The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies

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31 Responses to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies

  1. [...] The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies « The Journal of … [...]

    • Susie says:

      Someone’s got to correct the INFJ text in the graphic! It says Perceiving where it should say Judging!

  2. Throwaway Name says:

    I am Celestia.

  3. I second Name’s “awesome”, but I wish I’d remember what my result was. :|

  4. Curious says:

    Who is meant to be represented by the ESFJ pony?

  5. Hoity Toity says:

    ^ You don’t like Cheerilee?
    Personally I think the picture of when she was young would be better…

  6. Nick says:

    Damn it am defanility twilight -_-U

  7. I think Celestia and Twilight should be reversed, twilight seems too rigid for the perceptors.

    I was hesitant about applebloom, but I do believe you’ve got that one. Pinkie pie felt borderline t/f, and a friend of mine is convinced Sweetie is an E

  8. ENFP says:

    Pinkie Pieeeeeee!

  9. ENFP 7w6 says:


  10. soffe cheer shorts…

    [...]The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies « The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations[...]…

  11. ashley says:

    Twilight is all wrong. She doesn’t trust intuition and is too organized/rigid. A true INTP would have a cluttered desk and be completely open to the possibility that Pinkie has psychic intuition.

    • Jonatha says:

      Ah, but you negelct to remember the fact that Twilight bases her intuition on logic, because her rational foundation is so strong! :D I’m TOTALLY Twilight!

  12. Pinkamina says:

    Umm no. I am not scootaloo. Scootaloo is my least favorite pony. I am pinkamina Diane responsibility pie, dammit!

  13. SpottedPonyFace says:

    i’m an ISFP, but i only act like fluttershy around strangers, when i haven’t taken my anxiety meds :P with my family and close friends i’m much closer to rainbow dash of the main six ponies, which makes sense, because i do think i’m a little between the F and T sometimes (though that may just be the practical S).

    anyway, though, overall i think i’m a scootaloo

  14. concerned anon says:

    you are all homosexual here? I’m none of those arent there any mischevous ponies?

    • replying to a possible troll who clearly doesn't watch the show says:

      rainbow dash, pinkie pie, trixie, scootaloo, take your pick, they’re all pretty mischevious

  15. Dr Derpy says:

    Sweet :3 ESTJ !(◎_◎;)
    I’m apple jack! Aww man I’m so gonna start wearin’ a hat an talkin’ real tootie an all!

  16. Not a poet says:

    I am Zecora according to this, but I don’t have the talent and the time to make proper rhyme. : D

    • Jordan Smith says:

      I am an INFJ too :). According to studies and this chart, the human counterparts to Rainbow Dash and Applebloom would be our ideal mates……Personally, I could see that being the case for me :).

  17. Azz9 says:

    Not 100% sure you can cram a character in to every personality type. I don’t think they’re all filled at this stage. I don’t think there has been a stereotypical INTP type character portrayed yet.

    Also Twilight is most certainly not an INTP, INTJ would have been a better guess but even then that still a little off. She’s Prolly closer to ISTJ.
    TLS Values order and schedule too much to to be INTP. You’d never see an INTP with a checklist or freaking out about deadlines. While she lets her study get disorganized she always seems to sort it out afterwards which a INTP would seldom if not ever do.

  18. M says:

    I knew I was similar to Fluttershy but I didn’t know our personalities were exactly the same!!! Wow!

  19. Sam says:

    Im a Rarity 0_0

  20. A7XPoney says:

    I am Sweetie Belle ! :D

  21. Apples & Skittles says:

    Sweetness! I’m Pinkie Pie!!! <3

  22. nekoxarien says:

    Aahhh yeah!!! Im spike :D

  23. […] Speaking of MBTI, I am, as should surprise no one, INTJ, just like Princess Celestia. […]

  24. L says:

    I am no Big Macintosh and I have 2 friends who don’t seem like pinky pies or celestias

  25. Susie says:

    Someone’s got to correct the INFJ text in the graphic! It says Perceiving where it should say Judging!

  26. Reachout Wireless

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Ponies | The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations

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