Ex Situ: Sinbad and the Big MacGuffin

July 16, 2008

Kevin Koch, whose SynchroLux blog we will be citing again, worked as an animator on the DreamWorks film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Oh, he liked the work just fine. However, he doesn’t feel that enthusiastic about the final film product. Specifically, he has issues with a subpar MacGuffin:

I never really bought into the premise of the film, and ultimately neither did the audience. I could go on at length about some of the story and character failings, but I’ll lay out my thoughts on one major problem. It had the biggest MacGuffin in the history of film. Not just a big MacGuffin, but a MacGuffin that needed to be really important to the story.

Don’t know what a MacGuffin is? Well, you should. And Mr. Koch will tell you all about it. So click below for a fine discussion of Robert Ludlum’s The Sinbad MacGuffin.

Sinbad and the Big MacGuffin >Catena Ex Situ


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