      And you’re here… and you read this whole thing…?

      You’re like the guys that walk up 3 flights of stairs to my internet cafe and pay money just to tell the gamers they have no lifes… they just make fools of themselves.

      I think you maybe just wish you were this intelligent and sulk knowing you’ll never do anything half as interesting.

    • de'ja says:

      ya why are you here, keep your thoughts to your self.

  81. KrazyTrumpeter05 says:

    Says the guy posting on a site about nerdy cartoons.

  82. Cody says:

    Pretty cool but here is my explanation of Pokemon:

    It’s a cartoon…

  83. [ImaG] says:

    Most excellent!

    One of the best reads I’ve had in a while and what a theory!
    For those who read it would agree, it’s a valued work of literature.

  84. Harry says:

    I would never relate anything like that with pokemon.
    i would never also write an essay about pokemon, expressing its really, really hidden meaning. All i can say is: WOW!

  85. Wow. Just freakin’ wow. Stumbled this.

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    • Kahlan says:

      dude if you read that whole story of the end of pokemon on the top of the page you would know

  87. Ian says:

    ok was that last paragraph from a real episode?

  88. Arenda Pace says:

    Uh…I thought this was a joke. I love pokemon but seriously I think this is taking it a little too far…and making it a much far more depressing scenario than anyone wants to think about while they are watching it.
    I mean, nice try though…I thought it was pretty funny on a non-serious stance

  89. Ryan says:

    very entertaining but i think ur looking to much in to it

    • sirus. says:

      i think youre missing the point here, sweetheart.
      please read the URL of this page several times outloud.

  90. BossOfSnipez says:

    you put a lot of thought into that, and it was good. 5/5

    BTW, Please visit website

  91. Lee says:

    I made it through the first several paragraphs, but geez, that was long.

    This is really great. I enjoyed what I read very much. It reminds me of literature class. Reading a book and then picking it apart piece by piece and finding “secret meanings” in words and phrases.

    But what bothers me about this essay is that it starts off a lot like a movie I watched. I can’t remember the name, but it was about a group of college kids. They get into a car accident, and the story follows this one girl through a series of both realistic and completely whacked out adventures. She’s living her normal life after the accident, but her boyfriend had died in the accident and she’s trying to deal with it. Then he comes back from the dead. Then her friends get involved in this weird cult. And she’s still trying to live a normal life. At the end of the movie, she wakes up in the E.R. next to one of her friends. They had all died except for her (although it could be said that she died too and the end scene was of her being gurney-d to the morgue), and the whole movie was just her mind coping with the death of all her friends.

  92. t.hammond says:

    please tell me you used this for some sort of college essay. that’s just too well thought out to be wasted on the atrophied brains of the webhead.

  93. Funktacious2 says:

    I can’t fully agree that this is flawless. The theory gets more and more holes, the more that is added. However, the part with Mewtwo is spot on.

  94. Insomniac says:

    You know what? I was gonna call tl;dr on this

    But… man, that is awesome

    For serious, stumbleupon rocks

  95. Zoltan says:

    But Pokemon ARE real!

  96. Make it into a movie says:

    Someone needs to make this into a anamated movie mabe start it off with the first ep. then wene he gets shocked so his mom wondering were he is find him 3 days later then take him on a strecher and show him geting hocked up to the life suport then make the sence go back to his fanicy land

    That is a queston pepol will peobuly wondering

    And in the frist ep. in the beging i think the spicky haird batteler is Ash’s dad [mabe]

  97. sad.... says:

    sad….vary sad… sniff…made me cry…and in the end he dies? like it but sad. I wonder if it could be the last ep. in the entir pokemon and mabe a stays alive in sted of fully dieing

  98. Ryan says:

    this is absolutely amazing.

  99. ronny says:

    dude, just write your paper for class already.

  100. Darc says:

    Just read this in it’s entirety. Very well thought out, and similarly applied. I must say, though, I’m surprised that the creator of this didn’t include the opening song in his/her analysis. Just think about it. If this theory is applied, the [original] intro basically dictates what Ash would have to do in order to escape the coma. I’ll probably end up writing an analysis of it tomorrow, when I’m not half-asleep. =P

    And to all who said tl;dr, this is actually quite a good read. You’d realize this if you:
    1) Learned to speak english, not ebonics
    2) Listened to music, not rap. A song must constitute of more than one sentence repeated over and over
    and 3) If you….you know what? Just go back to trolling forums and jacking off. Those are the only two things that your pitiful minds can handle

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      that is true… cruel but true for many of the people on this site, internet, world. But saying that just expresses your inner problems as stated in this article. however this article must have brought up some issues or maybe it was a comment to it but others i do… advise you not to listen to the numbered sentences

  101. me says:

    stick to fanfiction

  102. Arch says:

    To me this proves more than anything my high school English teachers were making stuff up! You can pull something incredibly complex and deep out of just about anything.

    Great piece though, make me laugh quite a lot. I did feel that James representing homosexuality was just there for it’s own sake (seems everything has to have homosexual reference these days); although the constant cross dressing does support it.

    Totally worth the read, I’ll be passing this on to others. Not only that, apparently there’s more of these articles on this site? Let’s go see!

  103. SuperMatt says:

    And also, in the first episode, did anyone else notice that after pikachu Does his lightning attack, the sky instantly gets brighter, theres a rainbow and he sees his first legendary pokemon, It almost signifies, his entrance into the coma. (sorry for any misspelled words)

    • dnish says:

      it never actually showed that it was right after the thunderbolt. so time could have passed before it happened

  104. SadAsh says:

    I don;t think that would ever air on TV, or would ever be released as canon by the writers of the show, it would ruin it, and if it isn’t written, it didn’t happen.
    Though they could hint at something like this.
    I think Ash would survive the ordeal, seeing as how all the legendary pokemon are supposed to show him he can be great.

  105. […] Pokemon Explained This really does make that show make sense. […]

  106. Uber says:

    You’re really creative, and since you love analysis so much, have you considered the career path of a psychologist?

  107. Uber says:

    oh you seemed to run out of ideas at some parts and did some ‘forced fitting’ into the story’s context

  108. Caterfree10 says:

    *APPLAUSE* This was really insightful and mind blowing! I am very impressed by this and I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to look at Pokemon the same way again. Magnificent work!

  109. Pokemon Master-Blaster says:

    Greetings all, I’m your original author.

    This whole theory was formed one night on 4-chan. It was driven by my Intellect, and the questions asked of me by posters on the 4chan website’s “/a/” section. I’m available for contact at Psychicdefective@gmail.com if you have any questions for me. I’m not some crazy person who sat down and wrote it all out in one go to prove something. It was done for my personal amusement all out of one errant thought.

    Why did pokemon start to suck after the first season? Well, characters eventually get stripped down to their core. Patrick starr from spongebob is a perfect example. In the early episodes he was passably intelligent, and frequently had decent ideas that were slightly… odd. Now, he has become a pure buffoon, capable of not even the SIMPLEST tasks.

    This is the actual reason. But I happen to have an imagination, so I crafted a theory that fit. Expanded upon it, Fleshed it out, and added some depth. Any work of fiction has infinite possibility to be awesome, it simply needs to have the right perspective applied.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      doubtful that something this… complex would be written by someone that would say “Why did pokemon start to suck after the first season?”

      however i love the spongebob referance and question why people have liked and still like that show it got terrible during the contridictions aka 3rd episode but off sponges

      i would like to see any sort of proof for this sort of thing

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      doubtful that something this complex would be written by someone that would say “Why did pokemon start to suck after the first season?”

      however i love the spongebob referance and question why people have liked and still like that show it got terrible during the contridictions aka 3rd episode but off sponges

      i would like to see any sort of proof for this sort of thing

    • Shishjakob says:

      You did great, dude. Thanx. Could you create a theory on Pokemon Mystery Dungeons explorers of sky?
      your friend Shishjakob

  110. alfred says:

    This page is funny and cool………

  111. alex prendes says:

    number one this is stupid because in the first episode of Pokemon there were actually Pokemon in the opening seen with ash watching a Pokemon battle of a gengar and a nidoran he then is shown with a whole bunch of pokemon toys posters and etc in his room and his mom comes in and tells him to get ready because tomorrow professor oak allows him choose his starter pokemon … even though ash does go to sleep in his house it still doesn;t mean pokemon never existed…

    the part were all this nonsense you say started was when ash feel off his bike well for one ash already had his pikachu at time because they were being followed by a flock of sparrows and pikachu was in the basket of the bike at the time right before the lighting bolt struck causing ash to fall…. So Pokemon were already real in the world so it could not be a dream or a coma.

    other thing u said ash never meets misty before he falls were do you think he gets the bike from man… From misty and i recall ash in at least 5 episodes were he rides a bike to run away from certain Pokemon.

    In conclusion This is just a dump attempt to ruin Pokemon from a guy who has nothing better to do with his time then criticize one of greatest rpg games and shows ever created and he doesn;t even have actual detailed facts to support this theory.

    • Darc says:

      Uh, what the fuck were you reading? The author never said that Pokemon didn’t exist. He said that the ones AFTER the first generation were just Ash’s imagination speculating on what Pokemon would look like in different parts of the world. Next, Ash falling off his bike didn’t cause the coma, nor does the author say that it did. The coma was a direct result of his getting struck by lightning (which is quite realistic for someone lucky enough to get struck by lightning), while riding the bike. The fall would have only increased damage to his body, not caused the coma. And as for your final argument, this thing doesn’t say ANYWHERE that Ash never met Misty. If you want to prove me wrong, then just hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard, and type in “Misty.” Now read the text around each instance of the word. What you claim is not there. The author said that Ash never got to know the REAL Misty, due to the coma.
      As for the phobia of bikes, yes he does ride them (not including the first episode) a few times, but realize that this around ten times in a series approaching 250 episodes (if it hasn’t already exceeded that). Not only that, but don’t you think that if Ash didn’t have a phobia, riding a bike around would be less time consuming, and cause less fatigue overall?

      Huh, look at that. I just took all of your arguments (and I use that term lightly) and ripped them apart. Here’s a tip: READ THE ARTICLE FOR WHAT IT FUCKING IS! The sites name is fucking cartoonOVERANALYZATIONS.com for crying out loud! This isn’t supposed to be serious! The author has plenty of facts that support this theory, even though it is OBVIOUSLY made in jest. Now, I know that I used a lot of big words, like “speculating,” “approaching,” and “the,” but try and get your single digit IQ around the fact your a fucking dip-shit, and you don’t know how to read a fictitious article because your head is too far up your ass to see the damn page (let alone respond in fucking proper english!) Once you obtain half a brain, read this article again, and realize how fucking stupid you really are.

    • Nokturne says:

      HAHA!!! That retort was as entertaining as the article!!

    • shamoozal says:

      hi five.

    • ThatOneGuy says:

      Wow, that was the best bitch out I have ever seen.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      they never say it was completely of his own mind example: it could have been a t.v. show. people’s imangiations are not even comprehendabe to make up such thing during sleep for all dreams are based of of already known things and thinking of things are almost never new, if so the brain just takes things and edits them accordingly, not just changing color but bending the angles light reflected or other thing of that nature. even though just a cartoon surly no writer in their right mind would even think to make up somthing like that with no resonable explanation

      p.s. riding bikes in unpleasnt situations only acts as a way to deal; though apparently fail, to get over his fear

  112. Darc says:

    [/extreme sarcasm]

    • Darc-Man says:

      lol this is quite late considering that it is more than a year later but, ash never got struck by lightning while riding the bike….he was pecked at by sparrows and thats how he fell off..if you actually watch the first episode. In those instance there were several lightning bolts shown, but none of them has been shown to actually hit anything besides the ground. Although the theory is quite interesting, The author had said the ashs’ coma was a result of being struck by lightning which I don’t recall ever happening(unless he emant some of pikachu’s shockings..?). Someone point out where the scene where ash is struck by lightning is shown? “Have you ever noticed that the pacing, tone and story development of Pokemon changes after Ash is hit by lightning in the early episodes, how Ash and his world were relatively normal until after the incident?” I know the author didn’t mean the first episode but that seems to be what everyone is referring to for some reason regarding the bike and lightning. What i want to know in what episode did that event (what the author described) happened? I just want to know lol.

    • Chris says:

      Darc man I’m watching the first episodes now and I was wondering the same thing. I’ll continue until I get an answer! He also says the tone of the show changes after the lightning event and that team rocket becomes less menacing. The part about team rocket seems to happen after the second episode but was ash struck by actual lightning then? Nope.

  113. spooky says:

    Wow. I really loved it how it all explained everything. But that end bit there was pretty sad.
    This was just . . . EPIC

  114. soloymon says:


  115. Casino says:

    Damn… this article was absolutely mindblowing… makes me wanna watch the first few seasons again and look at it through this perspective.. effin spectacular!

  116. mike says:

    why should you never take a shower with a pokeman?
    because he might picatchu

  117. Eml says:

    LOL! that was funny. I think Dawn is HOT! ! that is one girl I wouldnt mind dating…. other than Molly, Tori, Lexi,& Becky.

  118. Jake says:

    Wow, nearly tears to the eyes of someone that grey up on pokemon. That is so sad. A+, awesome. It makes so much sense.

  119. Jessi says:

    Whoa that was amazing. XD I never thought of any of that, but it all makes perfect sense. XD

    1,000 stars!

  120. dyna says:

    I read the whole thing and ALL the comments. Awesome. Pure awesome.

  121. Aidan says:

    Well, that was absolutely hilarious. Ludicrous, of course – you’d have to be pretty whacked out to give an in-depth analysis of a cartoon – but as a comic piece, I like it.

    To all those offended by this (and I can’t see why)- of course there is no ‘deeper story’ behind pokemon. The laws of the pokemon universe make at least more sense than those in a lot of other anime universes, and are in keeping with a story already establishe in a comic and a game.

    What does crack me up is people taking this seriously – both for and against it. Either this is some guys having fun, or it is an honest psychological examination on an impossible topic. Either way, don’t take it SERIOUSLY!

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      …i need to rethink the last 30min of my life… nope this guy just cant appriciate good work

  122. Den says:

    Quite hilarious. Yup after the first season it went all down hill. Once u beat the elite 4 what else do u really have to do. Should have just been a mini-series. But still what a glorious season it was and how we wasted our parents valuable money on those damn cards. How it was great to b a kid. And yes this comment was too nostalgic.

  123. Mandz says:

    This reminds me a bit of the book ‘I Am the Cheese’ by Robert Cormier. Except that the main character isn’t in a coma, but is in a mental institution, doped up on medication.

    But anyway, very nice essay. It must have taken whoever wrote this a long time, since it’s so in-depth. I can’t believe that this might have come from 4chan. :D

  124. Maddie says:

    Wow, that was some intense realist St. Elsewhere mess, as dark as it was brilliant.

    …it also ruined my childhood.

  125. Odin's Law says:

    that pokemon Anime thing was mind blowingly good i was 9/10 when pokemon came out so you don’t think about cool little monsters blowing shit up like that but hell that makes some sence it also would be why ash was the only person to see Ho-ho since in his dream state no one else is round to see it but if it really happend i’m sure a few random people walking around or pokemon trainers would have seen it hell Misty was close enuff to have seen it and she never muttered a word so very deep

  126. cherries. says:

    very interesting and brilliant. this sounds like a paper on psychoanalysis, freud, etc. i agree with mandz, i cant believe this came from 4chan :]

  127. Rose says:

    That might have been the greatest thing I have ever read.

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  129. zaceron says:

    Heh, psycho analyze, fun stuff, this article is funny as hell

  130. Bratmon says:

    I found a plot hole in your plot hole.
    If someone knew he was going to die, couldn’t they have tried electroshock again?

    • quamo says:

      you realize that in the article they say if the doctor tried electroshock again it would make ash paralyzed forever ? o.0

    • shamoozal says:

      yet not dead

    • Alex says:

      Cause his mum didnt want that. I’d NEVER forgive my family if they brought me back with brain damage or paralyzed. I’d live a hopless misrable life.

      She did him a favour out of love

  131. Justin says:

    As a great fan of pokemon for many, many years i must admit that this was a wonderful read and very well thought out and explains everything quite thoroughly. But seriously, come on, can’t we just let people enjoy pokemon for what it is.I have enjoyed pokemon for many years and i dont need it anaylzed for what it may be. I don’t think pokemon company had all that intended. But nonetheless it all does make really good sense, so good job.

    • Alex says:

      ….you didnt HAVE to read it. No one made you.

      I enjoyed this more then the show. Can you let people enjoy over analyis? Geez

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i think you need to find another site if you dont want things “anaylzed for what it may be”

  132. Justin says:

    Side note, i think now im gonna do an analysis of Bleach or Inuyasha.

  133. Konstantina says:

    god i love this!
    funny thing is i was watching Pokemon today…but it was a newer episode which i didn’t like cuz the older ones are better…
    it took me about five minutes to remeber the lightning scene
    that last part made me want to cry…you’ve made my love for pokemon evolve…pun not intended XD
    god i have to share this with my friends!

  134. japanisdoomed says:

    Aweome. It’s so sad. :(

  135. Person says:

    This made for a really good read. Over-analysis is really entertaining to read; stretches the mind.

    Let’s see what else this site has to offer…

  136. wow says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO YOU SKIP AROUND AND MAKE NO SENSE stop trying so hard loser. OBviously youve never watched the show because everything you are saying does not make any sense die die die. The medication made team rocket less menacing? are you joking? thats the first time he meets JESSE and JAMES, the “less menacing” recruits of team rocket. fucking idiot! if you don’t kno anything about pokemon don’t go making some fagtastic theory about it especially if your one of those “old school” pokemon fans that thought it sucked after the first season/game…it didnt suck, your friends just got over the “fad” then you had to too! oh yea ash never even got struck by lightning! it just hit his bike and he fell. fuckkk you your not creative or imaginative you are just a complete loser. die

    • Nick says:

      You’re an asshole. This person just wrote something that is probably one of the MOST creative things I have read in a really long time. So stop insulting people you don’t even know, twat.

    • lll says:

      dont even bother he is obviously just some butthurt twelve year old who couldn’t even understand the article

    • Nokturne says:

      He couldn’t jack off to it, so it upset him, and took his anger out on his grammar itself.

    • albert says:

      you douche bag it made perfect sense in some areas but ehh it was just to entertain the reader who should be at least in highschool or higher who was actually a fan or not… so just unplug your computer you stupid little prick

    • Shishjakob says:

      Hay albert, I take that as an offense and I’m not in high school yet, and I read this whole article, understood it, and I am going to share it with some of my friends younger than me. This article isn’t just for “ex pokemon fans”. I still enjoy pokemon cards, pokemon anime, and pokemon video games. III, just because some “stupid twelve year old” wrote the comment that we’re replying to doesnt make you so smart. You’re probably some “stupid 21 year old who is an ex pokemon fan”. well, you know you were once a “stupid twelve year old who liked pokemon”. Now I loved this article and if you guys are going to critisize somebody who doesn’t like this article, then please do it in a nicer way because you have people older than you who could critisize you about your “young stupid age” so people, please no insults or swear words on this nice website PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Alex says:

      Shishjakob: We may have like pokemon when we were 12 but at least we were not rude to people on the internet, oh and you have to admit the original pokemon were BA looking unlike the new ones; but good job standing up for yourself

  137. man says:

    It was somewhat intriguing.

    That being said, it’s poorly constructed and/or coherent.

    Also, the ending is ridiculously and unnecessarily melodramatic. Remove it, and fix this piece of shit.

    • Alex says:


      And what ending would you have preferred hmm? That he magically got better? That just doesn’t happen, not in reality – and it was reality that he woke up into with a broken useless, hopeless body. And so he died.

      It didn’t meet your small minded, childish expectations so it’s “shit”. Goodness, you must think you’re so important.

      Grow up.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      there should be no ending because the show continues to grow so i agree but the story was well written and almost no holes

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      the ending was just his hypothetical idea of the conclusion to his theory.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      ohh then the path of blood makes a good conclusion… well it worked for code geass

  138. FU says:

    Well, it’s a theory which is why it’s not proof! You are not the creator/author so doesn’t matter how good the arguments/cohesion this is no real and probably it will never be real. coherent arguments can never i mean never be logically use in cartoon. YOU KNOW Y? CARTOON DOES NOT NEED TO MAKE SENSE

  139. meow says:


  140. This article was quite the mindfuck. It makes me question whether my life is a coma or not :p

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  142. Lancelot says:

    That was amazing.

  143. anon. says:

    simply amazing, well though out & written, If only this were the plot the series would take.

  144. Rae says:

    My childhood… it died… D:

  145. Derp says:

    I bawww’d. Thanks for raping my childhood.

    • Alex says:

      You knew what this was – why did you read it?

      Because you’re a retard and would have had your childhood ruined sooner or later by something you were too dumb to avoid. Get over it.

    • DUH says:


      umm…. im almost 100% percent sure he was being sarcastic…

      no need to me so offensive

  146. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  147. Megan says:

    What about Jigglypuff?

    • Nokturne says:

      This is probably stupid, but maybe jigglypuff, with it’s ability to make people fall asleep is his naive, subconcious jealousy of others who aren’t comatose, and creates a pokemon that can put people to sleep at will. I don’t know, that was just 5 seconds of thought, haha.

    • Earthan says:

      No, that was good. I like it.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i laugh at the replys but jigglypuff would be his unpopularity “need for attention” and then people losing the intrest and showing dislike towards him after like american idol in the singing sense people come up and and embarress themselves then are angry afterwards. they dont do anything, at least not like facepaint, but thats what he wants to do

      no im not the writer but that would fit in the contex without being questioned by people a fan of the writers other work

  148. Kylianvb says:

    That ending was heartbreaking :(.. Great work though.

  149. conor says:

    want analysis of jigglypuff!

  150. Tom says:

    I agree with conor

  151. hiroshima says:

    who am i!?!!?!?!?!

  152. ....... says:

    You…killed….my childhood. I almost wanna cry. I probably will now.

  153. CORNISH says:

    good read. but if charmander and his evolutions represent sex drive, then why does he rid his sex drive? doesnt he know it is part of his being and he cant just abandon his problems, right? didnt it say he must confront and overcome them in his coma, and does ludicolo represent his hatred for mexicans?

    • Nokturne says:

      He probably came to terms with it, by realizing he’d never get any, and got rid of charizard.

    • Alex says:

      I think Charizard was released as something he finally accepted that he just doesn’t understand so was finally able to stop fighting it (like he did with charizard through the whole show). It couldnt stay after he’d accepted that fact because it’s something he’s too young and inexperienced to comprehend…

      thats just my thoughts though.

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      a good thought nonetheless.

    • BEYA says:

      ok ik im super ass late on this but if ash released charizard because of his undrtstanding then y did charizard return to help him fight entei

  154. cheezesteezy says:

    damn that blew my mind i cant beleive that story as in dont understabd y the writers would make that a story cause if u look at it its seems like the writers or a bitch settin a boys dream like that thats harsh low indeed

  155. ....... says:


  156. Lionheart says:

    There is pretty much similiar book about this already. Its called brothers lionheart, movie too.



  157. Plazz says:

    I can’t believe people are bitching about the length of it.
    If you don’t wanna read, don’t read. Go off and stare blankly into a TV instead.
    Lazy oafs.
    But yeah, great theory. Really makes sense when you think about it.

  158. Bradford says:

    wow…… that was intense. i would totally kill myself over the ruined childhood, but in the newer ones, i believe diamond and pearl, maybe the ones right before, ash is more mature for a while. so the whole thing about mature people get pushed out gets sorta ruined there. i applaud you on the immense amount of thought you put into this though. truly amazing.

  159. Pandago says:

    Whoa. I would call you a nerd if this wasn’t so convincing. Pokemon has never been deeper. 0-0

  160. seungmin282 says:

    Everybody is too serious… can’t you see this probably started as a joke, and got bigger and bigger?
    Come on guys.

    • quamo says:

      fuck you seungmin282, dont you have a sense of humor? of COURSE people knew it was a joke…it’s just some people took it more personally than others,or they didn’t get it…so go be a downer somewhere else ya dick

  161. Kawaii Himistu says:

    it was interesting and depressing, but still awesome. i couldn’t stop reading until i got to the end XD

  162. Kawaii Himistu says:

    do you have any other theories?

  163. Willy B says:

    Wow. Really, Really Wow

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      is that a good thing?
      or is it like sarcastic example: like really wooooow ass hole
      or is it like a jocks way of saying i didnt understand a word u just typed

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      looking at my reply a month later. hmm im going to ssume hes a jock with no brain cells

  164. Snareboy says:

    wow…this changed my thinking of a lot of things, it was absolutely amazing…and for the idiot kid ‘Wow’ youre either really young and just do not understand, or youre just an idiot jerk. this has so much detail and depth in it you dont even understand. yeah maybe it is just a show or cartoon, but whats wrong with creating something amazing like this for others to read and be awed by. if you dont like it, the leave the page dnt put any stupid ass comments. no one wants to hear them. especially from people who dont know wht theyre talking about.
    anyways, this was absolutely amzing, good job

  165. holy shi- says:

    ima cry

  166. ferrettsyl says:

    Wow… that was… sad and depressing. Started off kind of absurd-like but the “I…want to be…the very…best…” at the end… wow.

  167. kache says:

    Wow, this is probably the best anime-centered article I’ve ever read.
    The author is a genius! O_O

  168. Hammerwang says:

    there was a later episode where ash and friends went down cycling road or w/e its called.

    and if you REALLY want to over analyze it. You need to explain that event which conflicts with the “phobia”
    Maybe his mind tried to rechallenge his fears? Or it was another attack on his already weakened mind?
    Well the conclusion is that the end of that episode was nice, Ash even teamed up with the bike gang at the end, and Ash had no fears of the bicycles or anything related to the matter when the pokerap came on.

    Don’t get me wrong, this was the most original text I’ve read recently. But you have to look at the whole picture and not cut out a few bits which may have significance.

    • shamoozal says:

      ash doesn’t know he was put in a coma by a bike, and hence has no concious fear of them. His subconcious, the part that stayed awake for a few seconds after the crash, knew he a bike did it. So ash going in the biker episode was him getting over his fear of bikes. The reason he doesn’t go on a thing on wheels much later on though is because there is always that underlaying fear of of general wheeled craft.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      or it was an unpleasent experince reinforcing his fear on a bike as said in many previous posts

  169. anonymon says:

    Holy… Shit…

    I now want to watch the whole fucking series…

  170. Dave says:

    what about wobbaffet?

  171. robb says:

    tl;dr !!
    but im still amazed that i finish reading it.
    btw this brilliant.
    you got all the point there.

  172. LobsterRapist Amy says:

    If someone is in a coma, they don’t wait 7 years to pull the plug.

  173. Fuki says:

    Well, I found one flaw right off the bat, and since I found one, that means that there are others. and that means this theory is not sound and full and not only did the author fail, but so did the person on deviantart because they were supposed to proof it

    they said that ash never rode a bike after the lighting… but there is at least one episode where they do nothing but ride bikes. they have to pass that bike bridge on route whatever. they fight a muk and a golem I think.

  174. really? says:

    wait wait wait…
    doesnt ash get hit by lightning before he meets team rocket?
    if so then they could never be less menacing than they were before he was hit because he didnt know of their existence.
    idk i havnt seen the first episodes in a while

  175. Melissa says:

    to those of you offended by this, IT’S JUST A THEORY! i highly doubt the writers of Pokemon wrote the story w/ “deeper” meaning behind it all. and no, this is not technically true, but it’s an interesting perspective.

  176. HAHAHA says:



  177. Dragon Spayer says:

    When i read this, i thought about Link’s Awakening.

  178. Nomore Deeper Means says:

    I wanna watch my anime. I dont need more deeper “means”. If you were wrote more, you could be said that Pokemon is a kind of hentai.
    I think that is silly.If this theory is right,I am the prime minister.

  179. Nomore Deeper Means says:

    or it will born again from its ASHes.

  180. Ahmet Igrenc Espri says:

    Bu yazıyı yazana neşeyle kayanın,hakkıyla oyanın selamı var.

  181. Ahmet Igrenc Espri says:

    I have a theory too. Somebody wrote the theory. Somebody read it. And all the writer(s) are fuckin’ idiots.

    And if your theory is true,
    this too.

    • Alex says:

      Of course it’s not true. People that write kids books don’t think that deeply.

      Now go read the URL of this website 10 times OUTLOUD. If you haven’t got it then, stop reading things way beyond your intelligence.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      its funny alex some post i want to slap upside the head you and others i want to thank you for saying things i would otherwise have to point out to some morons on this site

      also cursing makes you look dumber

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      especially when you don’t even curse correctly…

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      thats also true

    • Alex says:

      Are you talking about your own theory, because then i would believe that you are a “fuckin’ idiot”

  182. Garnet says:

    That is probably the saddest/creepiest thing I’ve read. I will NEVER look at the Pokemon anime the same way again.

  183. Jim says:

    you guys just flipped my world around and raped it

  184. Sarah says:

    Whoa man.
    Never again will I looks at Pokemon the same way.
    This was an incredible read.

    Very deep.

  185. kait says:

    ….holy shit.

    I almost cried.

  186. northwoodband19 says:

    This is quite the intriguing argument. It’s entirely a possibility, were Ash real and all.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i agree but it would be better if the writers wrote the show with this in mind

  187. trrslvrpl says:

    Ash rides a bike once in a while in the series, so yeah that part might be wrong. Other than that, it was a pretty cool article and it makes pokemon seem really well made. If pokemon ended like that it would almost be worth watching all one billion seasons.

  188. Nanovor says:

    just like everyone else, i will never look at pokemon the same

  189. Amanda says:

    Best thing to come out of 4-chan yet. ;)

  190. E RIN says:

    this is blasphemy.

  191. Charrrrrmander says:

    I wish I was in a coma now so I could go on Pokemon adventures. Why does Ash have all the luck?

    • E RIN says:

      because he is a boy and we are girls and everyone knows that men have all the power.

    • Charrrrrmander says:

      true that again. this is a sexist world we live in. a girl can’t even go into a coma and fantasize about pokemon. bull.

    • quamo says:

      lol then theres something wrong with you :3

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i do think that many things (people ideas groups ect) are sexist but men do not have all the power

      1.if it wernt for obama’s raceist guilt plee then clinton ,hopefully would have won

      2.women can seduce men (i wish it worked both ways)

      3. women have a 2% more of a chance of getting hired (if they have the same resume)

  192. Kabooom says:

    I just had my mind blow.

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  195. Lomax Lamat says:

    looks like someone else is going to die a virgin.

  196. bear says:

    I really don’t want to accept the fact that your theory is true, because it will ruin my childhood. But this is very well done every part makes sense.

    • Jesse Maison says:

      Don’t look at it as “ruining” your childhood, but giving you a new way to enjoy it. Think about the Warner Brother cartoons and all the references they made that you missed as a kid, but didn’t understand until you were older.

  197. Faulttt says:

    That was beautiful

  198. Taylor says:

    You forget that this is Japanese Anime. There’s no such thing as a ‘logical explanation’ for it. Ash is more likely to get struck by lightning in the same spot after being tentacle raped than this theory being true.

  199. Johnny says:

    i cried at the end..



  200. Dakota says:

    Wow. Holy shit. You really put some thought into this, you know how you can tell? IT MAKES SENSE.

    However, I will still look at Pokemon the same. I mean, this is a really awesome theory, but I can’t just see that happening in the series (4-kids would totally censor out that ending anyway… NO WAIT, THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL ENDING BUT 4-KIDS FOUGHT HARD AND NOT JUST GOT RID OF IT ALL TOGETHER, BUT THEN DECIDED “ASH KETCHUM, YOUR JOURNEY WILL NEVER END.” And thus, all the Pokemon episodes after Misty left were born.

  201. andre nickatina says:

    where did u get this information

    u ruined my childhood

  202. Lunatic says:

    OMFG! Best piece of Fan-Fiction kinda thingy yet! Granted a few flaws, and this amputated version left a few important things out, but after reading the original, I was thoroughly impressed! This can also explain why they NEVER EVER in the series mentioned precise change in time from Ash’s start. They never say “It has been 20 years since we started”, or something like that. I am still wondering how/when the actual TV series will come to an end, but this sure has opened up the possibilities in my mind!

  203. Andy says:

    This explains so much. It makes you think about the nature of reality. How do we know that this world is nothing but just a delusionary pigment of our imaginations, and the concept of God is like the narrator in Pokémon. Like there’s a bunch of stuff here that can’t really be explained either. If matter is neither crated of destroyed, than how was anything initially created? It’s kina like a “wizard effect” we don’t question how of why, we just except it as truth. The creation thing is just one example there are many more examples out there that have the wizard effect.
    I wish this could be extended and be made into a book.

    Also, the ending is a perfect idea for a big finale of Pokémon.

  204. So Ronery says:

    I teared up there at the end…
    I wanna be…the very best…

  205. Padawan says:

    the only part of your theory that doesn’t make sense is that ash had pikachu before falling off the bike and that he never actually hit his head on anything in order to fall into the coma it would make more sense if the whole thing was him dreaming from the begining of the first episode where he actually is shown dreaming dreams aren’t actually as long as they would be in real life they only seem that way

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      lightning struck his metal bike. the brain functions through electro-chemical signals. a large charge can change the way it works.

  206. Okay, really? In case you havent forgetten, this is Pokemon. No child who actually watches this thinks about this entire article. You’re 25 living in a shack. Im a college student who happened to “stumble upon” this and i watch Pokemon and never thought about this when I watched it as a child. Get a life. Its a cartoon, for kids. If your theory is longer than this…YOUR LIFE SUCKS SORRY!

    • its just a blog article (not life or death) says:

      why? just because he was smart enough to connect all of this together? What if this was written by a psychology major?

      just because someone sees a pattern does not mean they have researched it and spent hours on it. Some people just see things like that.

      I think this is f*ing amazing. glad most of us can see it for the brilliant piece it is.

  207. who happened to “stumble upon” this and i watchED Pokemon

  208. mack says:

    I think there is few words about Gary and the competition between them. This must have been mentioned.

  209. davidson says:

    Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

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  211. Liz says:

    …I think you must be some sort of psychology major/nerd to take the time to analyze Pokemon…It’s a simple show with a simple story with limited details because it’s FOR. KIDS. Go jump off the same cliff I told every other moron who analyzes something really unecessary. Art was made for FUN. for the sole purpose of CREATING it. Pokemon was made for FUN…and money. not because someone had this burning desire to create an anime that you can psychoanalyze. good grief…

    • Gzeno says:

      Haha, this made my day. I just love how you post almost as if you don’t know where you are posting. If you did this on everything here then ignore this comment. Just a little background information…this site is called “cartoonOVERANALYZATIONS.com” Everything is a joke. Have a nice day. :D

    • TheComatoseKid says:

      overanalysis is itself an art, an abstract extropolation of ideas can be more beautiful than any painting.

    • BEYA says:

      ok everyone needs to stop calling the guy who brought this theory to this website a psycology major even though i might have spelled that wrong he got this off of 4chan and anyone who will reply to this to stick up for him stfu dont say i ” dont know a good read” or ” im too stupid to understand”

  212. COCK says:

    ^^^ YOU BITCH wheres the harm in analyzing.
    you go jump off that cliff and yell free willy you fat hungry kyke

  213. Evelyn says:

    Very interesting! I wish I knew the more current episode references…I don’t remember watching past Jhoto :/

    • Jesse Maison says:

      Therein lies the thing with a kid’s cartoon that has been around for a decade. Those old enough to remember the earlier episodes most likely lost interest in the later ones. I myself stopped watching after Misty got replaced with that other chick. May and Dawn were poor replacements for Misty.

  214. JakeBob says:

    Wow. Good read.

  215. Annonymious says:

    Japaneese symbolism…enough said.

    great overanalysis, spent a good 20 minutes reading it.

  216. salvysaurus says:

    Ok so this is a well thought out idea, but this could not be true based on the fact that in the first episode ash never gets hit by lightning. Pickachu uses thundershock and he gets hit, which amplifies his move hitting all the spearows and also Ash. Ash takes two thundershocks from pikachu so I know he can take many more so he is simply knocked back and is weakened, not knocked out. what i think is that pickachu realized Ash truly cared about him so pickachu threw himself in front of Ash and took most of the blow. And for the whole moving to different regions and releasing his pokemon its just human nature to be competitive. But your story is extremely well thought out, good job.

    • bsltiger says:

      but he does get knocked out by the thundershock. he is saying that when he was knocked out, he was knocked into a coma.

    • salvysaurus says:

      well in the same episode he gets hit by two other thundershooks so he should be somewhat immune to it or built some what of a tollerence to it so it would only knock him out because he woke up like minutes later.

    • bsltiger says:

      pikachu is struck by lightning as he does his thundershock, making it much more powerful. the bolt of lightning combined with the thundershock makes quite a large “beam” that i would guess is like 15 feet in diameter, and possibly quite larger being that the camera view zooms out. it is also strong enough to toast misty’s bike, and get rid of the large flock of spearow. it also knocks pikachu himself out. ash and pikachu dont wake up until the storm is gone, which you can either interpret as the next day, or a few seconds. either way, they are knocked out, and wake up in the coma world, according to this.

    • salvysaurus says:

      Just because he is closer does not mean he gets more damage. Pikachu could have somewhat focase it towards teh spearows.

  217. salvysaurus says:

    i mean i get what you are saying in all but like the thunder that came down was absorbed by pickchu and thats why he got knocked out. it was because he got over charged. when he released the electricity it was mainly in the fround so it did not get Ash as bad as the spearows

    • Bsltiger says:

      You must not remember that scene correctly. I suggest going back to watch it. When pikachu does his thundershock, I Is a spherical expansion of electricity, and he is closer to Ash than the spearows.

    • salvysaurus says:

      just because Ash was closer does not mean he got more damage. Pikachu might have focused most of the blast forward.

    • Bradford says:

      but it is a spherical expansion. any other time, it goes foreward, but not this time.

    • salvysaurus says:

      its not a shpere its a column and it only pushes Ash back and does not put him in a coma.

    • bsltiger says:

      it starts as a sphere and turns into a column. pikachu is in the center of the sphere/column, and is closer to ash than the spearows. if it is strong enough to get rid of a large pack of spearows, AND completely torch a bike, i would think it would do some serious damage to ash. and yes, it pushes ash back, so he’d be hurt from the force pushing him back, and when he falls, logically, he would hit his head. that could put him into a coma by itself, and with the added damage, the chances are only increased. im not saying it definitely happened, just that it is a possibility, and cant be ruled out simply because he has been hit by a normal strength thundershock.

    • salvysaurus says:

      well how do you know he hit his head? if you got pushed you most likely would fall on you back and not your head. Also since Ash was pushed by the blast the thundershook would never hit im so thus he would not end up in a coma. For the bike it was covered by water the electric move speed up the corrosion process and made it “fry”.

    • bsltiger says:

      im assuming he hit his head being that he fell on his back. have you ever fallen on your back? you cant use your arms to stop yourself, and youll hit your head. thats how people get concussions a lot of the times, with the whiplash effect and all. and ash was covered with just as much water, if not more since he was in the river, and got just as much rain on him as the bike. when the thundershock expands, he gets pushed back, but then it expands even more when it turns into a column. he would be hit then. and if he would have been pushed back by the expanding column, then wouldnt the bike have been as well?

    • salvysaurus says:

      the bike would not have been pushed away because Ash hit a rock and fell so the bike was laying on the ground, on its side. The handle bars would have stuck in the mud or something. and Ash got pushed away when pikachu first got hit by the bolt so the column would not have it him. Finally when Ash wakes up he is on his stomach so our whole ideas of him falling on his head was kinda just blown away.

    • Bradford says:

      when he falls over, he is clearly falling over backwards. the next morning pikachu is laying next to him, and he is on his stomach. this is impossible since he was pushed back somewhat, supporting the fact that it is no longer reality. and with the thundershock, it expands into a ball, and then it zooms out when it turns into a column. the column then expands even more, and there is no way ash is still in the air to be pushed back further. it cant be a replay of the lightning hitting pikachu, since the sound of him shouting pikachu continues, and the initial lightning bolt is blue, not yellow.

    • salvysaurus says:

      If he is in a coma the how come he knows all these things about pokemon that he never experienced such as seeing Ho-oh. He had no prior knowledge to this event so he could not be in a coma and making all this up.

    • Bradford says:

      well, he possibly had seen it before, but highly unlikely. it doesnt matter though. the anime has its own “canon” so what is true and exists in the games/manga isnt necessarily true in the anime, and vice versa. in ash’s real world, ho-oh might not even exist, and he could in fact be making it up. if the writers did have this whole coma plot twist thought up, then they would just have him make things up and it “coincidentally” match up somewhat with the game.

    • salvysaurus says:

      Ash has never seen Ho-oh, also Ho-oh does exist because he is mentioned in the Johto season. He simply can not be made up by Ash, even if he was in a coma…which he is not.Finally the game is somewhat based off of Ash’s adventure so he just cant be in one.

    • Bradford says:

      the game came out before the anime, so there is no way the game was based on his adventures…. and in the johto season, he would still be in the coma. why couldnt he have been made up by ash?

    • salvysaurus says:

      well i was refering to the yellow version (my bad) and Ash was not the only pokemon trainer in Johto. there is the character who was also in the game. I forget what his name was but i know he had a Typhlosion, and he was from Johto and mentioned Ho-oh.

    • Bradford says:

      yellow version is an exception to the game/anime separation, yes. the trainer that mentioned ho-oh, was he in a game or in the show? which game, if it was the game?

    • salvysaurus says:

      ummm he was the main character for gold, silver, and crystal, but they took him and made a Johto season without any involvement with Ash. Ash did not know about the other regions and the other pokemon. So if Ash was really in this coma how would he be able to catch pokemon from this area he has never heard of…. he couldn’t have just made them up if the character I mentioned earlier caught/ seen them also.

    • Bradford says:

      are you talking about jimmy? the kid with the hair coming out of his hat? he didnt have his own season, he appeared in a pokemon special with raikou. no one from the actual pokemon seasons appeared in that special, and i dont think ho-oh was mentioned in it. ive tried looking it up, but i cant find anything. could you point me in the direction of a link or something?

    • salvysaurus says:

      yea thats him but I thought he mentioned Ho-oh or one of the bandit people did. If not raikou is a legindary dog pokemon and so is Entei and Ash sees him in pokemon the movie 3 so he just cant be in a coma if that happened, because he has never seen him before…even if he is an illusion from the unowns.

    • Bradford says:

      this is where i cant technically prove you wrong. movies are widely considered not canon. check http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_movie#Relation_to_the_main_anime

    • salvysaurus says:

      this is one of the few pokemon movies i consider to be like legit, because it has Ash’s pokemon such as Charizard which he trained from a charmander that almost died. So my point still stands with Ash seeing Entei.

    • Bradford says:

      i, myself, dont consider any movies canon, and thats my response to the fact that the dogs are seen by ash after being seen by someone who hasnt ever met him. i will continue to accept this as an unlikely, but plausible, storyline.

    • salvysaurus says:

      well, that was a good little battle there and I do agree on the fact that the movies are not canon but I think that like a few of them are.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      wow thats a lot of replys

  218. Blair says:

    Great article, but the reason the show got all pansy and less focused on action was due to the change in writing staff

  219. Brent says:

    wow man you need to look into what you are going to write about. most of the things you write about is either not true and is shown in the show or is just way to far fetched.

    • bsltiger says:

      if you are talking about me, i do. go and watch the episode. i check everything i say before i say it.

  220. elvis says:

    wow, this is just great and well written. This also explains many things in the show. The analysis sounds like an analysis my English teacher would do, but the way you do it is great

  221. Bob says:

    wow thanks for ruining my childhood!

    but really this is an awesome theory that pretty much has no flaws that you can poitn out with the series. It pretty much explains everything

  222. KW765 says:

    HAHA I spent like 20 minutes reading this and thought it was quite good then spent about 15 minutes reading ppls comments and found out theres a lot of twats out there.
    Why don’t ppl see this and the jokey OVERANALYZATION that its meant to be.

    PS if you liked this and you haven’t seen it already you might enjoy an article called Diary of a Charmander which is on the interent some where is kinda interesting in a weird way too lol :P

  223. Vish says:

    Brilliantly written. I nearly cried. Despite the sad ending, it seems like the perfect story. I bet that all high school language arts teachers across the nation are applauding your strong usage of analysis…haha.

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  225. Me says:

    This was amazing. It’s utterly crushed my childhood around me, but a great read.

    As I finished the final paragraph, I simultaneously felt my heart hit the floor and the entire 5-13 span of my life take a turn for the worst out the window.

  226. bbc10127 says:

    This shit made me cry

  227. Eddie281 says:

    Man this just fucked my pokemon chil hood.I have watched all pokemon series since it came on TV for the first time.i just cry right now…

  228. Psychman says:

    I feel all empty inside now…

  229. Mausy says:

    wow.Awesome. Strange. But awesome

  230. Steven says:

    Here’s a thought. Let’s go to the second verse of the theme.

    “Every challenge along the way
    With courage I will face.
    I will battle every day
    to claim my rightful place.
    Come with me, the time is right
    There’s no better team.
    Arm in arm, we’ll win the fight.
    It’s always been our dream.”

    Every challenge is a mental roadblock. His “rightful place” is his place in the real world.

    That’s as far as I’ve thought about that, but it’s still something to think about.

  231. Grannyo says:

    *Slow clap*

    Holy crap, thats the most awesome thing EVER.

  232. Paul says:

    So wait, what do the various regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, excreta represent, (stages of the mind repairing process?)


  233. codesurfer says:

    what about the fact that the manga is severely different from the show and the show is made off the video games that are vaguely based on the manga

    • Bradford says:

      what about the fact that based on doesnt mean exactly the same? and the games came first, then manga, then anime. and the anime is based off the games, as is the manga.

    • Coty4th says:

      in the game you are a boy. red. but ever time you start it is a new boy. in the show the boy get fucked up and then it is nothing like the game other then the gym leaders. witch he would have knowing about cuz of TV news something. oh snap

  234. Jetgray says:

    At first i was like “that’s an interesting theory.” Half-way through i was impressed by your thinking, and by the end i believed it.

  235. Tizzy says:

    This has just totally crushed my childhood innocence of what I perceived Pokemon to be about… it’s a slap in the face, I must say, saying that Ash and Misty’s love will never work (Kind of wanted to slap a bitch ’cause I was an AML (Ash and Misty love) fan from the very beginning of when I watched the show at age 5) crushed my little heart… this article makes so much sense… but I know that the ending never happened because Pokemon is still going, although I stopped watching, I would know by now if it was gone. So sad, though…

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  237. briar says:


    That is all.

  238. Brandt Schoech says:

    Holy God, that was intense, i was literally on the edge of my seat reading that…

    Dude? Like for real? This just really makes so much sense. I think you just ruined Pokemon for me… QQ

    Now what will I watch Saturday mornings to pass the time before I go off and do something else?

    I really loved this, you are truly an amazing writer. Keep it up, and never back down.

  239. Courtney says:

    Wow. I nearly cried when I read the ending! This was really thought-out and I definitely plan on sharing it with my friends.

  240. hazel says:

    stumbled from Alberta.
    wow. just wow. there are no words.

  241. Alex says:

    This makes so much sense :O

    Like why the pokemon never eat each other and why people eat meat, but no one kills a pokemon for food. A kid that loved pokemon wouldnt think about the animals that lived in reality and would focus on the pokemon he loved. (It never ONCE said that pokemon didnt exist – just that normal animals are noticably absent in the coma)
    And also how no one drinks, cause Ash was too young to experience alcohol.
    And how Team Rocket are all idiots and yet still manage to rule everything.
    And NO ONE DIES! Cause I imainge Kid Ash didnt experience death before the coma.
    And how pikachu just suddenly liked him. In the reality the Pikachu probs took Ashes coma as a chance to bugger off back into the wild.
    And how a kid manages to beat adults that have been training for years.
    How his hair never grows and he can survive so many pokemon attacks! These things bugged me so much when i watched it as a kid cause the world seemed so sugar-coated.


    It’s a shame so many idiots mis-read this and thought their opinions mattered enough to stain the comments section with their stupidity.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i thank you alex

    • BEYA says:

      classified and alex if u ever read this stfu stop acting like u guys run this website so pull ur heads out of ur asses

    • Bobby Ferguson says:

      Pokemon do kill each other for food..haven’t you seen when pidgey tries to get a little caterpie in one of the episodes? No one drinks because Ash doesn’t hang out with those people. Pikachu was Red’s pokemon and Red was problably his brother,because, oh what a coincidence it would be if Red lived in Kanto, came from pallet town, had a pikachu, and wore the same clothing as Ash! (even so Red is dead because he doesn’t talk in Heart Gold and is on top of the mountains to get back to heaven..then disappears after the player beats him!) His hair doesn’t grow because he was only 10 years old when he started..and time is possibly different there
      No one dies because Ash isn’t there to experience it..and if no one died, there would be over 700,000 billion +100 year olds..
      And to end it, Ash survived all the Pokemon attacks because IT’S POKEMON DEAL WITH IT. Nuff said

  242. Henry says:

    “The Pokemon in Ash’s team, …” paragraph has a typo: a “to” is missing a “t”.

  243. Jonathan says:

    Wow, that’s deep, like really deep, but I found it so fascinating and amazing. Excuse me now as I go ponder on this.

  244. erin camille says:

    the explanations are good, but i don’t think you need the coma thing to back it up. i think that’s just kinda weird & highly unlikely. i think merely explaining that the world revolves around ash would be enough.

  245. codesurfer says:


    PS. I really liked this article.

  246. Sarah says:

    So much for my childhood.
    I still love Pokemon though, haha!

  247. knickbreaker says:

    Impossible, pokemon would be real because before he is struck by lightning, he goes to professor oak’s laboratory for a pokemon for himself, although all that remains is pikachu. The episode then progresses with Ash traveling with pikachu to start his journey, only to encounter where you are STARTING off.

  248. ???!?!?!?!?!? your comments ars soooooo long

  249. adam says:

    this is retarded, you ruined pokemon

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      id curse you out but cursing is caused by the inability to understand things. he made pokemon better

  250. Bawww says:

    I bawww’d. over9000/10.

  251. ash says:

    lol dead. thus the name ash.

  252. imgay says:

    so bad… makes no sense… im a psych major, whoever wrote this has no sense of the subconscious theories

  253. […] TODD: And your theory that the entire series is the dream of a comatose child is better? […]

  254. Marie says:

    There is more to it. There is an alternate good ending where he wakes up.

    • Jesse Maison says:

      He wakes up, only to find himself locked in a laboratory, his body covered in surgical scars. A dozen men in white coats poke and prod him like a piece of meat. Little does he know he is a science experiment in Soviet Russia. He does indeed wake up, only to find himself in another nightmare.

    • Classified infoRMation says:


  255. nomickok says:

    its an anime

  256. Will E says:

    Simply mind blowing, I will never look at the series the same way again. This was like the Matrix of Anime series. Well written. As for the people who called bullshit on minor things, how many theories do you know of that are 100% true?


    Stumbled from Ontario, Canada

  257. Ashlex Pearl says:

    This was just amazing. The fact that someone can write so much, and have it all make soo much sense, is just crazy. I love how its just all in Ash’s mind, everything. But, its so sad that he wakes up just to see that the one real person in his life is crushed beyond belief.

    Bright side, Ash would go to heaven and probably be back in his Pokemon world. Though, he may just have Pikachu since it seems that he woke up and realized it was all just a dream. But, Pikachu would probably represent his mother that he left behind.

  258. Kayvan Sasaninia says:

    I thought the ending was a little melodramatic, but otherwise this article turned out to be a very good read. The people who think this piece is too long are definitely missing out.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      the end is but its some how moving and i know this sounds weird coming from a stranger but i have conquered emotions. didnt cry when my cousin died (suprisingly almost teared while reading it but not that moving)

  259. UC says:

    omg you have officially raped my childhood. now i’m depressed, thanks man

    But seriously, really interesting stuff, shed a little tear at the end.

  260. tehehehe says:

    you fail…..
    big time
    pokemon is cool
    its a magical show

  261. Nate says:

    Dude.. Childhood is gone. This just revealed a “theory” which now I fully believe states that, “pokemon is a lie”. Of course pokemon was just a tv show that was fake, BUT IT WAS REAL IN THE SHOW. And now it just seems like– idk what I’m talking about. But I feel like if I watched pokemon again, It wouldn’t be the same.

    But without a doubt, this has got to be one of the most well thought out plots I have ever read about. Kudos to this guy. I find this article to be amazing- simply put.

  262. Onee-chan says:

    This is brilliant, I am not even going to ask how long this whole thing took out because it might override my brain. Now I have a new WHOLE way to look at Pokemon XD.. but this time with a understanding! And the Brock being his sexuality.. it made me laugh XD

  263. Andy says:

    Hahaha, that’s so brutal!

  264. bored says:

    so that’s why ash never really changes but his voice (just a little)

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      actually the actor got fired so theres an explaination for that outside of theorys

  265. Mirf says:

    wow, that really is amazing. very well thought out and at the end, i almost wanted to cry. beautiful.

  266. Gel says:

    I will never be able to watch pokemon the same ever again. This made me tear.

  267. Kyle Quinn says:

    So yeah, I’m the original author of the theory, just popping in to say Hi.

    I started a new project Over on hxxp://psychic-defective.deviantart.com/ I know the coma thing is beyond old, and some of you may doubt my original authorship. Feel free to look the original threads up in the 4chan archive, and check the email the I use as pokemon master blaster, it IS indeed psychicdefective@gmail.com. Also feel free to email me.

    • The Editor says:

      He’s the author, I’m just the publisher. He should get all the credit.

    • Coty4th says:

      why did you stop it’s like you gave up half way though it. made me Rage. there is a lot of things that can be fixed and there is a lot more that can be over analyze. you gave up and that sucks. i think i should be re thought and tried once more.

    • guy says:

      u killedpokemon then or maybe u didnt if urs didnt talk about this ur fine like the death part

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      interesting here is a copy and paste from a much earlier post and my response to it

      Pokemon Master-Blaster says:
      April 22, 2009 at 12:09 pm
      Greetings all, I’m your original author.

      This whole theory was formed one night on 4-chan. It was driven by my Intellect, and the questions asked of me by posters on the 4chan website’s “/a/” section. I’m available for contact at Psychicdefective@gmail.com if you have any questions for me. I’m not some crazy person who sat down and wrote it all out in one go to prove something. It was done for my personal amusement all out of one errant thought.

      Why did pokemon start to suck after the first season? Well, characters eventually get stripped down to their core. Patrick starr from spongebob is a perfect example. In the early episodes he was passably intelligent, and frequently had decent ideas that were slightly… odd. Now, he has become a pure buffoon, capable of not even the SIMPLEST tasks.

      This is the actual reason. But I happen to have an imagination, so I crafted a theory that fit. Expanded upon it, Fleshed it out, and added some depth. Any work of fiction has infinite possibility to be awesome, it simply needs to have the right perspective applied.

      Classified infoRMation says:
      July 13, 2010 at 9:36 pm
      doubtful that something this… complex would be written by someone that would say “Why did pokemon start to suck after the first season?”

      however i love the spongebob referance and question why people have liked and still like that show it got terrible during the contridictions aka 3rd episode but off sponges

      i would like to see any sort of proof for this sort of thing

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      a month and no one’s responded to the contradiction that i posted… screw this! if anyone needs me ill be writing an analysis of code geass please email me at ryanmclain1@live.com if you have any suggustions for that

  268. Me says:

    Wow, you’re truly awesome! :D

  269. Me says:

    Bullshit, its just a cartoon live with it.

  270. Kyle Quinn says:

    Nah man, you deserve some credit for hosting this bugger up here.
    Also, seriously people. I came up with this on 4chan one night. It’s just supposed to be another way to look at the series, so it seems more meaningful than it is.
    I was mocking the people who overanalyze Evangelion by doing it to pokemon, and there’s no such thing as “Overboard” on 4chan. The more believable and crazy it is, the cooler. So just sit back decide if you like it and continue your day.

  271. Eliasman says:

    What the fuck are you talking about dude???

  272. sesshomaru_haku says:

    I am highly amused that people are actually taking this seriously.

  273. David Davidson says:


  274. Ange says:

    HAHA that was fucking amazing! This article goes so deep, yet it was very amusing. I wish I had just a speck of creativity and intelligence that this person has.. To be able to write this, about something that we thought went only as deep as what we saw before thinking about it..

  275. SadieSadie says:

    Whoa. Crazy good, and slightly depressing…. whoever wrote this, even if it is just an over-analysis, was pretty amazing for being able to make all those connections.

    Who knew Pokemon could be so DEEP!

  276. Very good blog post I like your website carry on the great blog posts

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  278. the guy54433 says:

    U should be a writer.

  279. Navarr says:

    The author of this blog deserves a medal.

    Over 9,000 stars. I’m going to cross post it on my blog and link back here as the source. I have to share this.

  280. […] had to be shared.  I ran a spell check on it and did a few small edits.  I pulled it from Cartoon Overanalyzations who in turn pulled it from *BellicoseBreakfast’s deviantArt who in turn made it legible from […]

  281. mfauli says:

    Crazy awesome theory

  282. xxdarklovexx says:

    wow….i was absolutely blown away with this. to the comments that said it’s just a cartoon…people create these cartoons not only to make money but they use philosiphys like this person did for the people who would actually pick it up and understand it. it’s the same with alot of shows. bones is one of them. looney toons i mean everything can have a hidden meaning…not everything has to be straight forward look at dantes inferno. hell im only 15 and i thought this was absolutely brilliant and i understood every word and the different aspects explained. i personally loved it.

  283. xxdarklovexx says:

    oh but i do wonder something. both ash and pikachu were hit by the lightening…so what happened to pikachu? did he die? was he given to someone else? was he in a coma just like ash? and i noticed that as soon as the storm hit ash and he woke up everything was bright and shiny again and i realized he was entering the begining of his comatose state of mind. plus when he calls him mother that could be him looking for some comfort from the people that he knows is real and she also repeats alot of things she says before his coma.

  284. xxdarklovexx says:

    i read some of these comments and realized something…people are saying that he couldn’t have made up the other regions…but why not? every child has created their own universe in some point in their life…some more advanced than others depending on creativity and stuff but why can’t he just be making up entei and ho-oh and everything else? they were never mentioned before the coma so it’s completely possible.

  285. Dont take it too seriously people says:

    This is brilliant it makes a lot of sense(almost too much sense) and explains a lot although there were a few parts that just seemed kinda stupid to me and who knows? perhaps this is all true. although I do wonder where does Pokemon chronicles fit into this? does Pokemon chronicles fit into this at all?

    This article got me thinking what if the writing staff decided to go with this Idea for the Pokemon anime and the viewers knew that it was all a coma induced fantasy, well I think that it would still appeal to kids but it might also have teenagers and adults watching it to see if ash wakes up or not(though people might assume he never does after the first few years).

    when I read how it could have ended it was a very sad and touching ending I almost cried as I read it, but I thought it was way too sad for the kind of show Pokemon is even with ash in a coma and all of the adventures he had would have basically been for nothing, So I wondered what if ash finally woke up?

    It would be the start of a whole new adventure, even though all of the adventures he had in his dream world didn’t really happened still experienced a lot of things and he could take that experience with him in the real world as he tries to live his dream of becoming Pokemon master for real this time. Perhaps pikachu could have been waiting for Ash to wake up he could meet up with Misty and either go traveling with her in the dream or re pay her for the bike.

    Who is to say that there aren’t real life counterparts for some of the people he met in the dream world or some of those people he dreamt up could have been real people he had heard about before he started his adventure.

    If they did decide to go with the coma story it would be a lot more profitable to go with Ash waking up.

    • Coty4th says:

      just thought you should know

      Still, there are other possibilities. The fountain of time flows in mysterious ways. One could not go back, against the current such as Gatsby; but, one could never see what is waiting for him downstream. Ash finally defeats Lance, only to be confronted by not Gary Oak, but a mute, mirror image of himself.

      The voice of the narrator speaks to him, telling him that now he can finally escape the prison of his own mind. One by one, his friends appear and melt away into more copies of him, all cheering him on. After a long tough battle against himself with the assistance of all of his Pokémon he had ever befriended, he jolts awake.

      In his hospital room he sees his parents asleep; he finds himself unable to speak.

      Ash pushes forward towards his recovery. Going through physical therapy, training harder and harder with rehabilitative Pokémon, until he can walk on his own again. This time, an older and wiser ash sets out on a journey. Just like last time, he’s late getting to Professor Oak’s laboratory. And when there’s only one Pokémon left….He suddenly recalls all his memories of his “life” and realizes that all his friends are gone forever.

      As he sets out with his new companion, he finds the world is darker than he imagined. More “real”, Pokémon and people die; he too has aged.

  286. steve says:

    while this does make sense, you have two realize that its a cartoon. If you look at any anime simmilar to pokemon, you will see things in common, most notably “perfect governments”. so this theory can apply to any show. PS I cant accept this as “pokemon explained”, I am too big of a fan to beleive this.

    • Joural says:

      One word- digimon. 3rd season+ they showed up, and started making huge messes. I think it was 5th season the broken(mostly by the stress of the digital invaders) government is the biggest problem.

      …. I just thought of something… if, so far, all the Pokemon we’ve seen fit in the “national” dex, when do they go to a new country?

      also, anyone ever notice the surprising numbet of feries they us?

  287. Raiden says:

    Genius. Just genius.

  288. ZanudikKotik says:

    WOW! i’ve never thought about this and that was a sad ending :(

  289. sam says:

    cooooooool, and sad, and overthought

  290. bobbybiggums says:

    Ash got his hopes and dreams PWNT…like Chile

  291. Confused? says:

    It’s been a long time before I watched Pokemon. When did Ash’s bike accident happen? I don’t remember that at all, and I don’t remember the tone or pace changing.

  292. I Am Dissappoint says:

    I would like to start by saying that this article needs to get its facts straight. They say that because Ash got hit by lightening and is put on medications that team rocket becomes less menacing, BUT Ash gets hit by lightening BEFORE he ever meets team rocket, blowing that theory apart.
    “It also explains how a child can go off on his own into a world full of dangerous and untamed animals”
    Again, ash gets hit by lightening AFTER his mom has already let him leave home, all by himself, with nothing but a Pikachu which hates him at first by his side. Furthermore, he gets attacked by wild Spearows before he gets hit by lightening too. In other words, this world where a 10 year old can go on an adventure with nothing but an electric rodent in a world of “dangerous and untamed animals” exists not in his coma like state but in his actual life.
    This was referring to Misty:
    “(because he never really knew her before the coma).”
    Well, earlier on they mention how Ash has a phobia of bikes, which the more I think of it doesn’t make sense because I’m pretty sure Ash stole Misty’s bike the episode AFTER he got electrocuted because the reason the bike was totalled was because they used it to conduct Pikachu’s electricity when team rocket attacks the at the pokemon center. Anyway, assuming that you’re going with their first statement about his fear of bikes and he actually does have Misty’s bike when he’s electrocuted, that would mean he already met Misty because, hurr durr, it’s her bike. So they have contradicted themselves in a way.
    “In practice, though, he finds that he can’t cope with it (lacking the real-world experience) and wants the normal pushy, arrogant Misty he knew, thus not letting her keep Togepi.”
    She keeps Togepi through the entire series, even when she comes back for an episode in a later season. Of course, by then Togepi has evolved into Togetic.
    “Gary Oak is what Ash wants to be. He is wish fulfillment. He succeeded, and then settled down to a normal life.”
    While I can agree that Gary is an ideal set before Ash, Gary ultimately doesn’t succeed, instead he looses in his battle against Giovani, which is what humbles Gary. As a matter of fact, Ash witnesses Gary’s defeat, or at least I remember Ash helping Gary up afterwards (Mewtwo’s psychic attacks threw Gary backwards if I remember correctly).
    “There may be an actual Team Rocket (in the real world) but it’s doubtful that Ash’s father is their leader.”
    This isn’t a terribly important point for me to make, but this sentence should be worded differently, as it implies Giovanni is Ash’s actual father in the series, which is never said or implied in the actual series. I liked the idea of Giovanni representing Ash’s father, but he definately wasn’t his actual father.
    “Pikachu represents Ash’s humanity…”
    I like this point, but I wish the writer of this article had gone over the episode where Ash actually attempts to free Pikachu into the wild to live with the other Pikachus, none of which like Ash until the end of the episode.
    “It could explain things like electric Pokemon working as power generators; these are signs that his memory of the old world is slipping more and more as time goes by.”
    Interesting concept except for one thing: Pikachu acts as a power generator IN THE SECOND EPISODE. Not to mention that in this same paragraph, it’s talked about how different Pokemon are just signs Ash’s mind are deteriorating since obviously strange looking creatures with magical powers are nothing but a fantasy. Too bad he encounters a couple of Pokemon before the lightening ever hits him. In real life for Ash, there actually are things like water spouting turtles, fire spewing lizards, and dinosaurs with plants growing from their backs, not to mention a mouse that shoots electricity from his cheeks. I will concede, however, that the Pokemon get more and more ludicrous after he gets electrocuted.
    “Ash is trading Pokemon, it’s an attempt to push his own problems away on someons else; however, he realizes this and usually trades back farily quickly.”
    I’m fairly sure that Ash only attempts to trade once, but it’s implied here that he does it multiple times. Again, not terribly important, just a minor flaw in their facts that doesn’t disrupt the reasoning. I just feel that if you’re writing an article this in-depth about something, its nice to straighten out your facts. Also, I would’ve liked to see the writer analyze how when Ash tries to trade back, the ship he’s on is sinking and he’s running out of time, yet he still feels the need to get his Pokemon back, which by the way was Butterfree, which the writer said represents his loneliness. I think they could have made their point on him trading pokemon much more interesting by adding in these aspects to their article.
    “But with an overpowered team, there won’t be any challenges, and no way to motivate him further…”
    What about Ash’s Pikachu? I mean, obviously Ash can’t solve his humanity, which is what the writer states Pikachu represents, but it is most certainly overpowered. And yet every gym he goes to Pikachu stills struggles through. I would have liked the writer to address this point.
    Talking about Ash’s rivals:
    “(note that they are all older than him)”
    Gary is Ash’s age, they start their journey the same exact day. Although I suppose Gary must be at least a little older than Ash considering they both start their journey on Ash’s tenth birthday and if he wasn’t older than Ash that would mean Gary would be going on his journey when he was still nine, when it was made clear people from their town must wait until they are ten to begin their jouney. However, the age difference is not siginificant enough or made clear enough in the series for one to gather that Ash and Gary’s slight age difference played any kind of significant role. I don’t know enough about Paul to say for sure, but he also seems to be very close in age to Ash. And also mentioned is Richie, also the same age as Ash. Actually, through this whole point they attempted to make, they didn’t mention a single rival that was definately significantly older than Ash, which granted there are (team rocket for instance), which makes the writer seem even more so like they don’t really know what they’re talking about.
    “Mewtwo and his clones were the treatment for the mental safeguards that were protecting Ash and keeping him comatose…”
    I would like to start out by saying Mewtwo is not a male, it has no gender, don’t use pronouns such as “his” please. It’s different with other non-legendaries because they can actually have a gender, but Mewtwo definately does not have one. But that’s just me nitpicking. Anyway, this quote preceded a paragraph that talked thoroughly about Mewtwo and its clones. I would have liked for it to have been clearer that they were talking about Mewtwo and the Pokemon, such as Charizard and Ivysaur, which were cloned by Mewtwo, because for the past five minutes or so I was getting my panties all in a bunch over the fact that they thought there were clones of Mewtwo.
    “… his subconscious began downplaying the effects of electricity in his world, which is why Pikachu’s electric attacks – once noted for their strength by Team Rocket – no longer have any effect on Ash, other than comic relief.”
    This was expanding on the idea that Mewtwo was a form of electric-based treatment in the real world for Ash. However, Pikachu’s electric attacks were used for comic relief mainly in the first season, before the movie when he encounters Mewtwo. Also, I would have liked them to address what Mew was to Ash in the movie, considering it was one of the main characters.
    “Back in Ash’s world, he has finally defeated the elite four…”
    This quote precedes the writers closing words, where the writer envisions what it would be like for Ash to awake from his coma. Too bad that throughout this enitre article they were mentioning things from AFTER he defeated the elite four, and the series continues after he has defeated the elite four. If they were going to close like this they should have Ash defeating the Sinnoh region’s Pokemon league at the very least.
    For some reason I’m unable to copy paste any more because my laptop sucks ass, so I couldn’t do so for the writer’s closing words about how Ash awakens from his coma to find just his mother there with him, the only person who actually loved him.
    Er, just curious, but what happended to his Pikachu? He definately had it before he was electrocuted. I guess his mom could have returned it to Prof Oak. Or maybe Pikachu was killed by the lightening as well, which seems unlikely since it’s an electric type, even if it was hurt pretty badly (but then again we see how badly it was hurt after the lightening stike, so that was just what Ash made up in his comatose state as well). But speaking of Prof Oak, wasn’t Ash close with Oak before lightening struck him, too? And Ash knew Gary before then also. I feel like Oak and Gary should be more involved in Ash’s death at the end.
    And here’s a random point that doesn’t fit in anywhere else: If the whole Pokemon world is just what Ash is making up in his coma, how do you explain the seperate series, Pokemon Chronicles, the first three episodes of which don’t involve Ash whatsoever?
    One more important point: Ash was in the wilderness of the Pokemon world when he was struck by lightening, how the hell’d anyone find him out there in time to get him to the hospital, let alone even find out he was out there and injured in the first place? None of this could have happened, because Ash would have died out there, and his cold lifeless corpse would be found by some random trainer.
    I did not write this because I don’t like the idea of someone shattering my childhood ideals of Pokemon. I was very excited when I first started reading this, because it was such an interesting concept. But I was extremely dissappointed by the poor execution of this article. I would hope that if someone was going to make such an argument about Pokemon that they would be a true Pokemon fan who knows what they are talking about. And I don’t want anyone to tell me “Well it’s not like anyone would look up every aspect of the show and movies just to write this” because, hey, guess what, I didn’t look up shit for my arguments. Memory, baby, that’s where all my information came from. The one thing I looked up was a picture of Paul, so I could see if he looked any older than Ash, which he doesn’t.
    This idea had so much potential if it had been written by someone who better knew the subject matter. 4chaner, I am dissappoint. U_U

    • Thumbs up baby says:

      OOOH YEAH.

      However, the whole idea sounds a bit ridiculous. I think his sexuality was way too much explained. He’s just 10, he doesnt actuaally think about it THAT much. Maybe as a teenager, but 10? he’s just a kid.

      and….didnt this happen before? in that anime with the little boy who played socker. Was oliver his name?

      He woke up from a coma, discovering that he never won the world cup and that he actually lost his legs! hoho! a lot of japanese people decided to killthemselves that day. That episode was taken away from the tv as quick as porygon’s one.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      incredible contradiction

    • bob says:

      he did not develop a “bike phobia” there was a season 1 episode where they crossed a bike trail bridge.I remember it cuz meowth was on a unicycle

  293. Coty4th says:

    I Am Dissappoint in I Am Dissappoint: he never meets any of them to start.(other then misty) and it saids it is all in his head. this is his mind coping with what has happen. and the deeper he gets in to his coma the less his world is like reality. (also he must have new about all the people from the news like team rocket)

    and i`m sure you missed read the world with the untamed shit is the real world. the nice world is in is coma like i said over time his world becomes nicer and nicer. the real world is the hard life with things that can kill.

    the father thing i agree. ash has no need for a real father or anyone to be his father. but the fact that Pof oak could be is father is cool. in a weird way.

    in the story the real pokémon are the 151 and the Pokemon get more and more ludicrous after he slips deeper in to the coma so before the first movie and after the latter episodes.

    and the one that i read on the coma story Ash get out of his coma. and lives other things happen as well but what ever.

    and how he was found misty was there and ran after him. and in the episode where he gets to the city. to save Pikachu the cop looks at his Pokedex witch tells the cop who he is and the cop also gets him to the center crazy fast like if some one was dieing.

    also in later episodes there is some little this that are odd and can be thought of being a DR. looking at ash. and when his mother talks to him before he goes to bed in the woods in the episode latter,

    and back on the part where the pokemon world is real the fake pokemon are the ones over 151. and ash does not die.

    all that means there can be and i hope there is a pokemon show that is based on this and would be aimed at an older viewing age.

  294. Coty4th says:

    the better end

    Still, there are other possibilities. The fountain of time flows in mysterious ways. One could not go back, against the current such as Gatsby; but, one could never see what is waiting for him downstream. Ash finally defeats Lance, only to be confronted by not Gary Oak, but a mute, mirror image of himself.

    The voice of the narrator speaks to him, telling him that now he can finally escape the prison of his own mind. One by one, his friends appear and melt away into more copies of him, all cheering him on. After a long tough battle against himself with the assistance of all of his Pokémon he had ever befriended, he jolts awake.

    In his hospital room he sees his parents asleep; he finds himself unable to speak.

    Ash pushes forward towards his recovery. Going through physical therapy, training harder and harder with rehabilitative Pokémon, until he can walk on his own again. This time, an older and wiser ash sets out on a journey. Just like last time, he’s late getting to Professor Oak’s laboratory. And when there’s only one Pokémon left….He suddenly recalls all his memories of his “life” and realizes that all his friends are gone forever.

    As he sets out with his new companion, he finds the world is darker than he imagined. More “real”, Pokémon and people die; he too has aged.

  295. guy says:

    will the very end actuly be like that or is it your predictoin or has it already happen

  296. guy says:

    u almost made me cry ill never watch pokemon again or maybe i will i just forget this

  297. Kyle Quinn says:

    It’s not a prediction. I do hope they decide to be awesome and mindfuck the fans like this though.

    It’s all fanwank. “How deep can we dig?” The answer is always “to the other side of course.” layers and layers of interpretation and symbolism can be used to eschew the actual meaning of anything.

  298. Hong says:

    This is not true, because the story of pokemon came before Ash’s anime series. Before that, the mangas had been long released. If what you said about Ash was true, then how do you explained the manga that was out first? Trainer Red was not the only main character.

    • Coty4th says:

      red is not ash. done and done

    • Joural says:

      Yes, he is. Ash’s party makes an appearance as Red’s party in the silver and gold versions. Plus, blue is clearly gary- same appearance, same method of speach- and there was a hidden(only minorly) reference that Blue is Oak’s son. So yeah. Red= ash, Blue= gary.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      the manga with blood and stuff was better

  299. Ryan says:

    The paragraph states “Further evidence comes from the realization that even though his journeys take him vast distances, he never travels on a bike due to having developed a phobia.” But in the third season, Ash rides a bike for several episodes.

  300. The guy who proves shit wrong and pisses people off says:

    Doesint Ash ride a bike at one point!


  301. The guy who restates points already made says:

    Good point guy above me Ash does ride a bike

  302. The guy who likes stuff other people say says:

    I like both of your posts people above me

    Thank you

  303. pokemon::):):) says:

    i think you just ruined pokemon for me… sad ending though. The pikachu part was brillant, but sad :(. I kinda want to see this in a movie or something. Maybe this is how pokemon should end lol……. now im depressed

  304. Firebird says:

    Did you ever see the episode A SRARAVIA IS BORN? it involves some bird pokemon that TEAM ROCKET has captured in this AHES pokemon STARY evolves into STARAVIA and frees all the captured birds

  305. Pokemon_Master says:

    The depth and thought that went behind this analyzation of a childhood phenomenon is outstanding. I was about 10 when pokemon came out and I played those games harder than a coke addict dry for two weeks suddenly finds hidden stash. I noticed plenty of draw-ins between Ash’s relations like Charmander, Brock, and James. I also would like to say that I ever watched the shows unless tv for the evening was spitting out crap. And to the people who think this is a waste of time or too long or overthought, I would like to that this is afterall “The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations”. Two thumbs up for the very interesting blog piece.

  306. Allen Pogar says:

    Sawadee Khrab! I’m about to go to Bangkok and I’m sooo excited about my trip. Already booked the flight to Suvamabhumi Airport and from there I’ll go explore around Samui and of course stay a couple of nights in Bangkok, I found your awesome website on Bing and it seems that you know a lot about Bangkok City. Could you kindly give me a hint where to stay in Bangkok? I’ve heard there are some fantastic resorts in the main town and in the southeast… Thank you in advance!

  307. GoggleMaster01 says:

    I Am Dissapoint- Meowth, that’s right!
    This is a retarded theory that needs to get it’s facts straight. I read it and went WTH? Some of it’s interesting, but it kinda a stinkball for people who like May, Brock, etc. (because they don’t exist) I like Ash (first anime character I ever liked) and I’m happy he “exists”, but the fact this person only put the sad ending gets me a bit mad, there’s a happy ending too where Ash doesn’t die.
    At last, the coma theory rests on a site named Cartoon Overanalyzations. That’s what it is, folks. Sorry. Now, stop making up crap about my Ashy-kun, 4chan, I mean it!

  308. Colleen says:

    absolutely beautiful. i love it. and if you dont like pokemon, dont read it. gosh

  309. Feroxx says:

    Total win of coherence. Amazing analysis. And plus, what a motivation one has to have to write something that developped and complex about such a mediocre TV Show ? (the TV show, not the games, duh). Totally changed my point of view about the story.

    Thank you (even if, as pointed it out in the comments, some of the arguments used aren’t completely true)

  310. Iceick says:

    Well, I guess that explaines why with every new land, the number of pokemon known increases as if they were known all along (First land, the pokedex said there were only 150 known pokemon. Second land, the pokedex says there are 250 known pokemon and everybody acts like those new 100 pokemon were there the entire time even though they were not known until Ash went there).

  311. Exaskryz says:

    “Further evidence comes from the realization that even though his journeys take him vast distances, he never travels on a bike due to having developed a phobia.”

    The only flaw I could find. In one of the first season episodes, there’s a time when Ash rides a bike. It’s when there’s a sick Shellder and there’s this bike gang (Golem on fire anyone? and the Pokeball heats up when the golem is called back?) who interfere with them. And jesse and james are riding unicycles..

    The ending is interesting, and it’d be cool if it’d actually become the ending to the show, but I think a more child-friendly one would work. My theory is none of this happened, it was all a dream. But the dream starts with the first episode where he falls asleep. When he wakes up, this is Ash’s dream. He’s dreaming that he overslept. And all that has happened so far is his dreams and stuff. What I’d like for, is after Ash wins an actual League that isn’t a spin-off (so Orange League and Battle Frontier don’t count), they fade it out to black. It fades in to Ash in first person, opening his eyes. Then the camera jumps back to third person and shows him waking up right on time to go get his Pokemon. His mother makes breakfast for him, and he runs off to Oak’s lab. All 3 Pokeballs are there, as he’s arrived a bit early. Now, 2 things can happen:

    1) Ash asks Oak for a Pokemon, and Oak shows Ash the 3 Pokeballs. Ash debates, playing through his mind the possibility of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. As Ash reaches for a Pokeball, it fades out to black. Then you hear a voice over of “I Choose You…” and it fades out, and you never know what Pokemon Ash chose.

    2) Ash asks for Pikachu, and Oak is a bit shocked at this, but gives Pikachu to Ash. Oak tells Ash how that’s a very interesting choice, and Ash says he knows. Oak has an inquisitive look on his face, but then Ash takes off and starts his journey – for real. Ending the series as he’s running down the road.

  312. Anonymous says:

    Then who was phone

  313. Anonymous says:

    In soviet Kanto, Pokemon catch YOU!

  314. DXSXDXSXD says:

    Its an awesome article, but can I just say this guy didnt create this he copied and pasted it from encyclopedia dramatica.

  315. Interesting article says:

    In one of the episodes he does ride a bike…I forget which one but he rides it to save Picachu.

  316. Interesting article says:

    alright so i have a few minor details that are wrong with this….as i stated earlier he does ride a bike….second, the series starts off with the narrator speaking so how would you explain this…and also, the first time ash meets pickachu he shocks him, although his pickachu should be very weak, it should still affect him, he may start going downhill from here from repeated exposures which happen twice within a short time span and it doesnt affect other people as much since it’s a one time thing. also his mother lets him go on the pokemon journey at the age of 10, i can’t see that many mothers doing that, so how would you explain this, also you find out that pokemon can only say their name after he has been shocked twice by pickachu, maybe you can elaborate on this. Also besides the first episode I believe, you never see Ash trying to catch pokemon on his own. As in when he encounters pidgey and pikachu refuses to fight, Ash tries to catch it on his own. This could be another example on Ash relying on Pokemon for everything in latter episodes. Also you could tell if he was in a coma, it would make sense because he saw Ho-Oh right away when he woke up…

  317. ddsdsdsssd says:

    This is a great article, it’s long but whatever. Unfortunately it left me really depressed after.

  318. FoxboyAlex says:

    That was incredible. I love you.

  319. Hi, this is one incredible site! Thanx for posting this. I was hunting for a site that has this kind of info. I just adore farmville! Happy I found this one! I’ll be coming in here again for sure! lol

  320. nancyCANTshuffle says:

    WOW the fag that wrote this doesn’t have a life

  321. Evan says:

    This is so deep.. and it makes sense
    with the characters as certain parts of him… it just makes sense.

    Oh and it as a little to do with the games.
    Because in Diamond and Pearl, you start off the game in a dream sort of…. then the prof says “Leap into the world of Pokemon”

  322. Your mama says:

    You put way too much thought into a child’s cartoon there is no real criminals because its for kids.Duh!

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  324. v1rus_detected says:

    hey, is this something for april fools?

  325. Amanda says:

    This was really in-depth. Different perspective and different parts made it believable. I watched Pokemon as a child, but not far in. Its something I forgot about up until recently, I was more into the games. I regret not growing with the actual t.v. show and I’m making up for lost time. It would be bloody awesome if the show took on this concept, but it’d be great if Ash actually recovered and Pikachu was by his side the whole time.

  326. nikola says:

    WOW, that was fucking nuts, man if the show ever ends, and ends like that, I will be fucking amazed, that was the fucking most crazy, in-depth fucking spin on fucking any show, movie, or whatever I have ever experienced in my life, that ending is SO SICK, and if I knew that that wasn’t all crap, I would have totally fucking cried, fuck me, fucking wicked kick-ass.

  327. We are a huge admirer! Appreciate your sharing offering this

  328. randomguy says:

    yeah OR when they amde the first episode they wanted to make it realy good so peaople would fall for it.
    And since there have been so MANY episodes i would gues it takes alot of time to create those.

    as you might have noticed too is that the movies are ALOT more smooth then the episodes, why? because they want it to be “awesome” just like the first episode(s)

    and btw your the biggest dumnut out there >.<

    • Todd says:

      SECOND biggest. I’m afraid that spot is for you. *gazes at URL bar*

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      what the fuck? Your disproving the theory on

      “they wanted to make the first episode really good so people would fall for it,

      and that it takes a long time to make episodes, and that movies are smoother”? What does that even mean?

  329. Adam says:

    Further evidence comes from the realization that even though his journeys take him vast distances, he never travels on a bike due to having developed a phobia.

    What about the episode where he travels on the bike over a bridge in the rain. Same one where you here about how Jess and James used to be in a bike gang.

  330. May says:

    That. Was. Utterly. Brilliant.

    But seeing as it’s a kid’s show, I don’t think they can do that. But… maybe the creators were thinking along these lines. It can probably get pretty boring, just doing the same routine over and over without having anything deeper to go on.


  331. Sarge says:

    well, that was way the hell out there but a very good story none the less. never even remotely came to thinking of that conclusion but wow, you took it all the way.

  332. Poke-a-mon says:

    How high were you when you wrote this? …Damn.

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      if you have the nerve to post this then you and all the other cursing idiots should find another site

  333. Andres says:

    This is truly an amazing analogy. You have great points, backed up by truly outstanding details. I laud you for your extraordinary analysis. I am truly bewildered.

  334. Nite McGail says:

    Have to say it was a good read but lacks a bit of information. For instance it says he dies after he beats the Elite Four then how come they mention all people after them. Like Max, May, Dawn, etc. But i do give props to who wrote this. It was very entertaining and fun to read.

    • Todd says:

      That is merely a prediction of what will happen when he beats the Elite Four. Also seeing as he hasn’t done so yet, he has already met Max, May, Dawn and all his other companions.

  335. Angeli says:

    You’ve got a nice theory and you’ve got a lot of information to support your theory.. but I find it unbelievable. Firstly, Pokemon is for entertainment, it’s not for interpreting or something to look deep into. But if this theory ever was true… that just takes EVERYTHING out of pokemon. Pokemon has continued for so long; it’s clearly there and real, especially since the games and the manga are out. It would be ridiculous if suddenly, Ash just wakes up from his coma and nothing was ever real.
    Boy, that’d be a big, big, BIG disappointment to the kids. And to me. It’s a very depressing theory.
    I know I would be so disappointed if that ever happened. I’d feel so sad because the story would end up sad but turned off because of the sudden spin; turned off because Pokemon would lose…all it has.
    But y’know, it’s just a theory after all. It’s a nice interpretation, though. Whoever wrote this is surely thoughtful.

  336. ExplosiveSushi says:


  337. Susan G says:

    I have visited your website before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back! :-)

  338. HollowRyo says:

    I just shat bricks.

    However, I think I know what happens in the video games when you beat the Elite Four.

    In the manga Red (aka Ash) defeats the Elite Four. They then try to kill him because they say that they have “a reputation to keep.” I inferred that your character flees the Pokemon League barely surviving, and this is also why you have no proof of your victory other than the Hall of Fame.

  339. O_O says:

    Wow;;;; really?

    I’m scared of how you made all that fit.

  340. prettywaste says:

    Mind. Blown.
    Childhood ruined.

  341. Sanders says:

    It’s bullshit reverse engineering, but it’s written somewhat well and it’s interesting.

  342. ruben says:

    that was well explained and backed up but i would never have thought of that since i was only lik 10 or 9

  343. Joural says:

    Holy crap. At my school, we always joked about “You just killed my inner child!” but that really did it. A part of me just died. I think I need a hug…

    Regardless, Awesome. Someone put too much thought into this, but still. It is so true. Another point- When Mew-Two returns, with the clones, that’s his mind trying to fix any remaining damage. Plus, Magms’s failed creation of Groudon is a new medicine, that he has a positive reaction to, but makes him ill- thus, why from it’s creation to it’s destruction things get much darker- if they stay a little ridiculous.

    Now then, that said, Ima go die now…

  344. Ronald V says:

    so….nice story…too bad its BULLSHIT!!…however if this is true, which theres NO WAY it is, id totally cry…kudos dude

  345. kevc says:

    That’s a little too cynical an ending to be focused on pokemon.

  346. Mimi says:

    Awesome add theory! Really makes you think. And if that was included at the end in the show it would be a definite shocker….but it would also make sense of everything!

  347. Ysa says:

    Oh… my…

    I will never see Pokémon the same way again. @.@

  348. Kevin says:

    This kindof makes me want to go and re watch pokemon. what a great article.

  349. Dylan says:

    Interesting interpretation.

  350. asdfs says:

    ZOMG AMAZING but why are so many people bitching. like really just dont read the 100 page paper.

  351. James says:

    Very…interesting…I don’t really know what else to say! Just…very…interesting…

  352. Zach says:

    ……………damn…. this was really deep. props for thinking!

    man i loved pokemon, but it makes sense

  353. Nick says:

    Somebody please flesh this out into a full book. And then do it for a whole bunch of other cartoons. Seriously, there are tons of old shows and stuff that could be analyzed like this. A really fucking interesting series could be made out of this shit and would be a great set of books for reading high.

  354. jack says:

    IT WAS AMAZING i loved it that is so cool!!! im not sure i believe it but i think it was a well constructed point and its actually just pretty much the coolest thing ever!

  355. Michael says:

    What a loser. Honestly who would go through all that time just to ruin every kid’s childhood. IT’S A FREAKING TV SHOW! IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE! I hope you feel accomplished having wasted 3000 words of you life.

    • Kahlan says:

      true that and thank you i couldn’t have said it any better

    • albert says:

      it wasnt intended for children you idiot! its for people who have an open imagination and for people who couldnt let go of pokemon because it was awesome but had to let it go because they were getting made fun of because they were lik 18 without a gf and still watching cartoons intended for children

    • Todd says:

      I hope you feel accomplished walking into a site called “Overanalyzations” and saying everyone is overthinking things.

  356. Earthan says:

    Awesome. Hilarious. I was seventeen when Pokémon first came out – I used to watch the cartoon every day after school. Looking back, it was terrible. But I loved it, just because I had enjoyed Pokémon Blue so damn much.

    Thank you for giving me back those wasted afternoons, by making the show retroactively awesome again.

    On a related note: My mind is totally blown at how many people are on here debating whether or not this theory is “true.” Both the pro and con side are insane.
    Guys; it’s an analysis made up by a dude for fun. It’s just funny. Stop wondering if this is the “real story” with the show, and allow yourself to muse “what if.” It’s like a colorful lens that can be affixed to the cartoon in order to see it in a new light.

    Yes it’s just a cartoon. Yes the “real story” that the show’s writers had in mind was a straightforward battle-and-level-up sequence. It’s just a half-hour commercial for merchandise anyway, the very idea that it even HAS a story is laughable. The “story” is nothing more than the marginally believable lubrication for a ten-year marketing blitz.

    When you take something as vapid as children’s programming, reading way WAY too much into it is a fun way to take garbage and turn it into art. Like taking the Sunday junkmail and cutting it up to make a collage.

    I keep seeing people stating that someone “spent too much time” on this. The truth is that for people with imagination, wit, and some mastery over a language, things like this really don’t take very much time…or really, even thought.

    Of course this reprimand isn’t going to reach those it’s intended for, because my own post has become tl;dr.

  357. Booty says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? this is the longest shit ever. blaaaaaaaah my head hurts.

  358. PokeGod says:

    The Only Flaw with this is that the lightning strike happened in episode one and he already had pikachu when it happened. So those changes caused by the lightning strike make no sense, unless of course the author meant the bolt hit, he went unconscious, and after that point his mind made everything up, and it was dark and serious until he got on medication. In that case its vaguely plausible… ignoring the fact he already lived in that world, was on a bike because of that ‘socialist world’, had a pokemon, and yeah. xD Clearly the OP forgot when the lightning strike happened :P

  359. Ummm, am I the only person who thinks this whole thing looks oddly familiar?

    I swear I saw it on another site before.

    • Todd says:

      It is from another site. I believe it started on 4Chan, but got forwarded to this site by The Editor.

  360. nevvvermind, didn’t read the top

  361. Major RPG fan here, been playing role actively playing games for as long as I can recall.

  362. i want to reset my games on facebook. i mean like i want make it like i never played that game and playing first time so i can clear my record. is there any way i can do it?

  363. LuisN says:

    Hey! Look at me, you scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the articles because you have better things to do with your life, or have a short attention span.

    I read the article, but as I read it, I couldn’t help but think, this is either a.)A troll (and a damn well good one at that), or b.) a really awesome philosopher (if at that). The reason I mainly call troll is because, it’s from 4chan!!! Come on now, and as some of you have already pointed out, there are holes within’ the theory, but still AN AWESOME READ!

  364. L says:

    i was curious to why Misty was removed from the series. And then i found this. damn.
    i wish whoever came up with this theory helped create the story for pokemon. it would be epic. Pokemon would be an amazing, mind boggling, and heart breaking animation if this were true.

    people who make theories like this will never be bored. i’m sure of that. hahahaha.

  365. Anon says:

    your a fucking retard its a children’s cartoon you need to get laid dude fucking A.

    • Chuck says:

      Go back to 4chan

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      shut up moronic hentai geeks who have no life. who most likely have not been “laid” either

    • Todd says:

      People like you sadden me. You really do. You don’t have any common sense and refuse to say or do anything productive. Tearing people down is not productive, at all, and it is a waste of memory and effort typing. If you must really be so hateful to people, say it to yourself, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you are making yourself look like a fool, and no one appreciates it.

  366. Jeff says:

    Me and my friend were talking about this last night cause I had read this and he brought up a good point, pokemon has always had a very straightforward storyline without any real twists and if all of a sudden they had ash wake up from a coma it would piss off everyone who has watched the show all these long years it’s been out

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      it would spark comments like this but that one wont explain all of the middle of this article and younger kids watch it so more people would hate it

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      plus the writers staff are to stupid to think of something as complex as this

  367. lol says:

    Whoever wrote this article was super high. Don’t even try to deny it.

  368. mike says:

    My mind has just been blown…..

  369. ZOMG says:

    pokemon is stupid

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      i like the pokemon where there was blood and pokemon dying. i think it was only a manga though

  370. Uh, hey, kids... says:

    You shouldnt trust EVERYTHING that is posted in the internet, you know…

  371. Mad Max says:

    Interesting read, but by using the word “subconscious”, all your supposed knowledge about Freudian psychoanalysis is rendered null. There is no such thing as the “subconscious” – there is only the preconscious and the unconscious, which are two systems which together reveal undigested thoughts of the mind through distortion in dream-images. If the article is ever going to be taken seriously by psychiatrists, that word needs to be eliminated… it is meaningless.

    The bit about Brock is great (although the word “symbolize” is not the best when analyzing dreams, they are not pieces of literature). Dreams are completely egotistical and everything in them tends to manifest something of the dreamer – by extension, your theory would have to be expanded to note how Ash is represented in every person/character he meets. Keep in mind also that opposites in dreams are also important, i.e. all of the characters and rivals that Ash meets who foil his personality.

    What I find extremely interesting is the likeness of Nurse Joy and the police officer in every town. This is the most convincing bit of evidence, but it needs development. You mention that they “represent” stability, which is not wrong, but I would go further and say that this stability extends to mean that they are Ash’s parents. I’m sure more evidence from the show would back this up… I have none, since I haven’t watched it in years.

    • JerrinRinstar says:

      Pretentious git

    • Todd says:

      Actually, this is a good thought that could be added to the whole story.

      Nurse Joy would represent a mother’s love, and giving him guidance and healing. Officer Jenny represents the strength of a mother, a bear protecting its cubs, so to speak.

  372. DoodlebugXD says:

    O_o omg now i view pokemon so differently, thank you…. i think….

  373. Black Rider says:

    OMG! this totally makes sence! Why didn’t I think of that!

  374. Still in Despair says:

    Lol, guyz this is just for Lul’z. All of these doesn’t make any sense. It’s just what they do, made this “nonsense” to looks like “Hey! It’s made sense!”
    They are genius in essay, I believe
    Don’t read it seriously. Read it for fun

  375. EPIC fake but interesting story

  376. bubba says:

    okay, first I think we all (myself included) just got mindfucked by this epic article.

    Second, I don’t know if the part mentioned at the end with Ash waking up from his coma actually happens. I think it’s just some hypothetical situation put in by the author but can anyone confirm that it doesn’t actually happen?

    • albert says:

      this is called a hypothesis so idk if its real but no ash doesnt die… why would they show that on TV for millions of kids to see?

  377. Evman123 says:

    all i am saying is would a multi million pound game franchise and t.v show kill off the one thing that has been making them money for nearly 20 years i dont think they would and this story seems to complex for the age range pokemon is aimed at. If it is ash’s final series he wont be gone for good he will just be a gym leader or that uber hard guy you fight after the elite 4. But just ask yourself would they kill millions of childrens hero i dont think so. i would like to know what you think so comment back

    • albert says:

      i think it was just a story for the readers of around (16-+) so i dont think it was aimmed at children to read it was just a amazimg blog about something that we should understand…

  378. demi says:


  379. pokemomabaho says:

    great i like it :)
    though my mind was messed up. Haha

  380. Very deep, I’m glad I read through!

  381. […] { July 21, 2010 @ 9:20 am } · { Uncategorized } [Editor's note: This incredible, epic article has been floating around the web for about a year; it's originally from one of the memers at 4chan  (though it is suspected to have actually been written by either Francis Bacon, Mary Anne Evans, or George Eliot). Recently over at deviantART, an individual known only as BellicoseBreakfast took it upon itself to edit and proof the article for improved readability and coherence, and post it on the devia … Read More […]

  382. mufdvr says:

    lol ya this made me want to go and rewatch the series so here i come gogoanime for a pokemon fest

  383. Nick says:

    People who are say that this essay is stupid completely refuse to have any sort of an imagination. I loved this article. :)

  384. Quack says:

    So crazy. As I read this I started remembering everything pertaining to the discussion. Such an epic collection of thoughts and ideas. Great work

  385. Person says:


  386. Dat Kid says:

    My god… I freaking hate you for this, you know…
    Pokemon was the one true thing that was keeping me sane… Now, it’s just gone kaplooie. TT.TT

  387. Caine says:

    god… i love this article soooo much!! approval!!

  388. Chandler says:

    this makes sooooo much sense considering that by now Ash should be 22 years old but he doesn’t look a day over 15, it also explains how he is an incredibly lucky trainer and just happens to meet every single legendary pokemon! Thank you for the insight!

    • Classified infoRMation says:

      err not exactly 12 tv years is about 6 real years, 6 real years is about 3 dream years

  389. wow says:

    I will never think of pokemon the same again…

  390. jeez says:

    I cant believe this

  391. AHHHHH says:

    It makes so much sense but i dont want it to

  392. MangaArtist says:

    I dought ash would just– DIE. He’ll probably be in ALOT more seasons. And if he were to make up the characters (As in their looks) why would he make people like Team Rocket? Why Meowth? And would he have created all those pokemon himself that he didn’t know? It’s not the best theroy, but it’s better than saying he died and came back to life everytime something hurt him or something stupid like that. (True story. Don’t beleive everything you read on the Internet.)

  393. Willow says:

    I don’t think any of this is true. Good story though.

  394. Alex says:

    Well this is depressing…

  395. kayla says:

    It explains so much!
    It explains why Ash never got physically older than 10 even though he should be like 20 by now (I know an overexageration).
    It explains why they can eat tuna sanwiches and grapefruit when the closest thing to that are feebass & berries.

    But really i luvd this! It was amazing and I have to admit that alot of the comments were worth reading also because I got a real good laugh from some of those.
    Also I admit I saved this into my favs and I do intend to check out the more extended version that was mentioned by someone.
    In the end it was worth reading then commenting on at 3:22 in the morning. Beside swho needs sleep! Kidding, kidding… but being the pokemon fan I am I had to read this all in one go though I wonder if anything will be added once the new Black version and White version come out.
    Ash can’t very well be dead if the show continues right? ^_^

    • Jon says:

      The reason why Ash never physically got older is because who would watch a 20 something year old training to be a Pokemon master? You have to think business-wise. The show creators aren’t going to age him because:

      1) People will go why the f* did you change him? Like how they changed the voices of the characters, everyone spazzed out.
      2) If he ages too much, and if he’s his actual age, he should be reaching his 20’s soon it certainly would not relate to the targeted age group for pokemon, which are children.

  396. Lola says:

    I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was….

    (I had to finish it.)

  397. DEEEEEEEEEE says:

    thanks for fuckin up my childhood!

  398. albert says:

    omg i miss pokemon now :( i wanna watch all the episodes again… this was the best thing ive ever read

  399. premonitioner says:

    Sure. This works. If, and ONLY IF, you look past the fact that you’re talking about the English dub of Pokemon, completely ignoring that fact that it’s not true to the original Japanese storyline, and that Ash doesn’t age due to the fact that if he became an adult, children wouldn’t relate to him. Jesse and James are the comic relief, the safety net, and comfort zone baddies, etc, etc, etc. I could go on and point out all the flaws with this thing but that’d take waaaay too long and I don’t have that energy.

    Oh, and Gary Oak is awesome because he’s Gary Mothaf***in’ Oak. Duh.

  400. Rob says:

    but maybe we ALL are in a coma O.o

    the cake is a lie

  401. Davy says:

    That was a fantastic Psycosexual analasis of the show, the ideas were compelling and i have to agree on SOME of your theory.

    than i realize that you probobly took several hours of watching this show and interpreiting the actions of ficticous people. which leads me to question not only your sanity but also your psycosexual role in life.

    cool analasis though, it would make for a good term paper

    • Todd says:

      If you know what you’re looking for, it isn’t that hard to find. To analyze all this could take an hour or so for an advanced mind, maybe a day or so for a more average one, but all in all it is a concept easily understood and worked with.

  402. joe says:

    so pikachu waited the whole time while ash was in a coma?

  403. Garcinauta says:


  404. Jon says:


    Seriously though, the “perfect” world you were talking about? Yeah, as if they’re going to broadcast murdering in Pokemon. Seriously? HELLO and almost EVERY show has some kind of love plot, hence, Ash & Misty, and Brock was thrown in there for humor, and so was Team Rocket, because everyone knows that no one’s going to watch a boring humorless show. -__- And the letting go of Pokemon thing after he beats the tournament, hello, the next season, they’re moving on to a new region, kanto, johto, sinnoh, etc. If Ash keeps the same Pokemon, the show won’t consist of the new ones that have been coming out in the game, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to keep his Pokemon.

    About the Misty, May, and Dawn thing. Ash didn’t know he had “no chance” of love with Misty, because of that ending episode where Ash and Misty leave on separate roads where Misty returns to the Cerulean gym. I don’t think that anything will ever happen, or was intended to happen with May or Dawn because Misty will always be the one for Ash, like the quote “Opposites attract.”

    Team Rocket’s disguises were believable because THEY HAVE TO LET THE AUDIENCE KNOW IT’S THEM. If the creators were to draw completely new characters and they were actually Team Rocket in disguise, the audience would be like “who the f* is that?” Not to mention their outfits were silly, and once again, they were thrown in for comical reasons.

    This next part really PISSES me off, about the Pikachu not evolving thing. THE REASON WHY PIKACHU NEVER EVOLVED WAS BECAUSE PIKCAHU IS THE FREAKING TRADEMARK OF POKEMON!! And did you NOT watch that episode when Ash was battling Lt. Surge? Pikachu didn’t wanna be no asshole like that Raichu.

    Last thing, Paul’s attitude is because he’s Ash’s RIVAL, hence the word RIVAL. Gary was Ash’s rival and he was never all that nice to Ash. Heck he was never nice to Ash, however, they needed to change things up a bit because Gary didn’t fit into the storyline anymore as he changed his career goals to become like Professor Oak. Gary was no long Ash’s rival, because they weren’t competing against each other anymore to be a pokemon master. They needed to throw in a new Rival, hence Paul. They weren’t going to give him the same attitude as Gary. Some major differences would be that Gary had a bunch of girls with him, he had a snobbish attitude that he thought he was the best, and he cared about his Pokemon, unlike Paul. Paul is a loner, and he doesn’t give smack about his Pokemon, hence abandoning them when they don’t do well (e.g: Chimchar)


    • Isabella says:

      Haha, so much truth in that. This article makes no sense.

    • Todd says:

      It’s called overanalyzing the story, without breaking the fourth wall. Congratulations, your explanation breaks the fourth wall, and REALLY kills the story.

    • Like A Boss. says:

      Is it ‘that time of the month’ again, Jon? Or are you just raging because this killed your Pokemon Master fantasies? I love how you made up your entire post, and then in the end told people to ‘>STOP<'(Jew-rage implied by CAPS) making things up. That made me rofl. Oh, and the thing that 'REALLY PISSED YOU OFF' about pikachu 'not wanting to be no asshole' is completely ludicrous. I really don't even think I need to explain why. Although your post has no factual reasoning, it made for a nice laugh.

  405. angie says:

    Lol this makes me want to take psychology. Then find something deep and compelling out of a simple minded children show. Just for all these ridiculous comments.
    I love the reactions of people being upset lmao. Who the fuck cares. He/She probably came up with this shit falling asleep in class. Make your own theories. Its fun. It was on 4CHAN for gott sakes. What do you expect?

  406. otl says:

    I think this is interesting. so what if it’s about a cartoon?
    those who say he’s looking too far into it are those who could never have even thought about/explored the points he has made.
    what he’s doing isn’t a waste of time, it’s called using your brain to explore different possibilities.
    for those who said TLDR, it’s long yeah.
    but if you didn’t read it, then why do you think you can have an opinion on it?

  407. otl says:

    oh and Jon, lots and lots and lots of children’s books/tv shows have deeper meanings behind them.
    part of the fun of those shows/books is that when you’re older you can look back on them and see those deeper meanings that you could not even begin to imagine as a child.

  408. Jon says:

    I honestly don’t see any deeper meaning in pokemon such as this “coma theory” Seriously though what annoys me is that people think there are deeper meanings to shows when in actuality the creator of the show 99% did not create the show based on these made up concepts.

    I just find this coma theory to be utterly ridiculous because in real life, people have perverted friends like brock, and no it doesn’t mean that their friend is actually their “suppressed” sexuality.

    I just don’t get why people can’t take things as it is and absolutely HAVE to think there’s some hidden message that the creator made for people to figure out.

    • Todd says:

      Then why are you on this site? Because, reading the URL bar, it quite clearly states itself as “Cartoon OVERANALYZATIONS.com”, meaning this is a site where people do JUST what you are saying you are irked by.

  409. pipluprules says:

    this theory is a load of crap. its a frigging cartoon for kids so dont go into all that deep stuff

    • Todd says:

      That would be an appropriate response, IF you knew where you were commenting. Do you ever pay attention to your URL bar?

  410. Filthyism says:

    im speechless. i love that theory, but i also love pokemon. If that was true then it would explain a LOT about ash’s behaviour.

    But i will keep this as something to read, its kind of sad and very upsetting. i have to say you have way to much spare time on your hands analizing this. But good on you for doing so.

    I would like to think that Ash didnt die and he is doing what he usually does, being a tool and kicking ass!!!!!

  411. Daniela says:

    I cried. But I’ve just realized that POKEMON was a work of art and it well worth my time :D I’ll always love POKEMON.

  412. Diego says:

    childhood: ruined.
    even if Ash was a terrible trainer, it almost (not quite) destroys my love for Pokemon. and i’ve been playing it since it came to the U.S. alll those years ago.
    since middle school i’ve been playing. and i’m 21 now

  413. hello says:

    wasnt the lightning storm the cause of the incident which caused his bike to crash, thus creating the coma? and wasnt pikachu responsible for this? so if he wasnt in a coma before the thunderstorm, why the fuck was there a pikachu. Also at the very beginning before the incident, he also goes to the lab to visit pikachu for the first time. This was before the accident had occured.

    • Bsl says:

      If you read the fucking article you would know that he never said pokemon didn’t exist.

    • hello says:

      if you read the article, his theory of pokemon being non existent is because Ash was in an accident when his bike crashed, which was caused by the lightning storm. His theory is saying that pokemon was all a dream while Ash was in his coma state. you fking stupid?

    • Todd says:

      Okay, no. His theory ONLY says that as his mind deteriorates in the coma, he makes up the new pokemon from other regions. The original 150 are all real.

  414. Secretly Canadian says:

    Cool story bro.

  415. Dylan says:

    Whoeer wrote this must have been smoking some crazy crack man, big ups

  416. Ken says:


  417. Ken says:


  418. Will says:

    That was a fascinating read. It made a whole lot of sense until the end. The anime is far from over, so the person who wrote this wanted an ending, most likely.

  419. moss says:

    this is fucking genius. everything is explained in full detail and it makes sense. its not true, but it makes sense! its amazing. the ending sucked though. i can see it happening though… i really can. but anyway, yeah, fucking genius.

  420. Yaoi Lover says:

    an interesting theory, but thats all it really is

  421. anomymous says:

    THIS IS A LOAD OF SHIT, why would they drag. Pokemon out so long and in the end Ash dies its fucking stupid

  422. luanlegacy says:

    i love pokemon. i read the article and everything,

    but only like.. a fucking idiot would believe this.. the creators of pokemon did not make the show with the thought of like… “oh im gonna make this show… and… its ALL going to be a coma.” with THAT in mind. there’s no argument. if the creators did not intend that. then its not intended. thus this article has no REAL substance. so if you want to like start thinking some deep shit, just stop. you’re fucking stupid.


    Seriously though, the “perfect” world you were talking about? Yeah, as if they’re going to broadcast murdering in Pokemon. Seriously? HELLO and almost EVERY show has some kind of love plot, hence, Ash & Misty, and Brock was thrown in there for humor, and so was Team Rocket, because everyone knows that no one’s going to watch a boring humorless show. -__- And the letting go of Pokemon thing after he beats the tournament, hello, the next season, they’re moving on to a new region, kanto, johto, sinnoh, etc. If Ash keeps the same Pokemon, the show won’t consist of the new ones that have been coming out in the game, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to keep his Pokemon.

    About the Misty, May, and Dawn thing. Ash didn’t know he had “no chance” of love with Misty, because of that ending episode where Ash and Misty leave on separate roads where Misty returns to the Cerulean gym. I don’t think that anything will ever happen, or was intended to happen with May or Dawn because Misty will always be the one for Ash, like the quote “Opposites attract.”

    Team Rocket’s disguises were believable because THEY HAVE TO LET THE AUDIENCE KNOW IT’S THEM. If the creators were to draw completely new characters and they were actually Team Rocket in disguise, the audience would be like “who the f* is that?” Not to mention their outfits were silly, and once again, they were thrown in for comical reasons.

    This next part really PISSES me off, about the Pikachu not evolving thing. THE REASON WHY PIKACHU NEVER EVOLVED WAS BECAUSE PIKCAHU IS THE FREAKING TRADEMARK OF POKEMON!! And did you NOT watch that episode when Ash was battling Lt. Surge? Pikachu didn’t wanna be no asshole like that Raichu.

    Last thing, Paul’s attitude is because he’s Ash’s RIVAL, hence the word RIVAL. Gary was Ash’s rival and he was never all that nice to Ash. Heck he was never nice to Ash, however, they needed to change things up a bit because Gary didn’t fit into the storyline anymore as he changed his career goals to become like Professor Oak. Gary was no long Ash’s rival, because they weren’t competing against each other anymore to be a pokemon master. They needed to throw in a new Rival, hence Paul. They weren’t going to give him the same attitude as Gary. Some major differences would be that Gary had a bunch of girls with him, he had a snobbish attitude that he thought he was the best, and he cared about his Pokemon, unlike Paul. Paul is a loner, and he doesn’t give smack about his Pokemon, hence abandoning them when they don’t do well (e.g: Chimchar)


    • anonymous says:

      It’s kind of obvious to everyone that Pokemon is a kids’ show. We watched it as kids, and it’s aimed at kids. Pokemon is a fantasy world, something that is imagined and made up. But, so is this psyche report. The guy who made it didn’t try to rationalise Pokemon, he just used his imagination and put a different spin on it; something that fans of the original show (who are in their late teens/early 20s) would understand.

    • Caitlin says:

      I’m with anonymous on this one ^.^
      Hmmm… I guess by his/her definition, I qualify as a fan of the original show…
      Watching pokemon on saturday morning was pretty much the highlight of my week back then *gets nostalgic*

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  424. Mike says:

    That was stupid.

  425. […] Here’s a link directly to the article: Pokemon Explained. […]

  426. I’m pleased I discovered this blog page, I couldnt locate any knowledge on this matter prior to. Also run a niche site and if you wish to ever interested in doing a bit of visitor writing for me you should feel free to let me know.

  427. Zovesta says:

    My childhood was perfected. I hate stupid motherfuckers who say “it’s just a book/movie/tv show/wtf”… so just because it’s not real doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any meaning to it?

    This was glorious. <3

  428. Dendrago says:

    *mind explodes*

  429. Damon says:

    holy crap dude! i dont know how you came up with all of this, but it says a few things to me.

    first, this is a semi-sick way of explaining it all.


    third, this is a coin toss from making sense.

    fourth, im abosulty sure that the writer of pokemon wasnt going for “main character is in a comatose, but we all dont know it.” i mean honestly, thats sick and twisted.

    i see most of your points, but i believe that its just a child’s television show, and nothing more.

  430. Tsuki says:

    So, if everything is normal until the lightning strikes, what happens to Pikachu? Not the coma one, the one in Ash’s real world.

    Does he run away? Does Dehlia/Delia keep him as a reminder of her only son?

  431. Scratcher_cat says:

    This made me sad. D:

  432. KS says:

    Who takes the time to think up all of this stuff about a KID’S show? Obviously the OP gave no thought to the fact that it it’s a children’s show. The show is not that in-depth. The plot holes in this story are there because it is geared toward a younger audience, and they don’t pause to think about plot holes, they just want to play the games and watch the anime because it’s interesting to them.

    Although, I will admit that this is a very interesting read, even if it is an indication that the OP has no life.

  433. Alyssa says:

    Yeah they looked into it a bit too much…but still. It was pretty interesting to read.

  434. xblackxlabelx says:

    It would be epic if this guy wrote this for a psychology class and got an A on it.

  435. austin says:

    I have read about 1/2 the comments on here and I just watched the first episode again after reading this and first off to the people saying how pokemon existed before the lightning, of course they did, the author never denies it and he says “allowing him to live out his Pokemon master fantasies.” Why would he have those fantasies if they didn’t already exist?

    Second, to the people saying that it never shows him getting hit by lightning, you’re right, it doesn’t, but it does show pikachu getting hit by lightning then ash getting hit by pikachu’s enhanced lightning attack and getting thrown back.

    Third, when they wake up they have have as much or less physical damages than before pikachu’s attack. How would that be possible if even the little lightning attack that pikachu does to ash in pallet town makes practically his whole body turn brown?

    I’m not saying there aren’t any holes with this but why not have fun thinking what if? Finally, of course the ending described will never happen because it would simply be too difficult a concept for the children to grasp, it would be like taking a five year old to see inception and asking them after to explain to you what happened.

  436. Nuprhyperep says:

    your site design is so cool is it available for free ?

  437. Roland says:


    When Ash got hit by the lightning, the reason he sees Ho-Oh is because it revived him like it did when the Legendary Beasts died in that fire.

  438. anonymous says:

    It’s kind of obvious to everyone that Pokemon is a kids’ show. We watched it as kids, and it’s aimed at kids.
    Who gives a stuff that he is trying to rationalise a cartoon. He didn’t do it because he believes in it, he probably did it for fun and to imagine something that no one else would have.

  439. maxe midian says:

    What a nonsense. Ash received the shock in the first episode, nothing could have happened before that.
    PLEASE do not believe in this nonsense.

    • Konstantin says:

      What is implied by the author, or what I’m understanding having just checked out the pilot episode, is that:

      Right after the lighting, combined with Pikachu’s attack on the Spearows, Ash and possibly Pikachu both immediately fell, onto the ground and into the coma. There is a pan for a few seconds, the two shown laying on the ground together, and then, magically, the clouds and darkness part and sunlight shines on Ash’s face. When the viewers see Ash slowly opening his eyes, THAT is the beginning of the coma/the entire fake adventure. A few seconds later, Ash sees Ho-Oh, and THAT is his first coma creation, as (reread and get this) Ho-Oh is NOT one of the first 150. And, most likely, does not exist in the true Pokemon universe. (The following two sentences in important bold) The first 80+ episodes center around the first 150 Pokemon, and Ash never sees ANY Pokemon that are not original 150. Ho-Oh, seeing him, wanting to have him, was Ash’s first goal in the made-up world the comatose created.

      Other than the sunniness, there is the instant rainbow and the idyllic town in near distance, which is how Ash wants his world to look and feel from then on. In reality, he did not wake up and was most likely found by people from Pallet Town was taken to a hospital/back to his house, where he may have been there for a day, a week, or thirteen years. That is unclear, although I would wage that it’s been a couple of months or so.

      The last line of the Pokemon theme pronounces “It’s always been our dream.” The last line. Ash subconsciously realizes that it is all a dream but his mind is admitting so in a light way, using another meaning of the word “dream”.

      What I’m saying with all this is if this theory is right, the writers of Pokemon have created one of the greatest it’s-been-in-front-of-you-the-whole-time secrecies in history of story – book, movie, tv show, etc.; And, looking at Pokemon’s colossal prominence for more than a decade – I assume that it’s above Harry Potter – it is unequivocally noteworthy that this type of theory – pretty factual and simplistic, the main part – was coherently put together twelve whole years since the first episode. Author, you may have uncovered genius here, and writers, you may have done brilliance. Assuming, obviously, if it’s true, but the core of the theory looks like it is.

      The reason I think the theory is correct, more than the fact that it just works and the events hint on it (e.g. the ferociousness of those Spearows compared to their post-first episode counterpart), is that the creators of the show, from the beginning, may have set themselves for a classic but great-for-a-children’s-show ending when Pokemon finally draws to a close. What solid writer puts out a work without an outline and “a way out”? The creators didn’t know if Pokemon was going to last more than a season, so, off the top, in the first 15 minutes of the show, they set up a workable, understandable way to end it, and they will most likely use it, just fifteen years or so later.

      An event in the coma world will happen and Ash will wake up, on his bed in a normal house, to a worldwide dismay of children (and us young adults) and what they’ve believed in for so long. There are a few scenes with his loving mom, the Oaks, and others around him in Pallet Town, as they react to Ash’s awakening, and the show seems to be ending as if the entire show was the boy’s dream; Ash, walking around in a normal-seeming Pallet Town, finds his real Pikachu, and the show hints at the lighting and what had happened, but the most important thing will be that the Pokemon world is truly real. After a couple of weeks, Ash is ready to start his adventure again and goes off to “catch ‘em all”, and the show ends in this epic fashion. Not trying to write fan fiction, but I think this is a likely possibility for the show’s ending, and that’s the main reason the coma theory seems so plausible to me. Just don’t tell the kids yet, Author.

  440. Andy says:

    All i can say is wow..studying pyscology and sociology in college myself and it’s clear this person has had a good study of them too..was really into the show as a kid and never noticed any of it or thought about it until it was laid infront of me! It does all fit and is not an unheard of thing to happen to coma patients..extremely impressed and a bit gobsmacked by all this not gonna lie! fair play to the guy/gal who posted this! also thank you stumbleupon toolbar for another great find :D

  441. Andy says:


  442. caz says:

    This is a pile of crap ash isnt in a coma as it they would of put it on the tv series ect so get a life

    • Todd says:

      How about “You first”? It is et cetera, etc., what you spelled is ec tetera. Nice fail. Also, et cetera is being used incorrectly here; it means that similar items will follow. The anime is quite different from everything else Pokemon, which is all noticeably darker than the anime, so even using it is stupid on your part.
      Also, things like this are the point of the site. If you don’t like it, leave.

  443. Mal says:

    This was totally amazing. I don’t think the creator had this in mind when making Pokemon. Or, even if they did, I’m positive it won’t actually end this way–but this is incredible nonetheless. Thanks for posting. It was great to read. You didn’t ruin the show in any way, and I don’t see how anyone can say you did.

  444. cjt258 says:

    It was a pretty decent explanation of pokemon but i still love to watch it some times and own almost all of the seasons plus the movies.
    One thing that i found a bit off was that when Ash got struck by lightning he woke back up straight away and saw the HO-OH flying past. Then he walked off carrying Pikachu to the next town.

  445. Leah says:

    Some people may think of this as stupid and others as sad and maybe some that consider it.
    Yes it is very out there and creatively strange, but so what? Pokemon was a fictional show, so what if people can think of why Ash would stay as a 10 year old for 5+ seasons?
    Personally, I love this idea, and for having loved Pokemon for all 17 years of my life, makes my childhood die slowly, which is surprising as to how much emotion that show has pushed into people.
    I may be strange for saying that, but Pokemon made me want to express and achieve my goals just like Ash did.

    Now, I do not like the further seasons after the voice actor changed and all the Pokemon started to just lack in imagination, but the show is still a big thing to me.

    I like this concept of Ash’s life. :D

  446. Bob says:

    We need to go deeper…

  447. Tanner says:

    Ummm ok ash doesn’t go into a coma and he never gets hit by lightning. I just re-watched the first and the last episode of pokemon season one and the shit that you said happens, doesn’t. And besides this is a kid so, try not to look to deep into this.

  448. Nero says:

    Umm Ok so I watched the first episode of pokemon again and ash doesn’t go into a coma and in the show does ash die?This is a kid show and I’m sure they wouldn’t make kids think this hard to understand a show. Your getting in way too deep into a kid cartoon. And when I was done reading this thought you were stupid because have the shit you made up about ash going into a coma and in the end he dies never happens. Yeah some of the things you said make sense like the stuff about the characters reflecting Ash but other then that I dis agree with everything else you say. When you can give me solid prove that Ash goes into a coma and when He dies I will never believe this stupid article. Also I would just like to say that I think you have no clue about what your talking about because I want to know when the hell this happens. —> “Back in Ash’s world, he has finally defeated the Elite Four, and one by one, the people around him start disappearing. Eventually, everything is black. Pikachu comes dashing towards him, glowing brighter and brighter in the darkness. Eventually he reaches Ash and the two embrace one last time.

    Back in the hospital room, his life signs fading, Ash mutters his final words.

    I…want to be…the very…best…

    He will die, never having known his dream, except as naught but a dream. When he came back to reality, he knew it all for the lie it was, knew it as his imagination. Knowing that his efforts, ambitions and friends were nothing, he will let go.

    As he utters his final phrase, he barely opens his eyes and sees the silhouette of his mother, her face hidden by her hands wiping away tears. They make eye contact, and one final realization fills him before he loses all strength.

    He sees that his mother was holding out hope that he’d recover all that time. He sees her and finds that her hope had been broken as she’d come to the realization that she’d outlived her only child. He dies knowing that he is loved, but that it means the one person closest and most real to him is utterly crushed.”

    • Cass says:

      Okay Nero in the first episodes when ash steals mistys bike and the storm comes, a bolt of lightning hits the bike thus destroying it and knocking Ash unconscious. That being the said reason of Ash’s coma, once again go up to the top of the article it clearly states “I have a theory” That being said it is a theory get that through your simplistic mind and learn to understand such statements Thank you…

  449. Cass says:

    I must say that this was well thought out and does make alot of sense, I enjoyed readying every minute of it.
    The ending was interesting because yes it is true the series will end and thus the ending to your theory makes perfect sense, thank you for this article I shall spread this to nearly everyone I know.

  450. tiff says:

    OH MY GAWSH! o_______o
    totally makes sense! but i think that the producers never really intended to have ash supposedly in a coma. O_O

    anyway…doesn’t pokemon still continue today? ash doesn’t die…
    such as PKMN diamond and pearl..etc…oh and they are coming out with a new one soon.

  451. Mark says:

    holy shit that would be so bad ass if this was actually the real deal the series would be so much better and deep. it would no longer be a kids show anymore.

  452. xassy says:

    holy shyt dude

  453. charlees says:

    whooa. this like tottally crushed me. but im glad i read this now cuz it makes absolute sense!!

  454. Ash Williams says:

    Sometimes a Pokemon is just a Pokemon.

  455. Andrew says:

    Guys, about Ash never aging: he does age, slightly, in the anime. He hits a small growth spurt sometime around the Hoenn episodes. Same time he gets a new outfit, maybe?

  456. Makoto says:

    lol This coma theory is obviously not real as the series is still running. This theory also just crushes lots of peoples childhoods. xD Ash had the pikachu before he was struck by lightning as well so his mind did not just make up pokemon.

    • Ankun says:

      The author isn’t saying Ash made up ALL pokemon, he’s saying Ash created more and more as he needed them, replacing animals or things he didn’t understand/remember.

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  458. Mew says:

    Thanks ~
    interesting! :)

  459. bababla says:

    Are you high?

  460. FriedRice says:

    the first episode of Pokemon I saw was in Chinese, and thinking about it made me wonder… Does all this fit the context of Pokemon even in Chinese, Japanese, and German?

  461. Johnny says:

    Thanks for posting this, but I read this before and there is a part or two that’s missing.

  462. Solcrailtis says:

    Is a nice theory, but no. I will never believe theories, because they might not be true. And to my curiosity. When did ash got strucked by lightning? And when was he unconcious? He was not hit by lightning. Pikachu jumped and saved ash, there was a thunderbolt, but he never went unconcious, since he was carrying pikachu to the center. So, in the manga, is it also a dream? Just wondering. Like I said nice theory, but this is mostly a kid’s show.Yes, anyone can see if, of any age, but this is watch by mostly kids and I doubt the creator would make the anime that deep. You think Children would have the capacity to understand such a thing? Even thought is a theory, I liked reading it.

  463. Solcrailtis says:

    And Ash does age. So, you think he goes into other regions for almost like a year in them, and he doesn’t age? Remember, many animes put characters in ages and they might look younger or older than they seem to look. Like Ichigo from Bleach, at the start he was a 15 year old boy. Seriously!? 15!? He looks 18. I said at the start because from all that happened in bleach, there could have passed at least two years or so. So ash does ash, just that his body doesn’t show it. He should be 14 or 15 by now.

  464. Austin says:

    man part of me wants this to be true, but the other part wants it not to be true. =..( I like happy endings so i guess ill just believe what i want to believe. This article has wasted like an hour of my life and i kinda wanna read everyone’s comment, but dont have time.

  465. Luke says:

    sounds like ash is getting his overdose of DMT right there.. DMT = Dimethyltryptamine. its a neurotoxin your brain releases when you sleep that makes you dream. google it, shits fucked hahaha

  466. Aimee says:

    Holy crap. My mind has been blown.

  467. Baku says:

    I had heard about this theory from a friend, and I gotta say, it’s well thought-out. Takes a good bit of creativity to come up with something that analyzes the series in this sort of light. A few parts may be a bit of a stretch here and there, but it works.

    I haven’t put as much thought into this myself, though I would like to hear an opinion, if the person writing this is still paying attention to all the comments especially, about the episode where Ash is pulled out of his body by the ghost pokemon when he was searching for a way to beat Sabrina. Mayhaps a moment of weakness where he considered giving up, in which Misty represented a motherly figure that gave him the will to try again? And, with the ghosts being as joyous and playful as they were, it would make for something that would rationalize and soothe the concept of death, making the transition easier, but also permit him to shrug it off after returning to his body.

    I digress, though, I’m hearing things about the new Black and White games and anime, and I’m very curious what the new Dream World will represent as it relates to this theory. Heady stuff, I’m sure.

  468. Max says:

    My childhood is crushed…
    Amazing article though.
    I’ll be busy throwing myself off a cliff

  469. Lance Bradshaw says:

    All Pokemon Fans!!!
    This guy should not have ruined your childhood i love pokemon too and I’m such a big fan that I know this.

    The series starts out with Ash waking up to a pokemon battle! C’mon guys he hits his pokeball alarm clock. Everything about pokemon is not ruined by this guys interpretation of pokemon.

    I’m pretty sure this guy had no intentions of doing that, he spent all that time on his interpretation so he must like it too.

    Come on guys pokemon is still and always be the awesome pokemon we all know and love.

    Plus i heard that nintendo does not plan on stopping pokemon at all.

  470. shut cho face says:

    lol u sure have a lot of time to waste …… this would make sense except for the fact that its a japanese children’s tv show

  471. fuck you says:

    this is soooo retarded

    • Todd says:

      What position? And it doesn’t have a brain, so it can’t have any mental defects like retardation.

  472. Erik says:

    So, not that this wasn’t amusing, but this is like syncing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz. And by that I mean you can pretty much sync it up to any movie if you twist it around in your head enough. It’s formulaic and outdated psychological BS that you can basically plug into almost any media, especially something that went on as long as pokemon that has such a wide array of personalities. Poking fun at pokemon? Cool, that’s usually pretty funny, but trying to play yourself off as clever while reusing the same idea that people already have used about other media (see the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off theory where Cameron made up Ferris inside his head as one example) is just annoying. People who find this psuedo-intellectual garbage to be fascinating… sigh, really? Try thinking for yourself a little instead of praising trite garbage on the internet.

    • Caitlin says:

      I’ve seen this basic structure before…
      It’s pretty much a more complex version of the Hero’s Journey. Didn’t stop me from enjoying it, though ;)

      It may not be an original format, but some of the points the author had were pretty unique.

      Besides. Just because you didn’t find it amusing doesn’t mean you have to insult anyone who does.

      I thought for myself on this one, and although I don’t necessarily agree on every part, I still find it interesting, and respect the person who wrote it.

  473. CommanderEddy says:

    So wait, can someone tell me what episode was that?
    When Ash got struck by lightning. Because from what I’ve seen in the Season 1(I watched it again, the met Team Rocket AFTER he fall off his bike and got struck by lightning.

  474. Julie says:

    Alright all of you seem to miss a point sometimes this article is overanalizing it YES that’s what they do stop complaining this is just for entertaiment.

  475. […] today I got tagged in a facebook note with this link: http://cartoonoveranalyzations.com/2009/04/09/pokemon-explained/.  For those of you too lazy to click it, it is essentially a persuasive argument stating that the […]

  476. Celia says:

    Before you start flaming the writer, take some time to consider that this site is purely for entertainment here. And it’s his opinion. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you have to relentlessly bother them about it.

  477. Carmen Huang says:

    I don’t think so;
    Because I Remember since the beginning of the show;
    It was Ash who saved Pikachu from the Pidgets;
    When suddenly a Lightning but Pikachu rewarded Ash
    Saving him Getting all Power from The Lightning;
    After that Ash took him To Pokemon Center where It
    Was Healed

  478. Toomuchtime says:

    There’s a small part at the end that gives a second possibility about the ending.

    It says that he might get out of his coma. He’ll have all of his issues worked out and will be able to go out and live his dream, but he’ll have to do it in a much darker, realistic world than the one he used to be in.

  479. shinyshiny says:

    its a good theory you have here, but theres two problems, one ash never fainted in the bike incident, nor got hit by lightning, he also walked all the way to the next town, so he cant be in a coma if never passed out in the first place.
    second; he DOES AGE. in the 3rd movie special he throws a party for his pokemon, and tells pikachu that its been a one year anniversary since they first met. ash was 10 when they met. so now hes 11

    • readeradv says:

      Apparently Ash is still ten as of the first episode of Best Wishes (the generation five series). Yes, there’s several episodes a day in the Pokemon world.
      Of course, this same series turns Team Reject competent and eliminates ‘blasting off’, leading a friend of mine to believe it’s AU.

  480. Angie and Nezzi says:

    . . . this is heartbreakiing… im like so speechless, this isnt true…

    Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! At first I didnt noe that this was real when i saw someones statues at facebook someone posting that it was all a dream but like when i saw this review It just broke my heart that every thing was just a Dream!!!!!
    Ps Ash is ganna wake up REALLLY MAAAAAD once he wakes up xDDDD hahaha

  481. Duncan says:

    Too all that hate this or think it is real, not at the beginning the author stated he had a theory about what Pokemon was about, not that it was fact, just a theory and but what is the internet for but to share these theories.

    And to the guy who asked about the new area, the editor said this was 4 years old meaning it was prior to the new region for black and white, from what I can gather.

  482. Birdie says:

    yes this may be a great theory… but i seem to think that everyone is direguarding that this was orginally a MANGA! sheesh…. anyone ever read a manga before? Sailor moon? Naruto? America adopted the kids pokemon manga series ages ago, but made MAJOR modifications to it because they felt that the content was not age appropriate, even though it was made for kids in the beggining. i think that this is looking waaaaaayyyy too much into it.

    • Caitlin says:

      Hmm. I know they probably made big changes in the dialogue, but there’s not really all that much they can do about the visual… I mean, one can only cut out so much from an episode, yknow?
      Then again, there IS that safari zone episode that never made it to the U.S., on account of Team Rocket weilding legitimate weapons for once (aka, a gun), and threatening the life of the safari zone owner…

      And as for your question about Manga, HELLZ YEAH! Not either of the ones you mentioned… I’m more of a Cardcaptor Sakura fan myself ^.^

    • Todd says:

      This is a site for looking waaaaaaayyyy too much into it. Read the URL.

  483. Guyzooip says:

    Great read, really entertaining. Though, this theory wouldn’t even exist if the anime’s producers did what was necessary a long time ago and finally ended Satoshi’s journey. Start fresh.

    • Caitlin says:

      They SHOULD have done that a long time ago, but now that they haven’t, it’s just going to come as even worse of a shock- The point that they should have gotten rid of Ash was at the end of the Johto League, just before Hoenn. It would’ve made a lot more sense. But at this point, they’re already plummeting to their defeat at a death spiral, and getting rid of Ash is just going to speed it up, even more than getting rid of Brock, and the ever-increasing lineup of girls who join Ash on his journey, who are getting progressivley younger than him. (This is going on the theory that each region represents a year of his life, which is backed up by the fact that someone… either the narrator or ash, states (near the end of season one, aka indigo league) that it’s been almost a year since he’s started his pokemon journey. The Orange Island journey would likely be the remainder of that year, and each following league would take a year, meaning that by the end of the Sinnoh league, Ash is about 14. Althought Ash doesn’t change very quickly, he looks quite a bit older in the sinnoh region than he does in kanto. This also allows his change in voice to be passed off as puberty)

  484. NinetalesWasHere says:

    This made me cry! I’ve been watching Pokemon since I was 3. It was my life. I didn’t know anything else. (BTW, flamers, yes I did finally get a life. -_-” ) When you said that last part about Pikachu running to Ash and giving him a last goodbye, I cried. xD I’m a girl, though, so that’s normal.
    I kind of wonder that about other shows now… Like, Oprah… ROFL
    Anyways, I really do wonder that about some anime’s. I think on YuuYuu Hakusho he’s just in coma. That would make more sense than Ash in coma.

  485. Caitlin says:

    I absolutley LOVED this!
    The main issue I had with it was Dawn being a “replacement Misty”.
    Then again, this is also coming from the girl who’s trying to find an email adress of one of the writers of the anime, so I can tell the dumbass that the ratings would go WAYYY up if they brought Misty back for a few seasons… I mean, really. Even 4kids TV, despite its stupidity, would probably agree.

  486. Moons says:

    Explain Pokemon Best Wishes series then. Everything in the series contradicts with this theory.

  487. halibut says:

    worst. commenters. ever.

  488. […] a lot of pokémon stories out there. From the over-analyzation of the cartoon (which is a good read if you’ve grown up with the show), to the story of Gary’s Dead […]

  489. dillon says:

    He has a good theory, too bad it’s not true.

  490. MB says:

    Ash can explore the Dream World. So why’d he be banned from exploring in the Real World?

    His old friends? Would he miss them? No, he and Misty parted in the series OK. His pokemon? The same. Sad goodbyes but Ash gets over them fine.

    No reason to remain in the dream world when people can create their own reality!

    Thus the entire theory falls apart.

  491. Meh says:

    Ash did ride a bike as comments stated earlier, there are many flaws with this theory tho.
    1) there is no pokemon center in pallet town
    2) In a book released by the writer of pokemon, Delia was an inn keeper who fell inlove with a star trainer and thats what ash is destined to be. Which disproves that she moved from the city. (i’m guessing veridian city)
    3)Ash beats more than one of the elite four because that is the only is able to continue to another region (which disproves when he finally beats only one)

    But your theory is believable, i wouldn’t be surprised on how it would end, but the new generation of viewers wouldn’t understand because there are now 3 year old watching Pokemon and they wouldn’t even air it on TV.

  492. QG says:

    This is fan fiction you morons. I already discussed this with another person and he gave up trying to argue with me because I shut him DOWN… Anyway, the biggest flaw is that THIS IS A KID’S SHOW!!! IT WILL NOT END WITH SUCH A COMPLEX ADULT THEME!!!! PERIOD!!! This fan fiction theory is being taken too literally, and the flaws are NUMEROUS!!! Like I said I already destroyed somebody who tried to explain it to me. If anybody else cares to help me understand, my email is :justincarey89@yahoo.com

  493. Lissie says:

    that pissed me off…

  494. Kayaa11 says:

    How real this can be not ACTUALLY! I’ts a FICTION crying out loud!

  495. blo2smk says:

    People are so gullible. Whoever wrote this, obviously spent day and night thinking of a way to rationalize Pokemon in his own ludicrous mind. He basically took everything that is unusual and abnormal in the show and made sense of it that is why you are so intrigued by this. First of all I highly doubt anyone would create a franchise this long to tell us Ash’s journey was just a dream and he will eventually wake up then resume his quest or otherwise die. Talk about pointless.

    The only reason this overanalytical theory would ever make sense to those who are naive is becuase the storyline has many flaws since it is a “cartoon” after all. Of course in our reality no 10 year-old boy or girl will leave their home and take care of him or herself thats becuase its just a cartoon. I know some of you are accepting the theory glad, mad or sad but again its just an overanalysis. I could tell you every show you ever watch the character is dreaming and his family allys and enemies are subconciousness but i spend my time overthinking of substantial things. This is not inception guys get over it.

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      You’re disproving this theory by saying “It’s not true because cartoons often have flaws and it’s a kid’s show” All you proved was that some cartoons you watched had some flaws, this theory still holds weight.

  496. chintendo vii says:

    This article turned my childhood memories upside down. An ‘overanalysis’ of a deviously beautiful mind.
    Kudos to the writer!

  497. Artemis says:

    Really people?

    This is Art! Or did you fucktards forget what that definition means. Morons the lot of you. The Article was beautiful. It should be written as a novel. So Author of this Article, i think you should make one. I bet you would have many reviews to where ever you have posted them.

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      Yeah try and define what art is, it’s pretty hard. To me this article is a pile of shit.

  498. Martin says:

    my life is over. this makes wayyy too much sense not to be true… as unfortunate as it sounds.

  499. Anonymous says:


  500. John says:

    This guy is a genius,
    and everyone saying the series hasent ended so it can’t be true, hes not recounting the series, hes just explaining what the conclusion would be if ash ever did wake up from his coma
    this made me question the very fabric of my existance

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      if a rationalization of Pokemon made you question your existence
      then you should consider questioning your education instead.

      “wait… what if i’m in a coma… How can I prove that what I see is real? ….How do I know that you all have consciousness and you’re not some kind of sick NPC system on a sentient artificial intelligence program!!!”

      Throw away your tin foil hat dweeb and join the rest of us in hell.

  501. Pablo says:

    Makes me sad that they won’t make this ending.

  502. Smarterer than this guy. says:

    (I realize that this is just an article to “poke” fun at Pokemon…but there are flaws.)

    Wasn’t Ash’s mom aware that her son was leaving on his own in a world filled with “untamed animals” before the incident where Misty’s bike was struck by lightning? So how does the coma explain that? Since you have already stated the rest of the series is the result of the first few episodes. So really…it explains nothing. Good read though haha. Plus the characters like Misty, Gary, and Professor Oak where all introduced before the incident…so you can’t really say that Ash created them with his subconscious mind.

    • Smarterer than this guy. says:

      all in all…to explain everything about the show itself…The creators were too lazy to make characters…hence explaining why there are clones of Joy and Jenny, and why Ash has been 10 years old for nearly 14 years. Lazy. Point blank.

    • Evan says:

      INCEPTION, that’s how.

  503. Lauren says:

    It’s a show. A made up show. There are no secret conspiracies and real stories behind it. Whoever wrote this obviously had too much time on their hands, and although it makes sense it’s stupid to believe that this could be “true.” Why?
    Because it’s a made up show. MADE UP.

    • Todd says:

      You obviously have too much time on your hands, I mean you jump straight to commenting without even reading the URL bar. I mean, THAT’S a smart idea.

    • On the right hand of Venus says:

      You’re a real boring motherfucker. Don’t sober my fun.

  504. Bob says:

    Well I hated him anyways.

  505. Nate says:

    The people who didn’t read sure do look stupid right now. :P

    I don’t know what they’re talking about with the hints at James being gay though, he was really just sort of naive/vain/overly-sensitive in his own way.

  506. Unknown p says:

    Ok use do know this could be possable a kid could of been in a coma before pokemon even happend i mean hav use guys seen salad fingers all im saying it could be possable

  507. U turn says:

    Ok use do know this could be possable a kid could of been in a coma before pokemon even happend i mean hav use guys seen salad fingers theguys sick in the head but theres a 00.9% it could be simular

  508. Yoshiki says:

    This was a very, very interesting article. Alot of Freud’s ideas are expressed here. I give many a prop to the writer and +1 rep. Excellent reading material and valid theory. Nice job! :)

  509. angelo says:

    wow, i almost fucking cried. amazing fucking detail. well done.

  510. ching chong says:

    I am sorry to say that yes indeed this is real and a very truthful theory that is now real I’ve work with the Pokemon industry and created anime myself. Well im not going to say much but yes indeed this is how Pokemon ends forever.

  511. Todd says:

    I must say, it is a very interesting theory, and I quite enjoyed reading it. The comments here, though, are the real reading, especially with all the idiots refusing to read the URL bar.

  512. TFSxCooLxAiD says:

    Excuse me, im going to goto my basement now and watch every episode i missed… This is deep and now im scared that I might be in a coma, and this could be my mind telling me it. Im tripping out… :(

    • Gorge says:

      if you want to know a place to watch every episode pm me and i’ll seen you a link to a website that has all of them

  513. TFSxCooLxAiD says:

    It makes sence because Misty was mad at him for taking her bike, and that was their only conversation, when she was mad, Meaning thats why she is always violent and mad. Im scared…

  514. Chaosoul7 says:

    What if this is a dream and that show is telling our minds to wake up into the real world of pokemon

  515. Kaboni says:

    This changed the way I look at Pokemon. I am changed forever.

  516. YourAllMorons says:

    Anyone who says this is a stupid post is a moron… You guys who are going on the tangents about this.. “over analyzation” of a cartoon that should of ended a long time ago for being stupid or a way to get attention, are OVER ANALYZING this whole story already…your giving this story which clearly had too much thought put into it… waaaay to much thought yourselves.. Its not stupid by any means I actually found it very interesting and i haven’t seen pokemon in forever. But, what I remembered about the show made a lot of sense with what this poster wrote, but this person never said “Hey, this is HOW the show ends.” This whole post is just an opinion which has valid points.. so damn guys get smart.

  517. Tom Johnson says:

    dont know if anyone else has said this bc there are too many damn comments to read, but the producers of the show need to read this and do, except for the last part, let him live and basically relauch the series with him starting out as he was supposed to, except after he recovered a coma.

  518. Mae says:

    So after reading the article and looking at the comments, and everyone saying Ash didn’t die while being in a coma, and that the show is still going on and that they’re making a new girl for the show and all that… well what if Ash really did die, and he’s stuck in limbo, just reliving everything he dreamt of while in the coma. That makes sense, since the only thing he knew of was his dreams, that he would always be stuck int he dreams after he died. So he’s never really free of the dreams, he relives them over and over again.

  519. Ethan says:

    My question is why do you suspect Mary Anne Evans/George Eliot ( Same person) of writing this analysis? She died in 1880?

  520. Easy Pumpkin says:

    I really enjoyed this and its mesmorizing how much effort you put into a cartoon I have always taken at face value.

  521. ineededanamesoitypedthis says:

    I think this article is really interesting and I wished that this was how the series ended, but since it is a kids show that is pretty much impossible for the idea to pass through.
    This is a good theory and the writer has a lot of good points, but again I doubt a kids show meant for ten years olds would put so much effort into this.

  522. otakuXella says:

    This makes a lot of sense. I was skeptical at first, but you’ve got me thinking about that now. That made me tear up a little. Nojoke.

  523. Torei says:

    WOW…I….this…..I don’t EVEN…

    I NEVER thought of anything in pokemon in that light and found it amazing how pretty much dead on this analysis was. It’s…almost dream crushing…

    IF ONLY the show could end like that, I’d feel so terrible for Ash and cry like a newborn baby…but it would literally make it “The very best”. Like no anime ever was.

  524. Ash says:

    ……… become a script writer, lol.

    btw you ruined my childhood, i don’t know what to believe anymore D:

  525. akira_k says:

    haha this is freaking amazing :)

  526. bryainiac says:

    This was great.

    P.S. I always hated Ash throughout the show because he was always a coward. They should have followed Gary so we could see him always be the shit.

  527. Jewballs69 says:

    see what is black and white exactlly? well its ash’s want to be the very best and his want brought him back to life like a zombie but in a new land for brand new pokemon conquest and adventures and we’re looking at what he thinks he sees in his mind set as he explores this new world as the undead.

  528. Jowee says:

    … … that was amazing!!! Imagine that! They should end the series like that. Whoever did that deserves an applause. Can you guys do an article on Invader ZiM, the unfinished episode “Mopiness of Doom”, and how that shows that ZIM and Dib need eachother? I read a couple other articles you guys di, and they were just amazing. So do you think you could do this? If you can, please respond at my email.

  529. miguel says:

    i read everything on this page. many people should read others comments before writing there own. its not true that he was in a coma but one can imply he was. if the creator decided from the begining that he was in a coma i bet someone will say the coma was a dream . or the author can choose now to take that into consideration and make a few episodes on this theory. but what every one has to know is that this show is aimed for kids. that meens theres as to be a hero a idol thats why every thing revolves around ash. he has friends that has there own life and chooses to travel with him for there own purposes or to leave for there own purposes why the creator chooses this? becuz the show wil suck if he travels with the same people for every episode in every season. the reason he doesnt age is because the show is aimed at kids.the show wouldnt be on a kid channel if they age and have sexual actions and adult substances like alcohal in the show which explains adults being not sexual and brock being pushed away every time. kids shouldnt be shown thats its okay to like girls with such passion. i did notice the fish at the aquarium but they can be a pokemon that wasnt mentioned.people travel they can go where they want and catch what they want and bring it back. how many people in the new season pointed there pokedex at picachu i think once but u get what i meen. and of course there are ravals other wise the show will end if he becomes a master . i dont think the show will continue with him being a master and people go to him to battle. maybe a new season with a new character and they battle ash at the end to take his position as master. and the reason why pokemon starts over every time is becuz like i said its aimed for kids and the new generation of kids arent gonna watch it from the start to understand pokemon .its like dragonball kai. see what thay did thay had to take the older episodes and bring it down to 100 so tht kids can understand. if they didnt care they would of did a season on goku . goku’s great graandson.any one who watchn a new season of pokemon doesnt have to watch the others. it starts out the same. choose one of three . travel with friends. get badges have a rival train pokemon to beat elite four.if he chooses his strong pokemon every season itl suck its like playin a new game .once u beat it and have all the strong weapons and beat it again are u going to keep beating it with strong weaopons or start over from scratch? when u have cheats for games is it always fun or u get bored after a while? yu gi oh got different heros why couldnt pokemon do it to? well thts the creators choice . he wanted to keep ash he kept him. games arent made by the creator. movies arent either. wanna make a spin off based on this theory make a manga instead of trying to fit it into this show. i loved ur theory but save it for spinnoffs not try to say something the creator never thought of. he saw the money in kid channels not life time

  530. miguel says:

    now i can stop reading this page and live my life

  531. pokemonmay says:

    1) Too long
    2) Cool Comments
    3) Visit my Pokemon Fan site plz.

  532. shit says:

    i think im gonna cry my ass out</3

  533. says says:

    Hey!!!!!! In the cartoon pokemon existed before the crash so to him they aren’t imaginary they are real, but over all veeeeeeeeeery good, sad but good i think after black and white they should continue this :)

  534. Hitmonlee says:

    Huh.. Nice.. Good teory, maybye Pokйmon creator have a bro/friend/someone else in coma.. Then, he saw bug on Gameboy cable.. Emm, well, you know what was happened after that..

  535. oneofthemuggles says:


  536. Gian says:

    or you just over analyzed the whole pokemon series and made a pointless essay about your little bullshit ass theory.

  537. ms says:

    lol It amuses me how all the fan boys are bitching/crying. It was an interesting read; thanks for the entertainment.

  538. Sam. says:

    My childhood was a lie.

  539. Tess says:

    This is such a great analyzation, the part about paralyzation in Mewtwo’s island was great, as were the representations in characters. Made me think, and I even got a little sad at the end lol! This person is a genius :) Anyone saying this is “fake”, please realize that this is just someone’s take on the show, a well-thought out theory.

    • Heat says:

      I liked it, it was very interesting but it had a lot of holes. I would like to read an updated version with all shows and movies included. In ‘Black and White’ Team Rocket did a complete turn around and went back to their evil ways no longer a comic relief.

  540. Winter says:

    I thought this was all super obvious, I mean, I figured out all this junk when the first season was still coming out. :) But seriously, this is awesome! The only thing that bothered me was that a lot of it was nonspecific hero’s journey analysis. The pokemon getting more abstract as his brain degenerates gave me mind-babies.

  541. Chelol says:

    Classified infoRMation can u please STFu and stop saying shit to everyone who is voicing their opinion

    P.S great article

  542. Evan says:

    My theory is that it’s a dream within a dream. I think he was still dreaming before the lightning strike, even before the first episode started, which explains Pikachu and the three starters, as well as the fact that it is normal for a 10-year-old boy to leave home with his pets. Then the lightning strike happens, and goes to the second level of dreaming. I haven’t seen any episodes recently, but perhaps he has gone deeper.

  543. Nyima says:

    make an analysis about the fat behind my knees!!!

  544. Stephan says:

    I want a picture tooooooo!!!

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  546. […] Pokemon Explained « The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations[Editor's note: This incredible, epic article has been floating around the web for about a year; it's originally from one of the memers at 4chan  (though it is suspected to have actually been written by either Francis Bacon, Mary Anne Evans, Recently over at deviantART, … Have you ever noticed that the pacing, […]

  547. what a lot of people fail to realize is that if the entire thing happened in Ash’s head, he didn’t have to pass out in the show. that wouldn’t be shown because the show is about his journey out of his mind and to change, not how he got there. it could have been represented as reality fading into Ash’s delusions very smoothly. and okay, so maybe he rode his bike again. that could just be his mind’s way of showing him getting over that one aspect or some fear or something.

    i think this was very well thought out. these sorts of things never cease to entertain and amaze. especially the one about the rugrats.

    and my opinion is…even if it isn’t true, at least it got you thinking about things in a different light. not many things can do that. :)

  548. pokefreak says:

    Well that’s my childhood down the drain..

    It’s a show aimed at kids, and since many kids don’t know about comas then i highly doubt it’s true.

    Anyways, the anime is based on the games and your always the hero and you get all the cool pokemon and your always the chosen one. Ash is basically the main character of the games, and is a coma ever mentioned in the game? Nah

  549. Abcde (Ab-si-de) says:


  550. Axe says:

    Clearly, they made new Pokemon to keep the anime fresh. I like the concept contained in this theory but Pokemon’s new audience are not 20 year old veterans like us who fell in love with the anime when it was first aired. It doesn’t matter how people choose to analyse the context and I respect the guy that came up with this distorted context even though it is exceedingly debateable and needs some serious refinement. Pikachu is the key variable that remains constant throughout the seasons. It remain’s unchanged as it becomes a universal symbol that unites our generation to the new kids that are familiar with primarily the new elements of the anime and never witnessed Ash legging it to Professor Oak’s lab in his pjamas where it all began. If Ash had aged, would the kids who watch Pokemon now still love it as much as we did. Growing up we loved Ash’s immature, blockheaded yet ambitious nature which nicely juxtaposed Misty’s somewhat more rational character. Would this description really be as effective for a 20 year old Ash?

  551. Radarada says:

    When I read the words I wanna be the very best…it sent shivers down my spine… Woah

  552. Snoo says:

    The end made me sad =( but wow this is a really interesting way to look at pokemon, i mean I loved this show when I was little. Just wow unbelievable. I always wondered if there where more worlds out there that could actually be like this.

  553. Sham Bob says:

    A mutal friend from Facebook shared me this link. I complained in my head how long it was but actually took the time to read the whole thing. To be honest, I don’t watch Pokemon but I have an idea what the show is about, from the popularity of it. I still am shocked to whom theorized this. I mean the way the person wrote this is quite perfect. The grammar is not poor, and for a person who doesn’t watch Pokemon… I understood the story.
    So anyways, that’s just messed up in a good way.

  554. Zack says:

    Wow, this was kinda cool. It makes me want to watch the first episode again.

    Who’s to say this isn’t possible. Nursery Rhymes and children stories often have a much deeper and darker message than you could ever imagine. Just like the kids Sonf Ring Around The Rosey is really a song about the Black Death and rotting bodies.

    This would be an epic ending, but too intense for a kids shows. This article makes you think about your own life though. It’s gives a very sad and depressing message, but maybe Pokemon was meant to in a hidden way.

    Great read. I think it could be better if pokemon was never real and it was all Ash’s imagination, that would be an intense ending that made him give up. Having them still real but he’s just not that great is ok, but he never precieved himself as a great trainer in the first place.

    Still, a very interesting way of seeing it.

  555. MexicanCurious says:

    this dude is a f***ng BOSS!!
    now i can´t sleep tonigh…

  556. Anonymous says:

    *SPOILER ALERT* Poke’mon is going to end with Ash waking up in a hospital. Nuff’ said.

  557. Rada-Rada says:

    This is essentially a psychological reading of the Pokemon tv series. The writer is not “retarded” they are exploring a different meaning for the Pokemon series. It’s a common essay style in upper-level college English courses.

    To me, it looks as if the writer wrote about everything that had happened in the series up the the time of their writing in an in-depth analysis. I hope they got a good grade, because obviously a lot of effort went into this, though I did find their placement of the “Mewtwo” event in their paper somewhat odd chronologically.

  558. Jose says:

    uhm it’s a kid show. but it was a sad story i give you that. but it is complete bullshit

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